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  1. Middle age male, brown hair, scruffy bread, raspy voice. A survivor named 'Erik' who's methods are brutal, but justified. Is willing to survive by any means necessary, but is known to help others in need as it reminds him of his daughter before the apocalypse. A broken man looking for meaning. Before the apocalypse Erik was doing business in Cherno as a detective investigating missing peoples cases before the outbreak. With Erik's wife dead and forced to raise his daughter she generally travels everywhere with Erik as he can't stay in one place for too long. As a young boy Erik loved the outdoors and wilderness, but always enjoyed investigating work as he felt it was challenging. When the outbreak occurred Erik was working in the city of Electro with his daughter being left in a hotel in Cherno. Erik's search for his daughter continues to this day and yet no evidence of where she's gone. All he knows is that the military evacuated many civilians around the major cities. His only chance of finding his daughter is to head to Cherno, then into the county up north.
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