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  1. Jank


    Finally got the time to return to the community. interested whats going on GIF

  2. Jank

    Unable to join Discord

    Thanks! It's been resolved in my Support Request I had opened, thanks for the help!
  3. Jank

    Unable to join Discord

    JC#0001 is my Discord, and I'm unable to link my account due to it saying it's linked to another account. I had an issue awhile back where I made a new account (JankRP) I believe, and might have linked it there, but won't let me sign in to unlink it.
  4. Jank

    Linking Discord Server

    It says my Discord is currently linked with another person or something?
  5. Jank

    Unable to join Discord

    I go to Home, click on the Discord, and it has me authorize it, but doesn't send me the invitation. When I click the Discord embed in the forums, it's completely blank. Any help?
  6. Jank

    S1 - KOS at Zelenogorsk - 3/20/19 12:24 AM EST (IRL)

    All is well man. I'd be on edge too seeing that. Just know it was with pure intentions. I'll be using another active character until this is solved anyways.
  7. My name is Waylon Jones. Here’s a bit about myself. I’m an African-American male, 6’1” in height. My blood type is O+, to whom it may concern. I served in MARSOC for 6 years of active duty. I’m extremely experienced with firearms, but prefer not resorting to violence. Don’t get me wrong, I will defend myself and those at disadvantages. I’m a writer, thinker, and a strong believer in people. We can make this world ours again. Together. But only together will we succeed. Life matters. Signed, Waylon
  8. Jank

    S1 - KOS at Zelenogorsk - 3/20/19 12:24 AM EST (IRL)

    I did it to save you, and using defender rights. They had me at gunpoint and robbed me minutes before, and told me to go with them.
  9. Jank

    S1 - KOS at Zelenogorsk - 3/20/19 12:24 AM EST (IRL)

    Server and location: DayZRP, Zelenogorsk. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 3/20/2019, around 4:20 server time. Your in game name: Mac Munson. Names of allies involved: None. Name of suspect/s: Jesse, 2nd unknown. "Slave" character unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None. Detailed description of the events: I was trapped in a house surrounded by zombies in Zelenogorsk, when two men running around (one names Jesse, unsure of the other) yelling "come back slave" to a black character through a microphone. They get swarmed by the undead around my house, and I open the doors to assist them, succeeding. They then turn on me and hold me up. They fall back on their decision and run away to get their so called slave. I follow them and wait, when about 10 minutes go by I take a shotgun and take them both out. 5 minutes later, the said black character shoots me, knocking me out, and then finishing me off right after. I'm unsure if this is against the rules, being he did no sort of initiation, nor did I threaten his life in any way, as he was seemingly across Zelenogorsk. I'm unsure of what to do in this situation, so I'll avoid playing until this gets a response. Thank you.
  10. Bobby Smith, unsure of what would come in the last few years since moving into Chernarus from the States, is a simple man. He’s a massive fan of the wilderness. Raised by Kenneth, uncle yet a father nonetheless, he learned to hunt before he could read. Bobby is a man with ethics and morals. He’s a strong believer in fate, contradicted in his lack of faith in a greater power. He’s served his minimal 4 years of active duty for the US Marines, using this to pay for college and learn all he could about horticulture. While he lacks belief in religion, he’s aware of the possible reckoning to come. Who knew it’d turn out to be so soon, let alone real. At age 22, after his enlistment from 18-22, he came to Chernarus after applying to college and being accepted. He had come to be an exchange student, looking for opportunity to learn more about his field. He’d taken classes prior to the outbreak, learning to live off the lands. He’s always been unsure of who his parents were, being given to an orphanage at a young age. His uncle came to him at 12, and took him under his wing. By then, Bobby had little to no education, only knowing violence to defend himself, which was nowhere near beneficial, giving his scrawny build as a child. He’d been taught how to fight, use a knife, shoot, and hunt all by his uncle, who had since been his guardian up until cancer took him prior to Bobby’s enlistment into the Marines. Since then, he’d lived a normal life. He and his uncle would hunt for most meals, living off of the grid, always keeping on their toes, Kenneth being a known criminal in the area. Robberies here and there, not giving the best example to Bobby, but it kept them fed nonetheless. Skip ahead to 22, Bobby moves to Chernarus. He settled into the northern town of Karmonovka, and lives day by day, hunting and growing his own meals, getting his own water, and writing. He’d write day by day, unsure as of why. Either way, the apocalypse never stopped him. Bobby figured, hey, someone’s got to keep track of the days and their contents. Whether it be a day of gardening, a day of hunting, regardless, it was each day and he’s proud to survive each one. You never know which one will be your last, nowadays. The lime and ammunition are reaching low amounts, so he may have to head out soon to search for some. Never facing the undead since the outbreak, Bobby has trouble stomaching the thought of leaving his small town. Since moving in, he’d never left. Nor did he have to. When the lime is officially gone, and his case of ammunition is just empty enough to pack and carry, he’d set foot into the land of the dead, with nothing but his good intentions to keep him alive. Let’s hope it’s enough.
  11. Meet James West. Born in January of 2000, 19 years of age to date. Born from Sandra West, father unknown, in Pennsylvania, USA. James came to Chernarus the year before the outbreak, with the desire for exploration and seeking knowledge of the land's horticulture, the people's lifestyle, culture, and history. As a child, James' mother had countless men come in and out of their lives, one by the name of Ken. Ken was fascinated with bushcraft, and survivalism, always prepared for a "shit hits fan" sort of situation. Being fond of Ken, James decided to learn all he could, fascinated with the outdoors and the very aspect of an apocalypse related event actually taking place. However, nothing could have prepared him for the real thing. Having being living in the Severograd region of Chernarus at the time of the first stages of the outbreak, James forced himself up north with nothing but Ken's knife and the clothes on his back. Certain some sort of defense force or other government organization would blame foreigns of their homeland, James chose temporary exile. Little did he know it'd be this long, with no sign of change in this infected world. He settled in the wooded areas just north of Novodmitrovsk. With only his will to remain alive, he was able to sneak through the construction areas of Novo, in search of a shovel, pickaxe, and other useful items to sustain his survival. With his shovel, horticulture is possible. With the pickaxe, stone for a stone oven over a fireplace would serve useful for a clean source of water. Had he not known Ken, perhaps he'd still be back in Severograd, dealing with the CDF at this time, but instead, he took his chances doing what he knows best, and taking his lessons into effect. The big issue, it's been years since James learned all he did about surviving outside of urban civilization, and he'd been so used to city life, that most of the taught lessons about survival no longer remained known like the back side of his hand. The big question was how quickly he could recollect, and if he still was competent enough to put what he knew into effect if it meant his survival. Through the two years in the outbreak, he learned he still had a knack for horticulture, and could in fact keep a sustainable food source. However, there was word of bandits lurking in the north, taking advantage of survivors such as James' way of living. He'd have to grow enough for a trip, and who knows what lays ahead in his future, or how long he could stay alive being nomadic. With countless infected, unknown to James having not encountering one in over a year, the destination-lacking journey would prove the most difficult task he ever was forced to accomplish. Could James stay true to his morals and ethics? Could he refrain from resorting to violence? I guess there is only one way to find out.
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