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  1. Jonathan grew up in a small family in a small town in Idaho. Getting good grades in school, making friends with most of the people he met, and not getting into any types of trouble, he desired a life to serve and protect. Not getting into any relationships back home helped him join the US Army with no great emotional attachments being left behind. With military training and the will to move forward, he was well prepared for what would happen in his near future. Once the outbreak had been disclosed, Jonathan paid close attention to everything that was happening in Chernarus. Knowing there were several NATO bases within Chernarus, he was eager to help out. As the conditions worsened in Chernarus, Jonathan was sent to help in the Chernogorsk area of Chernarus to contain the outbreak. With a large portion of the soldiers in his unit falling to the infected, Jonathan decided to grab some battle-buddies and desert his post, as he kept telling himself that the situation was not going to get any better. Early in one morning before Jonathan was able to desert his post, while US soldiers were still on guard in Chernogorsk, a large wave of infected stormed the area, forcing most of the soldiers to move away from the area. Jonathan and 2 other soldiers were just a few of the soldiers that may have staked it out in Chernogorsk. Being trapped in the area for some time, the men besides Jonathan were slowly picked off one after another, leaving Jonathan alone. Conditions in Chernogorsk were rough as many locals ransacked buildings, looting all they could find so they could survive. Jonathan stayed in a building, boarded up to prevent any infected or craze-driven locals from breaking in. Stashing all useful supplies he could, Jonathan waited out his stay in the building for another week until leaving to see the ruins of Chernogorsk, and soon, the rest of Chernarus. Johnathan was driven to survive and to help anyone that he could. Soon encountering bandits and people with psychotic behaviors, be quickly learned that his effort in helping others may be of no great use. He ended up traversing to the Green Mountain area, setting up camp and staying away from the large cities. His story continues onwards to this day.
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