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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNQAHW0lznA
  2. Jerry Fast a Canadian boy grew up with his mother, father and sister. He was a good kid and was very talented at hockey. One day he got a scholarship to play hockey at a college in Salt Lake City, Utah he wanted to earn more money for other hobbies so he started looking for a part time job and met a man named Lars Lund. Lars had owned a bar and gave Jerry a shot hired him to be a bouncer and never looked back. Jerry was great friends with Lars and when he found out Lars was giving up his bar and leaving for a new job Jerry followed along and got accepted into Potius Cras back in 2017. Jerry taken under the wing of Lars was taught everything he knows about being a mercenary, Lars still teaching him as he grows older and Jerry now using his skills to stay hidden & scout for threats to defend Potius' Missions.
  3. Thanks everyone. I've had some great experiences with RPing for the first time and its just been pretty fun in this server sure you get the occasional guy that just says hi and bye and runs away but I have gotten robbed before and got into a couple gun fights, wars even. I just love the adrenaline the game gives me when I know some stuff is about to go down hahah. Again though I rather get robbed and enjoy some RP than running around for an hour trying to find someone to talk to lol.
  4. Born in a small town in Canada, Jackson was raised by his mom didn't know his father and he was a troubled kid growing up mostly because he didn't have a father figure his mom did his best to raise this young man on her own and she did a good job. Jackson soon realized that there more to this world then caring about himself when he met a woman in high school. A few years later they both wanted to go on a trip and heard of a cruise ship the Costa Risacca. They finally saved up enough money for the cruise and headed out for the adventure and on the 21st of July would have an unexpected event. A huge storm came rumbling across the Black Sea and Green Sea and sent the ship off course and the cruise ship his some rocks and the ship started flooding. Jackson made it out and onto a life boat but his girlfriend did not the life boat headed for the closest land during the storm but the boat didn't make it and sent everyone off Jackson knocked out with a life jacket on woke up ashore on a beach in an unknown location. Two years later after waking up on a beach in Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus he stays alive by keeping to himself and avoiding contact with others as best he can, he doesn't say much but likes to help when he can.
  5. High Brah

    DayZRP mod February content update

    Awesome keep up the great work guys .
  6. Yeah that was a great and crazy night time adventure don't recommend it at all now actually learned some valuable thing almost losing our lives :O. Although after we split up I kind of ran into trouble but barely escaped with my life. VERY intense is right hahah good times hope to have more like this. Also shout out to guys in blue arm bands forgot the group name but remember James, Zed and Nick I think it was thanks for the help will be sure to help when you guys need it.
  7. Jeremy was born and raised in a small town in Northern British Columbia his mom was a nurse at the local hospital(she passed away from cancer in 2012) and his father was a hunter and spent most of his life in the woods living off the land and taught Jeremy everything he now knows about survival in the wild(Passed away from heart failure shortly after his wife passed). Jeremy was an Outfitter and professional Outdoors-man before the virus spread. He made his living off of clients paying him to take them to remote locations to get the biggest "game" they can find. He did most of his work in the Northern Hemisphere his expertise was in tracking wild animals and surviving off the land and that's what the hunter's paid him for. He and his best friend set off into the Pacific Ocean to get to Jeremy's cabin further up the coast from Vancouver Island and got lost in a storm ended up on the coast of Russia many months later. Jeremy saw food and set off without hesitation and got lost he then set out to try and find his friend. He ended up walking so far in land he came across a border and the sign read Chernarus. Now he must use his survival skills to survive the rough environment.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new to this whole dayz experience my only experience is watching youtube videos mostly frankieonpc made me want to try this game out and I love it so far. Anyways I'm currently one hour off from the gameplay time needed (10 hours) to get whitelisted then hopefully I can get on a roleplaying server for the first time. I've seen the Basic guide for Roleplay video funny stuff. Well with that said I hope I get to have a great experience and look forward to meeting some awesome people thanks for reading see you around.. Glad to meet you, High Brah.
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