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  1. i have recently been called in as reinforcements because there are reports of operators being taken out i will carry out my duties as proper as i can and listen to orders.my orders are to carry out commands ordrs and listen to my commanding officer. I do not know when i will be back home but i will make these orders complete. before the Potius Corp i was a combat engineer fixing cars on the battle field fighting for a country that didn't mean anything. they said it was for rights but it was just so they could be the most powerful country. potions offered me a job after i was a veteran they got me back on my feet now i owe them a debt.
  2. The names Harold moon I came to chernarus to see my my parents for a few days. I haven't seen them in forever. After a few days of drinking and catching up with them I saw a man in a ally way. Shortly after that the story’s started spreading of people eating people . Shortly after that the news reports and other storys came around. Some people stuck their neck out for others. I’ve seen bandits do the terrible things to people just trying to survive. So I’ve lived my days in my cabin hunting surviving leaving people alone. Once in awhile I’ll have a talk with them but it usually ends with me leaving and then going there way. Recently my cabin was raided so now I look for a new home while traveling far and wide to find family old friends and my old trusty dog rusty. My wife Helen and my son mark are probably still waiting for me to get home I miss them but I probably won’t make it out of this country. I will try my best to get back home to them. I used to be a old marine doing what I could that how I’ve survived this long my training everything I learned how to defend myself. I learned how to skin animals and handle and clean my rifle I have so many memories of the boys that I think about but now it’s just survival.
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