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  1. Hello, I am trying to connect to the server for the first time, I have been whitelisted and created a character, I tried to connect and DayZ said "Bad version, server rejected connection." any fix to this?
  2. Jeff Borland, the father of Chris Borland, wanted something new, something fresh. He had to move out of Los Angeles. He was tired of the busy city and all the people who lived there. He moved to Chernarus. He loved it there, the rich farmlands, the lack of people, and most importantly, the sense of safety for his son. He and his son would walk around the countryside and see what there is to see just about once a week, then one week they saw someone acting strangely in the distance. They thought nothing of it and kept walking in that general direction. Once they got closer they realized something was completely wrong... They kept their distance and walked to the next town to find everyone else the same way. They rushed back to the house and stayed there for weeks. They built up the courage to go outside and survive as long as possible, even though they know what's coming. They found a group of survivors looking for a cure to this strange outbreak. "How many people survived?" said Jeff. "No others that we know of." said the group. Jeff knew that there had to be other people out there, other survivors.
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