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  1. Hey there! In personal experiences here's what I'd do in the situations you listed:" With a group of friends/people: - Finish up any roleplay and just tell them that you are tired and going to get some rest, do what you said and find a safe place to log for the night. Hostage situation: - Simply in chat put //OOC: I need to go because an IRL emergency and see if they give you permission to log. If you get permission from the hostage takers, you are in the clear to log out. Most people will respect that you need to leave and let you go - if they refuse permission, simply hop into helpdesk and see if a staff member can assist you. Make sure not to abuse emergency situations just to get out of a situation and save your gear, i've seen that happen multiple times. Also never break character at all, thats a big no and a rulebreak.
  2. Im not referring to last nights situation at all actually. Last night I actually did get some roleplay from your group, this was the previous night. Where I did try and interact with your group and was ignored. Last nights roleplay was an improvement and I believe it was different individuals from the previous night. It's feedback and I'm not going to start an argument over it. I'll look to see if I recorded it and provide what I seen and experienced from that PREVIOUS night to you. Thanks for the response to feedback though. PS. 90% of the time is incorrect, i was moving about most of the time and listening to people being loud as most people in the town don't know how to not shout in-game. I had some pretty good roleplay, but thanks for your observations and feedback on my personal roleplay and I'll work on making sure my roleplay next time is better, that way when i leave feedback you can focus on the feedback and not what someone observed instead of someone elses roleplay.
  3. Phoenyxx

    Grekov Gang

    Group looks good. Interesting concept. Graphics, Goals and all that are solid. You got a good roster and I hope you guys prove the whole 5.0.3 stereotype wrong. (New Lore, New you?) Goodluck and hope the feedback provided is taken seriously and you guys provide the stellar rp I know you guys can.
  4. Group looks interesting. Graphics are decent. Lore is decent. I think you could maybe expand and get some pretty creative goals going. Hope to meet you all in game soon.
  5. Hi, Wanted to stop in with some feedback. Group has a very interesting concept and I think you guys could go far with it. I suggest maybe decreasing the font size, its rather large but that's just my personal preference. I feel like you guys could expand more on goals, update to some better graphics and organize the thread better (if ya need assistance just DM me), expand on your lore and flesh it out a little more. Other than that, look forward to meeting you in game
  6. Hello, some feedback. I was in Berezino today and you guys had a pretty strong presence. The uniforms look sharp and it makes it feel very realistic. One problem. All you guys did was pace around the town and walk circles around the civilians. Not once did I see in the time in Berezino (that i was there), those that were in uniform interact with anyone but themselves or stand there silently. I get making a presence is something you guys would likely to do, however I do feel like creating roleplay with the civilians around Berezino would be beneficial to you guys in a variety of ways. Besides that, I'm excited to see what you guys do and the thread looks awesome. You have a strong roster and some good roleplayers on it, use that to your advantage. Disclaimer: * if this was in fact not you guys (im assuming because of the uniforms) than i'll retract my statement and attempt to find the individuals. Look forward to the roleplay in the future.
  7. Hello, i'd like to leave some feedback. Yesterday was the first time I got to interact with any of your members and I was... well disappointed. When in Berezino, there was three of you guys in uniform. One of which spoke and was interacting with others ever so often, the other two? Walking around with their guns drawn, not bothering to interact with anyone. I even said Hi to one of them, and was completely ignored. To me it appeared that a majority of the time, these individuals were paying attention to something OOCly rather than ICly. I know this isn't the whole group that I interacted with, but it was rather disappointing to just see members pacing around Berezino, not doing anything but.. pacing and rather distracted with something out of game. I do suggest if you aren't able to focus on the people and roleplay around you, you log out or move into a house instead of pacing around for 20 minutes not saying a word. Cheers. Hopefully interactions in the future will be better.
