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  1. DerangedGoblin

    Arma II has stopped working

    "Arma II has stopped working," is the error message. I got it too a couple of times, but not as often.
  2. DerangedGoblin

    [Bus Service] RedCoat Bus Travel (Tour 4)

    Dear Dr Ubel, Thank you for your interest in working for Redcoat Bus Travel in the Chernarus region. Unfortunately, due to strict hiring controls during these uncertain times, we do not have any positions available. While we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, we regret to inform you that for your own safety we will not be able to keep your details on file. In the event that a suitable position should become available, it will be publicly advertised, and we hope that you will apply at such a time. If you would like a more informal discussion at any time, please take note of our bus routes, and any of our drivers will be more than happy to assist you. If you wish to speak to our Chief Executive Lord Horatio Nelson, feel free to visit our open frequency (//teamspeak) to make an appointment. We appreciate your understanding, and wish you luck in future endeavours. Sincerely, Bill Tarples Chief of Personnel Redcoat Bus Travel - Chernarus
  3. Awright, no need to get yer knickers in a twist!
  4. Hello! I don't have much to say, but hello! Er, my IGN is Bill Tarples and I repair buses and that. Seeya soon!