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  1. Logan MacKeen is a brash charismatic man who inspires those around him to get things done. He grew up poor in the hills of Appalachia, learning to do so much with so little he can do anything with almost nothing. When Logan was young his father was in and out of prison and his mother died of a drug overdose. At the age of 18 Logan was sent off to boot camp where He met some people that would become his brothers and members of his gang. He served in Iraq and saw combat, honing his skills with a gun and survival instincts. After the military Logan lived a hard life of riding motorcycles and falling in with a biker gang, Infamous Dead MC. Logan moved all around, going whenever the gang took him. After a job gone bad Logan found himself on the run from the law. While fleeing America on his way to Russia to meet up with some member of his gang, the outbreak happened. Logan finds himself stranded and lost in Chernarus. Now looking for a familiar face and a means to survive, Logan is determined to start a new society or find one in this new world. Based on the ideals he loves of freedom.
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