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  1. Requis Jones is a Black American, born and raised in America. He was born on February 4th, 1993. He had a harsh childhood because he only had one parent. Requis' father left him at the age of two. His family struggled as they lived in poverty in New York. Although Requis didn't have much he gave a lot to the people. He was a caring man that tried to keep the mood positive as many of his loved ones were suffering from low wages. He made his way through high school with a four-point one-grade point average. During his time in Fredrick Douglass high school, he worked on starting his career. He wanted to become a musician just like his father. He found a hidden love for music in his heart as it allowed to become more creative. Over time he became a vocalist. He started to sing to himself until one a humanitarian heard him while he was singing. The humanitarian walked up to Requis and asked if he wanted to join the humanitarian aid society. Requis had already graduated from high school at this time and hadn't gone to college yet so he thought this was his chance at sharing his music and helping others. About two weeks later, the humanitarian society asked if he wanted to go to Chernarus. Requis accepted and was sent off to Elektrozavodsk to help teach the youth as Chernarus is a third world country. He arrived on April 4th, 2017. Requis worked as a private tutor for a young Chernarussian boy. In July, the boy's mother charged into the house holding food and weapons. She ordered Requis to put the boy upstairs and come back down to barricade the door. Requis rushed upstairs with the boy and put him in his room. Requis charged back downstairs and barricaded the windows and the door. It was silent for a few days as we listened to distant screams. The mother asked Requis, after about two weeks, to try to gather more food outside. She handed a knife and a flashlight only to him. She told him to stay safe and be careful around people as they could pose threats to him. He took the information with caution and headed outside. He run his way to the nearest supermarket only to be greeted by a horde of people. He looked at them for a minute to assess what was wrong. While was looking at them he knocked over a can that was on the shelf. The horde of people turned to him and charged. Requis fled from the city and escaped the horde. Once he caught his breath, he was lost and didn't know where he ended up.
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