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  1. For instance I'd like to know how many real-life hours the day / night cycle take. I can't seem to find a "server info" section. Thanks in advance!
  2. Max Calfield moved to Chernarus a couple of months before the outbreak on July 2017. He had heard from several friends and contacts that in the bigger cities of Chernarus an underground music scene was starting to take hold and found this very interesting. Wanting to be there at the birth of a new Berlin-type hype he left his home country and moved to Severograd to work in one of the pubs and use this job to sustain himself and get access to contacts also active with music. When the outbreak happened he had a small understanding of the local language but English was still the go to language for smooth communication. The people in major towns and cities were more comfortable with English than the people in the rural areas but he and the people he got into contact with, always figured it out somehow. When the outbreak came and total confusion ensued he decided to tag along with refugees headed for the shore and seek refuge in refugee camps. Desperately trying to find a way to get out of the country he found it hard to understand everything that was going on and had to have someone adequately speaking English and willing to translate what government or military staff gave as instructions to the refugees. Not knowing very well which faction was doing what he started to slowly realize that escaping the region would become harder and harder by each day and started to accept the fact of inevitable quarantine within the borders. After the massive storm that had sunk and beached two ships and claimed many more lives he had used the widespread confusion and disarray to slip away, probably, unnoticed. He thought he might as well start fending for himself, knowing his trade, finding valuable things like food and clean water and other items to trade and bargain to stay alive until a way could be found to get out back to his home in Western Europe. He hadn't been able to talk to his girlfriend that he had been 5 years with about now ever since conflict started to rise. He needs to know if she still lives. He needs to know where she is. He needs to see her. Now.
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