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  1. You fixed the bad version or the whole problem all together? The whole problem thanks
  2. i dont get kicked it just takes me to the main menu of AO You're not explaining it very well, could you go in to more detail please? So you try and join a server and then what happens, do you get wait for host or do you not even get that far? I try and connect and it says bad version now after i join what should i do
  3. i dont get kicked it just takes me to the main menu of AO now it is saying bad version
  4. yes i use the day z commander and no i have no parameters on
  5. Hi for some reason i can't connect to normal dayz it just puts me to the main menu of AO and i am thinking its something to do with this. any help on how to fix
  6. No problem, did my solution work? - if so then this can be closed by a member of staff yes it did thank you
  7. Thank you sooooooo much top guys you are thanks a bunch
  8. ok done where do i put the @dayzrp file???
  9. so i get these 6 errors when going on the launcher can u help me out. do i need to download them... if so where do i put them? this is what is says Checking local installation Invalid:addons/dayz_code.pbo,get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/...e.pbo.lzma Invalid addons/dayz_code.pbo.dayzrpv1.3.1bisign,get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/...isign.lzma invalid: addons/sud_ak74m.pbo, get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/...m.pbo.lzma Invalid: addons/sud_ak74m.pbo.dayzrpv1.3.1bisign, get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files.addons/...isign.lzma missing addons/dayzrp_assets.pbo , get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/...s.pbo.lzma missing addons/dayzrp_assets.pbo.dayzrpv1.3.1.bisign, get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/...isign.lzma
  10. this is what is says Checking local installation Invalid:addons/dayz_code.pbo,get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/dayz_code.pbo.lzma Invalid addons/dayz_code.pbo.dayzrpv1.3.1bisign,get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/dayz_code.pbo.dayzrpv1.3.1bisign.lzma invalid: addons/sud_ak74m.pbo, get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/sud_ak74m.pbo.lzma Invalid: addons/sud_ak74m.pbo.dayzrpv1.3.1bisign, get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files.addons/sud_ak74m.pbo.dayzrpv1.3.1.bisign.lzma missing addons/dayzrp_assets.pbo , get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/dayzrp_asets.pbo.lzma missing addons/dayzrp_assets.pbo.dayzrpv1.3.1.bisign, get from http://launcher.dayzrp.com/files/addons/dayzrp_assets.pbo.dayzrpv1.3.1.bisign.lzma if i need to down load these where do i put them
  11. Hi when i am trying to update the launcher i am getting 6 errors about .pbo and addons about ak74m.pbo and missing addons for dayzrp it gives me links to say download this but i am not sure