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  1. won $450 off Skin arena with a $7 bet, woooo
  2. Anyone want to buy an AK Red Laminate MW Off me for PayPal? I'm looking to let it go asap for $7 or so, if you want add me on steam here http://steamcommunity.com/id/DancingDumpling/
  3. I dont think MM let's you do it. do you mean other stuff like faceit/esea etc that you can choose region? btw that game, 1 of them was kinda k on a couple of rounds, giving us no info but getting some kills, so brock goes "good job man, I just wish you could talk too". Russian's first and I think only sentence was a reply to that: "fuck you motherfucker" It's a program yhat allows you to choose what MM Server you go on. You can do it manually aswell by blocking russian valve servers
  4. But it's worth it? I mean, think of the super 1337 pattern on dem dualies bruh
  5. DancingDumpling

    Pepsi Or Coke

    Pepsi, Cause who the hell drinks coke
  6. Sorry if this is the wrong thread, I couldn't find the trading one. I'm selling some Keys for PayPal if anyone is interested. It's a fixed price of $1.8 per Key. If your interested PM me or Add me on steam here = http://steamcommunity.com/id/DancingDumpling/ Stock - 0 Keys Atleast Im prepared to buy keys for $1.50 - $1.60
  7. P2W Game, Glad we can get our refunds, I'd much rather pre order GTA.
  8. Got a Karambit | Slaughter MW available, Just looking for offers now, The best place would be here on the forums, Just PM me or Post here, I'll add screenshots asap.
  9. So i got a Karambit | Slaughter MW if anyone wants to trade, Just offer me here EDIT - Just looking for offers at the minute, I may or may not trade
  10. You trading any of them for keys? Not for keys, no, Was looking to trade them together for an upgrade.
  11. lel, bought myself a Bayonet Fade FN with the money from the 2 knifes I had before, then I bought 3 keys, got a cyrex FT, A shit SSG skin, then a vanilla butterfly knife. My luck is pretty good
  12. You can only do 2 games a day now if you are unranked. It's really stupid
  13. Rip, Pretty shit ending to be honest, The last episode had amazing action scenes though
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