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  1. My character's name is Leon Dimakos, a Greek citizen born and raised in the underbelly of the modern city of Athens. Leon never met his father, however his mother was a heroin addict who's vices left him to be swallowed by the unforgiving system on his own at the age of 13. Leon scraped by stealing food and electronics to sell for 6 months after his mothers death until he met a man that changed his life. During what had become a daily routine of a larcenous visit to the supermarket while his escape with a basket of food seemed almost secure a hand caught his arm, a man he could now see was a police officer, in a flash an unfamiliar older man in a supermarket uniform quickly ran up to the scene and insisted he knew the boy and offered to pay for the food. This man, Alexandros, gave Leon a second chance to live a good life. He convinced the officer to allow the boy to walk and raised him as his own, helping him grow as a man until he was sure Leon could live an honest life. In his 18th year Leon took a leap and asked his girlfriend Nelly to marry him, she said yes and they spent the next 4 years pursuing their careers in Athens, herself as a bioengineer and Leon as a homicides detective. But. The world was changing, and it was changing fast. On July 10th Leon and Nelly were celebrating their 5th anniversary in Batumi, Georgia when Nelly received a phone call from one of her previous professors. Leon heard little of the conversation but could hear the urgency in Nelly's voice when she spoke over the phone. Once the call was finished she explained that there had been an outbreak of an unknown deadly virus in Chernarus and her professor and his colleagues were putting together a research team of 300+ doctors to fly into Miroslavl to research this outbreak. The details on the virus were vague, but Nelly being herself felt she had no choice but to help the people in Chernarus, seeing as helping others was why she chose her field. So Leon agreed on the conditions they finish their vacation and he be allowed to join her. They both flew into Miroslavl on the morning of the 17th, however neither of them expected to be flying into what seemed like a warzone, they weren't up to speed on the events yet due to their promise not to use their phones for anything but emergencies while on vacation. Fires erupted on the streets while gunshots and screaming were common in the distance. Leon and Nelly were met at the airport and got in the vehicle to be escorted to the smaller research facility in Chapaevsk, both overwhelmed by mayhem around them. On the ride there however, the car had a blowout, so the driver pulled over and they all got out to investigate the cause. Although the couldn't discover what caused it, it was an obvious call for the spare. Just as Leon and the driver finished up they all heard a painful moan from the treeline just a few 20 meters from the road. Nelly quickly ran to grab her med kit from her bag in the back seat and Leon followed to investigate the call. They found a lady in her mid 20's seizing uncontrollably on the forest floor with a pistol by her side. Nelly quickly threw her bag down and pulled out a gauze to wrap what looked like a bite mark on the lady's arm. Leon took a knee by her side. Just as she reached to wrap the wound however, the seizing halted, and in an instant the lady (who was now seemingly as alive as ever) rabidly pounced on Nelly. Leon instinctively grabbed the pistol and blew a hole in the side of the lady's head, leaving her body limp, but not before she could take a chunk out of Nelly's carotid artery. Leon knew what this meant, Nelly knew what this meant. "I love you Leon", brokenly, were the only words she managed before the life drained from her eyes. Leon desperately tried to apply pressure begging the god he'd always denied not to take her. The driver having stayed back to watch the car ran up and knew what was happening, he told Leon they needed to leave and insisted they leave her. He shouted and explained that the virus was bringing back the dead like in the goddamned movies. That they must leave unless Leon had intended to hurt her or let her hurt him. Leon had no choice and he knew it, and he hated it. They returned to the car and the driver calmed Leon and explained the situation, but most of it went in one ear and out the other. Until, he heard the driver state his personal intentions to go meet up with his family in South Zagoria, but that wasn't what caught his attention, what made him snap out of it was when the driver said the virus started in that area. That's when Leon though surely there were researchers attempting to find the cure closer to the source. And he'd always Felt a connection to his wife, if there was a way to cure her he would find it. So he Joined this man on his journey until Leon alone reached the city of Chernorgorsk on July 23d with little more than the clothes on his back. His intentions and plan had been much clearer before experiencing the rough 6 day journey which had seemed much more than any living person could endure. As the days went on Leon struggled merely to survive in South Zagoria, day to day turned to hour to hour, then into chow to chow. His focus shifted to surviving. Nelly would have to wait, but he knew she was still out there. All he could do was fight to stay alive in hopes he would see her once again one day.
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