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  1. TheZohan

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    The there would be an uproar of who is and who isnt considered a "renowned Player". ^^ Dont think a vote would help, you can pretty much guarantee most current whitelisted players would vote for not needing to re-whitelist simply because that is the easiest solution.
  2. Enjoyed the RP of a Lithuanian guy named Julius and a scot named Bruce McCivor, met them in Berezino. We had a short journey to Polana which was made up of some good improvised RP moments and then a pretty deep and dark discussion about cannilbalism as we all began to starve to death.
  3. TheZohan

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    Dean hall says private servers will come out at the end of beta if at all we have a long wait. I went to Guba and it's not safe there, we need a noob killing clan to eradicate them from the server, there seem to be alot hanging around the ship wreck (Rify), the airstrip southwest of Guba and while i was at Guba i had to avoid gun shots from noobs. In SA I generally try to give a player 10 - 20 seconds after making contact before either trying to leave their vicinity safely, or initiating a hostile action. Also its pretty easy to distinguish between someone who is actually trying to RP and someone who will shoot you in the face after they scream "friendly!!!"
  4. Hi Naury, Yes of course you can. If you are referring to where I actually live, which I think you are then I am from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. If you mean other communities/servers I've been involved with then my apologies and i'll answer that anyway just incase, I used to play on Zombieworld and Zerosurvival servers before SA was released.
  5. Brilliant video guys, gives some great examples.
  6. Met a few friendlies in Elektro, had a chat about the weather, scarcity of food currently and this mysterious group amassing at Guba. We were all murdered not long after.
  7. I felt the same at first Vespah, but the more I play, the more it grows on me. Ive never played any MMO/RPG games that the inventory system is meant to be based on, so the concept was new to me but I do think it is an improvement over the Mod.
  8. Thanks! I'll hopefully be on the forums regularly and will be loitering on the SA server every now and again. I agree SluteGeneral, everyone was friendly for the first few days and it was great just to chat to some other players and see how they were finding the alpha, but its been down hill since then. We've got all these new features and cant use them because of combat loggers and playes killing on site. I cant wait until its had a good few months developement and we see a bit more polish to what is already there.
  9. Hello everyone! Played the mod since the beginning but never had the chance to try out some RP, moved onto the standalone now and have been dropping onto the SA server looking some friendlys who actually RP. Sadly all ive found so far is KOS or unresponsive players, hopefully see some of you proper RP guys on the SA server once the admins are able to kick/ban or private hives come back.