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  1. Alexi was born in Russia to a military family in the small town known as Gukovo. While in Russia, he joined the military straight out of school and was sent directly into Chernarus where he was split up from his squad by the UN. After the firefight, he became lost in the Chernarussian wilderness and instead of finding his comrades, he decided to stay in Chernarus and abandon his people. Alexi had been in Chernarus during the outbreak, and during this time he saw his first opportunity to kill. He found the first survivor who got away from infected, murdered them, and took their skin. Alexi spent months upon months killing and collecting, and at that point, his story hadn't even begun.
  2. Victor Faucheux grew up to a wealthy family in Paris. His parents sent him to military school when he was young, and he grew up as a strong, independent young man. Victor's parents were proud of their well behaved son, and they sent him to America where he studied medicine at Yale School of Medicine. Victor ended up going back to France and joining the French GIGN, where he served as a field doctor for an extensive unknown amount of time. After the events north of Severograd, Victor had immediately jumped on the case of the infection, and had started to take interest in what was going on in Chernarus. The infection spread to France, where Victor had helped fight his way out and set up a safe haven in Paris controlled by the government for the French citizens. Victor knew he needed to make a cure. He had immediately taken samples off of the dead infected, and started to study the virus intensively in Paris. Unfortunately, the virus had obvious genetic mutations unlike any other he had seen. This change in virus DNA had meant that all the work he had done in France was completely useless, due to the fact that in order to make a universal vaccine, he must have an original form of the virus without any mutations because the mutated form would only cure those who have been exposed to said mutated viruses. From there on, Victor knew he had to visit Chernarus himself in order to find samples of infected which had been spread from patient zero. Victor flew into a Turkish base from France, where he then got into a helicopter to cross the Green Sea. The crew had taken the last bit of gas left in the military base and left as soon as they could. The helicopter ran out of fuel just over Chernarus and crash landed somewhere in the Chernarussian wilderness.
  3. J was born in Chernarus and grew up with a poor family who's father had served and died in the war of 2009. He lived a hard life, having to pick up work at the age of 12. Constantly working in the coal mines just in order to make up for the money they weren't able to earn due to his father's death. He had always been a decent person, but things started changing as he got mixed up in drugs and alcohol. He started to get into trouble with his boss, and he had his job threatened. On top of that, he had been arrested and fined for getting into fights with his classmates during school. A couple days after J turned 18, the outbreak started. J lost his mother and his sister during the whole debacle and he was filled with hate and anger for the world. He immediately took with his closest friends from work and school in order to take his anger out on the now collapsing world he lives in. After experiencing months upon months of losing close friends and loved ones to both infected and to bandits, J decided to take this new world on alone. He started traveling by himself, thinking that if he were to never become close with anyone ever again, he could avoid losing people he cares about. J suffers memory loss after being knocked out by bandits and dumped onto the coast of the Green Sea.
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