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  1. To the men in the blue armbands [Open Frequency]

    *Transmission begins* "How the hell am I supposed to tell the difference between any given slight variation of the color blue? Besides, if you don't remember, it probably wasn't you." *Transmission ends*
  2. *John sits in what might have been a breakroom of the old factory. There is a sink, a table, and a chair, upon which he is seated. He looks around with some concern, then puts the radio to his mouth.* "To the men in the blue armbands: This is John, whom you captured and interrogated two days ago. That would be the 28th of this month, if my reckoning of time is to be trusted. I fulfilled your demands to the best of my abilities and returned to the place where you interrogated me as you said I should. I did not find you there or in the vicinity. I do not know if I returned at the wrong time, for I have no functional timepiece, but I will try to stay in the area for as long as I can in hopes of finding you. Please know that I tried to follow your demands to the best of my abilities."
  3. Basic Chernarussian - Full guide

    When the guide says "u makes an ‘oo´ sound (as in ‘book‘) " does it mean "oo" as in goo, shoo, boo, and loom? I don't know about others, but for me the "oo" in book is pronounced differently than in these other words.
  4. To the trolls

    I found a tent chock full of gear earlier, but I didn't touch any of it. I wouldn't appreciate anyone stealing my stuff, so I'll not do it to others.