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  1. August 2nd, 2012 His name is John Bishop. Turns out my group with WHO was supposed to meet with his company. His picture, along with others, was in the briefing we received. Supposed to be our escort. I've made him aware of the situation. He seems to be coherent and understand what's going on, but I can tell he's pretty shaken up by everything that's happening. We all are. Emergency radio isn't getting anything. I'm unsure if that means it's shot, or if there's no one broadcasting. I'm hoping and praying for the former. Regardless, I can't do much until this man is back on his feet. I can't go out there and begin my mission without proper escort. He should be fit for what we need to do in about a week. He seems strong. Not just physically, but strong willed. There are bodies outside of our building. You can smell them decomposing. The infected can too, and the sounds of them consuming the dead is...well...I've been through a lot but I can't say I was prepared for this. Through the boarded windows I've observed some of their behavioral patterns. Some seem to be generally dormant in movement and what seems like thought, seemingly staring off into space. Yet as soon as they may hear or see something (what I assume to be a survivor or perhaps an animal), they immediately have a rapid response. I have seen some run off into a field for -extensive- ranges. I only can guess that their sensory systems, including vision, have become much more acute in their infection. It would explain their sense of smell. Though, I am concerned at this theory, as I have heard that the possible deterioration of the eyes would almost seem to make this impossible. You can even see it. Bloodshot, blank stares...Do they only navigate by smell?
  2. ((Work in progress. Journal entries are not up to date as of yet. I am composing them daily and will continue to do so until they reach current date irl)) SFC Erika Bradford Gender: Female DOB: May 2nd, 1977 Age: 36 Height: 5'7" (170cm) Weight: 157lbs (71kg) Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Race: Caucasian Distinguishing Features: Angel wings tattoo on back shoulders Rank: SFC, Chief Medical NCO Service Record: 1995- BCT Completed 1995 to 1996- AIT at Army Medical Department School at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX 1996 to 1997- Advanced Training at AMD, acknowledged for high honors and development (PV2) 1998 to 1999- Deployment to Honduras for hurricane relief effort 1999- Recognition and promotion for work in Hondorus (PFC) 2000- Sent home 2001- Deployed as medic to New York City on World Trade Center attack 2001- Recognition and promotion for lives saved in Sept 11th attack (SPC) 2002 to 2005- Deployed to Afghanistan, Special Troops Battalion [REDACTED] 2005- Sent home, recognition and promotion (SGT) 2006 to 2008- Return to AMD for Graduate Medical Education with specialization in infectious diseases 2008- Accepted transfer into World Health Organization as research medic 2010- Army deployment to [REDACTED] on research missions into various [REDACTED], given rank of SFC for significant research progress 2012- Reassignment to South Zagoria for immediate intervention on unknown infectious disease Current- UNKNOWN July 30th, 2012 I'm unsure of what time it is. Judging by the sun, it's likely getting close to dark. I was out for too long. Our transport crashed, likely as a result of our pilot being infected. I knew he had been hiding something. His eyes had the look of illness. I had seen it in Syria. I don't know if there are other survivors. All I know is that I am lucky to be alive. The supplies we brought have scattered and I have managed to collect what I can. The sun will be setting soon, and I haven't found my lamp yet. I need to get this wound stitched before something smells it. If the briefing I had is correct, I need to move quickly. There's no telling what is actually out here with me. Glad I have my rifle. Not glad I only have two clips. August 1st, 2012 Not sure what his name is, but I swear I've seen him before. Found him out cold from extensive bleeding. Looks like he was shot. I doubt it was a bandit. Likely friendly fire. People are too terrified to even pay attention to what they're doing. They can't focus in the chaos. People die like this. Luckily this man will live. Thanks to the supplies from our transport, I was able to do a make-shift surgery in this beaten down house. Had everything I needed except for an assistant and brighter lights. But I don't want to draw too much attention. These sick people aren't the only ones out here that are dangerous. People would kill for medical supplies right now. Anything that they think would save them from this...whatever it is. Looks like the bullet just grazed by his stomach. Damn lucky, he is. Clean through and through. No bullet fragments, no shrapnel from explosions (the place was a damn mess from the tanks). I figure he'll be in a hell of a lot of pain, but I can't be too generous on this morphine. We may need it later. He's waking up. Doubt he'll be fully conscious, but I'll try to explain the situation. Looks like a soldier, so he should be able to understand commands and short-hand details.