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  1. Korei

    S1: OOC/BADRP - VMC 3/15/19 09:44

    Thanks man I actually will thanks a lot
  2. Korei

    S1: OOC/BADRP - VMC 3/15/19 09:44

    I was trying to talk to you in Kabanino you just couldn’t hear me was what’s up to you and saying hey man cos my mic was stuffed and when I figured you couldn’t I ran which I understand wasn’t the best option and was stupid and with the still looting thing after you held me up I only stopped to get a drink of water because my thirst was in the red and I really needed too it was a bad rp session and I take full responsibility for what happened and what I didn’t do and I will make sure I get all my things and bugs fixed to be sure for it not to happen again sorry for the inconvenience and stale situation
  3. Korei

    S1: OOC/BADRP - VMC 3/15/19 09:44

    Okay so it wasn’t intentional bad RP yes I was in Kabanino and I did run into him but what you don’t know is my side which is I was trying to talk back but for some reason my mic wasn’t working through day z sound and everything was coming through my head phones but my mic wasn’t working and I didn’t know this at first so when I was trying to talk back I just thought he couldn’t hear me so I ran off which was probably a bad idea instead of staying and then at vmc i did run into him again which I tried to talk again but nothing was happening and he obviously couldn’t hear me which I tried to talk in chat back to him and I don’t know if he saw that either the running away was a bad idea now that I look at it I just didn’t know what to do cos he couldn’t hear me it wasn’t intentional bad rp my headphones and mic and my day z were playing up I think I just made it worse by running I’m sorry and it won’t happen again
  4. Korei


    started in game without creating a character first and now the in game person isnt the same as the character i created any way to change this?
  5. Korei is a 25 year old kiwi from new zealand grew up in a middle class house hold being an only child father was a farmer and his mother a hospital cleaner he didnt to to well at school but didnt do to bad either when it came to getting work he didnt want to take in either of his parents foot steps and decided to go into hospitality and working in a coffee shop Korei has always wanted to see the world and what it has to offer and this is why you will find him in chernarus also working in a coffee shop but not speaking any russian trying to take in the culture and this is where we are today or at least where we were...
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