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  1. Thanks for the feed back! Ill look in to the sentence structure and capitalization. Other than that is Davids story well thought? out or could I use more details? Let me know, please and thank you.
  2. David Welch was born in Tulsa Oklahoma To A Very wealthy family living in the Woodward Park area. His Father was "Big-Wig" in the oil industry and his mother an independent business woman with something to prove. David's Early life was easy, He was often well behaved and never really fussed that much, He was "Spoiled" and often got what ever he wanted. David preformed Well in school making high marks in his classes and enjoyed learning about the world and art more than anything else. Everything changed for David In 6th Grade when He was moved to Cascia Hall Preparatory School By his Mother. David was raised Catholic But it never really suited Him, Like wise a School for Catholics Never really did wonders for Him. David was Expelled From Cascia Hall in his sophomore Year After a Long Streak of Disciplinary Referrals. David Convinced His Mother and Father To re-enroll him in public school were he graduated with honors. David Went on to attend The University of North Carolina's journalism Program. Upon graduating David was offered a Internship at VICE were he manged to score a job as a World Corespondent. Davis first big gig was to head to Chernarus To do a story on the lasting effects of the Cherno-Russian war. About a Week in to filming, The "Event" occurred. Now David is left a stranger in strange land with the ever changing, ever hostile environment closing in on him. What will become of David? only time will tell... (Feed Back will Be greatly appreciated, I cant wait to be a part of this community.)