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  1. Enjoyed meeting Joey Ends and his Boys. Cheers to @Dew and the others, don't know their names on here.
  2. Usually, a civilian with some survival knowhow. But my first character was a civilian who kind of got drafted into a military group. I find trying out all your options is best, but I prefer skilled civilian myself.
  3. Rhett grimaces as he holds one hand to his stomach wound, and presses his PTT "Cloí leis an Alfa Mac Tíre."
  4. Rhett's POV: My buddies and I were hanging out with Dominik and a couple others. We were fistfighting and having a cookout when we heard a Zombie. Kase was going to shoot it when three boys rolled up with autos on, screaming into their mics. I had turned halfway around to look at them when they were already spraying us with automatic fire, giving no time to speak, let alone comply. I did pull my M16 after they had opened fire, but I got one shot off before being gunned down.
  5. Rhett glances over at the men around him. He speaks into the radio held out to him "I'm Rhett Ansen. I want y'all to know I support the Chedaki. They're the true rulers of Chernarus. Join them or die." His voice shakes for just a moment, and he takes a deep breath before saying, "Slava Chedaki" Some Chernarussian men chorus "Slava Chedaki" in the background before the signal cuts
  6. Colton was born in 1996 just outside of New Orleans. His family was dirt poor, with his father working as a mechanic. When Colton was about 8, his father began operating a chop shop out of his garage, and the family began to do better. Colton took this lesson he saw to heart. He started working the dockyards at 16, and occasionally, a few pieces from a shipment would "fall into the bay". Colton was doing fairly well for himself, until he was caught trying to sneak a few barrels of oil into his friend's truck. He was fired and served a short term in jail. When he got out, he doubled down and began a short career as a criminal, so that he could support a somewhat lavish lifestyle. He took to wearing the attire of a highwayman, as he had seen in movies growing up and thought it was a laugh. he started peddling weaponry to some of the gangs in the area, and was in Chernarus trying to secure a shipment of military grade weapons for a buyer when the outbreak hit. Colton, fortunately, had brought a few of his friends along, and they were able to protect themselves, and gather the shipment of weapons they had been there to get in the first place. The weapons, however, turned out to be rather useless without ammunition to feed them. Colton's crew split after a while, each seeking out his own individual goals.
  7. Lars Lund was born in February of 1968 in a lower class household in Salt Lake City Utah. He was an unremarkable boy throughout school, and joined the United States Marine Corps immediately after. He served in the 1st Marine Tank Battalion for 16 years, before being medically discharged at age 34 just after the beginning of the US invasion of Afghanistan. After recovering from his wounds, he tried to settle into a “normal” job, before resigning himself to the fact that he just couldn’t do civilian work. He reached out to an old contact and became involved with the Potius Cras Corporation in 2008. He has been with them since.
  8. I misspoke, my whitelist was approved today. I joined up last night.
  9. Howdy all, Ritt here. Fairly new to DayZ, but not to RP. My character is Rhett Ansen, an oilworker/ National Guardsman who came over when this all started to go down. Whitelisted today, hoping to find a group soon. Til then, I'll be lonewolfing it. See you in Chernarus.
  10. Rhett Ansen was born in 1995 in Anchorage, Alaska. He worked briefly as an oilman in Prudhoe Bay in the north, but decided to join the Alaska national Guard when he turned 21, and had been serving in the Guard as an MP for approximately a year before the outbreak in Chernarus in mid 2017. Due to Alaska being one of the closest American hubs to Chernarus, his regiment was deployed to Russia to provide what aid they could in securing the Russia-Chernarus border. They were part of the force sent to Chernogorsk, and Rhett was left behind in the American withdrawal, in the chaos of the riots and infected. He was spared from death by sheer luck, as he was stuck underneath a collapsed tent and avoided notice by the infected. Rhett has little hope of returning home, but he does still dream of it sometimes. His goal for the time being is to help as many survivors as he can to be safe, be that by providing medical service, food, shelter, or a more definitive solution to raiders. He is certainly seeking out a group of capable people, as he knows he isn't capable of surviving on his own in this hellscape.
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