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  1. My name is Harris Mcleary. I am a man of few words and don’t speak much. My character prefers to be on his own due to an unfortunate event which left his saviours and his only friends after the outbreak dead. He will prefer to be on his own and join people if only necessary. Before the outbreak he was a high ranking military man who’s original city was elektro. He had a wife and daughter and he had cosy home in his home city. This changed after the outbreak where he was left stranded on his own inside of his home where he couldn’t seem to find his family. He looked outside and was surrounded by the infected. This was the end of him he thought anyway. He was saved by a group of survivors and was given some gear to survive on and joined the group. They checked the bodies of the infected and 2 of them were his wife and daughter. This sparked a change in him where he would do whatever to survive. The group travelled around chernarus where they ended back where Harris worked. The northwest airfield. This was a well fought over spot which still hadn’t been looted yet. Each member of the group chose a building. Shots were heard from 4 different buildings where 4 of 6 of the group were killed my bandits. The other member who was also Harris’ brother who was later found after my rescue was surrounded in his building by infected. Harris had to hide no matter what and he did he wasn’t found. He never knew what happened to his brother. His thoughts he was eaten until he was a pile of bones. This is how Harris became a quote man who stuck to himself he thought he was bad luck for everyone except himself. With his accurate shot and his shoddy clothes he wandered chernarus waiting for his death which is yet to come this is where the story ends and where I load onto the game.
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