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  1. For anyone that didn't see my films would love some feed back might do more eventually thanks.
  2. Mathew is the older of the Hewitt Brothers was originally from England but moved to America as a young boy to help on a farm with his family Mathew is one of 3 brothers after the outbreak Mathew and Stephen where sent out with the army to help maintain the virus after getting separated from Stephen, Mathew was forced to fend for himself. Before the outbreak Mathew and Stephen where always very close playing football together almost eveyday. Mathew also doesn't know that Nate came out to find the rest of his family yet.
  3. Most families take a trip to Benidorm or some all-inclusive resort for a holiday, but not the Davis’s. Their love was for the unknown; visiting obscure locations and giving their children experiences outside of what most kids their ages saw. Grace, 7, and Samuel, 12, were loving their trip to Chernarus. Steven loved taking his son Sam out hunting, something they couldn’t do in the UK but something that Steven was passionate that his son would experience. Philippa on the other hand wanted Grace to experience some of the culture of their extended family, given Philippa’s mother was born in the Chernarussian countryside. A week in and they were loving it, filling their days with activities and their nights relaxing. Steven would sometimes make Grace and Samuel a small fire outside for roasted marshmallows and to sing songs to them with his guitar.
  4. Again all that I have met on Nate's journey have been amazing so big respect to all and to one of the OG characters of the series Sukwon will be missed great character well done @ShepBlue
  5. Loving the server man couldn't have done it without you all
  6. BTW @Ouromov who were you lol?
  7. Thanks man I do try lol but it's hard when doing a 7 hour stream keeping up an American accent going.
  8. Me after your response @KencoBlaze12
  9. For anyone that has not yet seen my videos if you can give them a watch feedback is always good
  10. PhantomPlayin

    DayZ RP Streamers

    Twitch Channel: Timezone: UK GMT+1 What type of roleplay do you focus on Character development also between my group. Nate overall is a good guy and was the leader of a group. How often do you stream Most Days Logo or picture you would like to be on your banner
  11. I'm going to be honest with you most people that just want to roleplay they head up north and just run over to people and rp that to me in the world we all live in here is not how I personally think it should be done it's not wrong to do this but imagine you really lived in this world I wouldn't be just running over to anyone I met. I met a few people on the road on my own personal journey and they have turned out as great friends of Nate's and we have had some amazing roleplay just between our own group the struggles of building running low on food and overall morale the demise of Tim a group member I personally had to kill because he put all of our lives in danger. So if I was you pal I would just keep doing what you're doing and eventually you'll find someone and maybe join them, either way, the roleplay will feel more real than just running over to a camp and hanging out there.
  12. So I am fairly new around here compared to most of you guys but I just wanna say a massive thanks to the admin guys for helping me get on the server and also a huge thanks to the people I have met on Nate's crazy adventure @Md6199 @ShepBlue @Vinjonker there's more but I'm not sure of their tags. My episodes kicked off and thanks to you lads my twitch has hit 70 new followers in the last 5 days I couldn't have done it without you all thanks.
  13. PhantomPlayin

    Feedback on RP

    @Md6199 Your doing a great job every person i have ran into are great roleplayers even on here you did amazing
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