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  1. Connor had a rough life as a kid, his mother was a worn out lady with nothing to live for besides the heroin, his father was a drunken fool who he barely had ever seen sober. He grew up watching his parents destroy themselves and turn their rage against their son. Years passed as Connor kept himself strong and eventually scraped enough money together to start his own life without his parents. He started to work for himself as a carpenter and started making a decent amount of money. Years pass as Connor works his hands to the bone trying to make a decent living. His hard work payed off as he eventually had his own business with a couple of employees. While the years passed his drunken father died in a tragic car accident, taking the life's of several pedestrians along with him. Once the outbreak started to reach the media Connor decided to see his mother after all these years to see how she had been surviving. Once at his parents house he saw that it looked even worse then before. The walls were covered in mold and you could see the dead crows laying on the roof. As he made his way inside he found his mother's rotting corpse in the bathtub with several needles in her arm, she must have overdosed from all the heroin. Connor sat down besides the tub and mourned over the loss of his mother. As he stood up wanting to call the emergency services to inform them over the death of his mother. For some odd reason his mother's corpse started moving and making a gurgling sound. Connor looked at his mother's corpse rising from out of the tub, in shock he quickly ran to the other side of the old run down house and locked the door. He could hear his mother's corpse bumping against the door and clawing it. Connor grabbed his phone haste fully to call the police but couldn't get a signal. He looked down at his phone and saw multiple notifications of news apps about some kind of outbreak. He looked up from his phone looking at the door, his undead mother still clawing the door. While trying to get his head straight of what's going on he'd suddenly hear the air raid alarm sounding. He put his phone away and walked over to the kitchen. There he gathered all of his deceased father's liquor and poured it over the stove, turning on the stove afterwards. He ran through the frontdoor stopping on the sidewalk. He turned around and watched his old parents house burning down with his undead mother trapped inside. He turns away leaving the house behind him what a that time was nothing else but a raging fire, he was all alone now with nobody left in his live. After a while of roaming around in his car Connor decided to go to his workshop and gather all the supplies he could find. At the workshop he found all of his employees and their families. They sat down together and decided to stick together. The months pass as they wander through the country, or what's left of it. One tragedy strikes the group after the other as their numbers shrink. Eventually Connor holds one his last dying group members in his arms after they ran into a group of bandits, who were armed to the teeth. After Connor was all alone he decided to leave Ireland as he was just stuck on an island with no escape. He made his way to the harbor and found the right transportation that was needed to head for Europe. After sailing for a few days he'd reach the coast of Portugal in the city of Lisabon. From there he wandered across the mainland trying to survive. Months of travelling eventually led him to the country of Chernaurus where he'd wander around just trying to survive.
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