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  1. I would like to thank all people who were in the Blackwood camp this evening! All of that led to one of my nicest RP moments to date. Thank you all guys for this RP! 10/10, would be an exchange money again
  2. Nagita


    I think that is the way to play injuries. If I take your hostaging example right here, that can add depth and realism into the situation, because being shot is always a huge pain, even for the strongest character. And besides, if we have good players on both sides of the initiation, can can lead to a second chance for the hostage to make it through alive, by complying this time. The only problem I see right here - I'll talk with my actual experience - is that some people will just fire away at you, because they know they have a legit way to kill your character. I have no problem with being shot for non compliance, because it's allowed but, roleplaying the bullet injury in a middle of a firefight can be tricky sometimes. But I'm fully aggreed with you, roleplaying that out right when that happen can add some nice depth to the Roleplay!
  3. Nagita

    100 players servers?

    Definetly up for more players per servers. This will add more RP in less popular areas and for sure, create more content in game to interract with #supadupahyped
  4. Nagita

    .56 update

    It's nice IMO to wipe servers and begin a new character with persistance. Because lots of people (including me) geared up before persistance was back on and never died since, so that made that too easy
  5. There ar armies of hackers down in public servers, but on ours, pretty much any I saw by my own eyes.
  6. Olivia Wilde fits pretty well with my physical vision of Nathalie
  7. You'll get slapped to telling everyone my super-secret!
  8. Nagita

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I went to emmergencies the only time I tried to smoke, due to a severe asthm crisis.
  9. Alexander, next time you kined me that, you're in big trouble! I hate loosing!
  10. You can search on the forums for modifying some settings ingame or in the folders, there is some nice guides to help you improve your frame rate slightly.
  11. That how you make an survival-horror game! I post the first one, but that applies to all 4 main games. Best series to me. I may be a Star Wars fan.
  12. I would like to add, why an American celebrity would do in Chernarus? It's a little, not well-known and not classy country. That won't brings celebrities into this country. The only celebrities I can only accept as a player would be chernarussian, national celebrities, like TV animators, or such. But not internationnal stars at all.
  13. Nagita

    [101CDF] 101st CDF Pioneers [Recruiting]

    If you're an Eastern American, you will have the best chances playing in the middle of your afternoon, as it is evening in Europe. We also a bunch of US players so, we are decently active all day long