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  1. *Transmission begins* "How the hell am I supposed to tell the difference between any given slight variation of the color blue? Besides, if you don't remember, it probably wasn't you." *Transmission ends*
  2. *John sits in what might have been a breakroom of the old factory. There is a sink, a table, and a chair, upon which he is seated. He looks around with some concern, then puts the radio to his mouth.* "To the men in the blue armbands: This is John, whom you captured and interrogated two days ago. That would be the 28th of this month, if my reckoning of time is to be trusted. I fulfilled your demands to the best of my abilities and returned to the place where you interrogated me as you said I should. I did not find you there or in the vicinity. I do not know if I returned at the wrong time, for I have no functional timepiece, but I will try to stay in the area for as long as I can in hopes of finding you. Please know that I tried to follow your demands to the best of my abilities."
  3. When the guide says "u makes an ‘oo´ sound (as in ‘book‘) " does it mean "oo" as in goo, shoo, boo, and loom? I don't know about others, but for me the "oo" in book is pronounced differently than in these other words.
  4. I found a tent chock full of gear earlier, but I didn't touch any of it. I wouldn't appreciate anyone stealing my stuff, so I'll not do it to others.
  5. JamzorTheJaxxor

    RP1 - NVFL Kabanino 04-04-2016, ~2:20

    My POV: My friend William Woodward had been taken hostage by this group in the church. I could hear him being tortured inside the church, so I hid around town for a while. Eventually I decided to attempt a rescue and approached the church. It had appeared to me that most of the hostage-takers had left. There were many people in town at the beginning of the incident in what appeared to be several different groups, and I had no idea who was with who, but I did notice that the area immediately surrounding the church seemed to be clear. I came up to the side of the church, noticed that the side door was locked, and then proceeded up to the front door. I walked inside and saw two men standing over two hostages. My friend William was crying on the floor. I feigned ignorance of the situation at first and they demanded that I leave. I refused and demanded that they explain what they were doing. I had no idea at this point that they had anyone behind me, only that there were two men below me, one with an SKS and one with an AK. I had an AKM. I believed that I could use my firepower and height to my advantage. When they initiated I opened fire. At this point I was evidently struck with a very bad case of desync. I had some lag problems earlier, but my connection had seemed fine for quite a while leading up to this point. After firing, I saw that nothing had happened and I could still hear them telling me to drop my weapon. Then, suddenly, I died. Again, I had no idea there was anyone else near the church besides the two hostage-takers and the two hostages.
  6. I enjoyed the roleplay of Harold Pitt, Marco Bevells, Lucy Lockheart, and Zoey Lyrais today. We had a good time together while Sabath and I told them of all sorts of super-duper important survival tips and rules of thumb and edumacating them on how the real world worked. Thanks yall.
  7. Good names are for people who care. It's just a colloquial term, anyway.
  8. Neither of us have any video either.
  9. I am Cyril. My POV: It was clear from the very beginning that Bagamba wanted to initiate on us. One of his first questions was, "Who else is with you?" He wanted to figure out our numbers and kept trying to convince us to come outside. At one point he said he wanted to speak face-to-face instead of through the door. So Roman suggested he go to the building across the street so we could see each other through the window. Roman explained that we had had a bad experience just yesterday with letting people inside -- we had invited a group of soldiers into our home and they had smashed up some of our furniture. He continued to try to convince us to let him inside and we continued to say that we didn't want to open the door because we didn't feel safe. He also commented on how we didn't look "geared." Neither of us were wearing backpacks or had primary weapons. Eventually, someone came to our door and tried to break it down. When that didn't work, he tried to shoot the door with an automatic weapon. Roman then offered to come out, unarmed, and leave me in the apartment. Bagamba agreed and Roman went out and locked the door behind him (there was a short hallway between the door and the room we were in. He locked the door to the room behind him and unlocked the door at the end of the hallway that accessed the stairs). All the while I laid on the floor pointing my Glock at the door. Bagamba told Roman to come with him, and Roman said he didn't understand why they had to go this far away. I eventually was unable to hear Roman. After a while, I hear Bagamba come back without Roman. I assume the worst and don't say anything when he calls my name. They stayed around, waiting for me to come out, for around 20-30 minutes. At one point he came up to the door and tried to break it down with a fire axe.
  10. Alright, I think this is fixed. So it looks like messing with the QoS is the key to fixing this, whether turning it off or turning off and on again. Thanks to everyone who tried to help out!
  11. By going to routerlogin.net (I have a NETGEAR router) and turning QoS off and on again (shown as Enable WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia) settings (2.4GHz b/g/n) & Enable WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia) settings (5GHz a/n) in my QoS Setup tab), I seem to be able to join S2 via my Favorites instead of Remote. I played for a little bit without getting disconnected. I would appreciate if the mods would keep this thread open for a bit longer, however, so that I can test it more thoroughly. I've had false alarms before.
  12. Just so you know, a solution that we tried was to delete the BattleEye folder from the DayZ folder and then verify integrity of game cache to get it back.