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  1. He fought in numerous battles and was the sole survivor (on both sides) of an attack by the Viet Cong on the Valley Forge Firebase in 1971. For his heroic mission, he was awarded the Silver Star and three times by the Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross Bronze Stars, four times awarded the Purple Heart and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. After his second service in Vietnam, he returned to the United States and got a second child with his wife. He then reported for a third mission, for which he illegally re-entered the US Marine Corps under the name Goty to return to battle. Goty served a total of four years in the Vietnam War (1968 to 1971). Five years later (1976), after the American engagement in Vietnam came to an end, Gor Special Black Op carried out training missions. Gor is a Vietnam veteran who lost his entire family due to a terrible misfortune. After that, he became a Gor, driven by anger and hatred, he stood in the way of all criminals with the most brutal methods.
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