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  1. I tried it and it said that this discord account was already linked, so I might have to get it removed from my alt. https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/37313-slouch/
  2. I tried to join back to the discord after I was kicked due to me wanting to change my discord account. I get this message "Invalid OAuth2 redirect_uri"... Please help
  3. Boris was born in Svetloyarsky, Chernarus in 1991. He was encouraged as well as interested in the police force. He strived to reach is goal just like his father. At the age of 15 is mother died of an illness brought in by foriegners, so he began at an early age disliking foreigners. at the age of 18, Boris applied for the Svet police force. He excelled past his fathers expectations, and was given the rank of private. As Boris sped through all the ranks fighting crime here and there, he began to get bored and unentertained. Boris then decided to be undercover, and he was okay with the harder work. After, around five years, Boris was sitting his car, late at night, on the radio. A code was called out...Which was a code that had never been used before. It was a code used for an Invasion, but what he let it go. He later went home that night back to his lonely house. Boris pulls into the driveway and enters his home. Boris' door was unlocked for some reason, and the only one that had his key was his dad. Boris reached over his waist and pulled out is Makarov. Boris peeked into the kitchen and saw his dad. His dad was covered in blood from what looked like a bite on his arm. Boris rushed for the Med kit, but his dad said that it was too late. Boris asked why it was, and his dad responded with "Once you're bitten you become one.". Boris was confused and scared. He then remember the code on the radio, it was just like the movies an invasion on chernarus, but the invasion was dead people. Boris was told to take his dad's life and burry him next to his mother, and he did so. Boris set off to find his friend Kazimir Petrov and any other people that agree to his morals.
  4. -User cautioned for this post-
  5. I was 16 when the outbreak happened, my mother went out to get groceries and when I kissed her cheek and told her "goodbye" I never thought that it would be the last time I ever saw her face. I stayed home with my father and everything was perfect,the day was good quiet, the farm was quiet, the sun had just hit its peak, and my father told me to go check on the family calfs. Then it happened an explosion that I would remember for the rest of my life, I felt the BOOM, the heat, the dust, the pain it brought to my home, and thats when I knew my life would change forever. A group of angry people ran to our farm. My father grabbed me and threw me in the barn he shut the door and I heard his voice, He yelled at me "Run dont stop until you find your cousin Simon he is a United States Army soldier and he is stationed North go until you find him he will keep you safe." So I ran and I never looked back. With tears in my eyes I ran north until I found a camp, as I searched through the camp I came upon three men and immediatly I recognized him. My running and searching came to an end I found him and I was safe. To this day I stayed with his group and I can only look to the future for hope never remembering the past.
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