  8. Hello! Some feedback: You guys are doing fantastic. You guys have an amazing rp hub and are handling it the best you guys can with the mass amounts of people coming around, including groups that are in conflict. I've observed this the last two days, and prior when I was apart of the family. Keeping doing great and I hope that when approvals start, you guys are one of the first to get that privilege. Keep it up roleplayers
  9. Lilianna grew up in Ontario, Canada. She was the only daughter to wonderful parents who spoiled her greatly. At the age of 8, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and not long after did she pass away. Her father fell into a deep depression and eventually, at the age of 17, Lilianna was forced to venture on her own. Her father couldn’t provide for her anymore, and his addiction to alcohol cause him to become abusive. Taking to the streets, she spent a year doing what she could before she found her footing and got a job and was able to finish highschool. Upon graduating highschool, Lilianna had decided getting into the field of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was what she wanted to do. Going to college for more school, she eventually graduated at the top of her class. Instead of going the EMS route like she wanted, she found herself wanting to become a combat medic. Getting hired at the age of 21, her life had taken a turn for what seemed like the better. She enjoyed her job. She spent four years as a combat medic, serving two tours before she was granted some time off. During this time, she decided to travel around the world with a close friend, landing her in Chernarus recently. When she arrived, her and another friend had been site seeing in Chernarus and venturing when her friend tripped and fell down a steep rocky terrian. This landed her friend in the hospital, while Lilianna was forced to extend her stay in Chernarus. Upon extending the stay, the borders began to close and Lilianna was forced to remaining with the country with no way home. Her friend ended up getting terribly sick from what the doctors claimed was an infection and eventually died leaving Lilianna completely alone. Seeking shelter with a family of Chernarussians that Lilianna had befriended, she began to seek a way home. When it became apparent that going home was not a choice, Lilianna decided to put her medical skills to good use and help anyone that she could get through the uncertain times.
  10. Strong roster, good lore, good graphics. Group looks solid. Hope to see you guys around!
  11. Now this looks dope. Love the graphics and it gives the perfect vibe for the group. Lore is good, also love the goals as they aren't just focused on the group as a whole but the individuals as well. You guys got a strong roster of good roleplayers and I think that's super important. This is exactly the type of group that I think the server needs as it can bring a lot of unique and cool roleplay that isn't focused on guns/military. Goodluck guys!
  12. Hello, I'd like to leave some feedback. Some of what I say might be a repeat of what others have said, and some might not but I think if multiple people bring up the same issues, then maybe those are the areas you can work on. Presentation: I've always enjoyed group threads with a good presentation, and unfortunately this isn't presented in a way that I feel you guys could present it. I firmly believe that adding some unique graphics to the group thread allows for others to gain a feel of the group. Your graphics could definitely be worked on, and maybe even add some more. Right now I look at it and it looks like it might be used as a bookclub logo where woman go to talk about books they probably didn't really read and have an excuse to gossip and drink wine. If you guys want to be gunsmugglers and run a firearms business, you can get very creative with your graphics. I do really enjoy the timeline that you guys have set up, but maybe do something a little more unique with the graphics again instead of just walls of text upon text. Break it up, include some photos. Make it appealing. Lore: Your lore needs some major work. There's a lot of gaps and it feels rushed. If you flesh it out, add the details it needs (like why you chose to go to Chernarus of all places) then you guys might have a really cool fleshed out storyline. Work on it, take the time and make it a story. I really hope that admins this time around push for unique and fleshed out ideas and not just generic ones, so my advice - sit down and get to fleshing out those ideas and stories you want to share. It'd probably get you some good brownie points too. Talk to the Loremasters, they are there to help you and can help you flesh out ideas to make sure it works with the story they have created. Goals: Your goals are ok. Meaning that I think you can go more indepth and make some pretty cool goals out of a gunsmuggler type deal. I think what you have now is a good basis to start off on, but in the future i'd like to see these elaborated and you guys getting creative. Other Concerns: - Group name, its been done before. Personally if its not enforced by staff whatever, but at the same time out of respect for previous groups - I'm not sure using names from the previous lore should be accepted. One, you should be unique and make yourselves known for your own unique group, by its own unique name. - Hopefully you all keep up with activity, this specific group of people seems to only come around once and a while. I'm hoping you prove that wrong if you decided to post a group. It wouldn't be fair to waste the admins time nor yours if you aren't serious about it. - Group rights. This group feels and looks like it was thrown together, whether that be for your own excitement to get a group up or you really don't care for the group itself. I really hope you prove everyone wrong when it comes to this group looking like it's made so you guys can all of the luxury of group rights. - Attitude. I took a glance at your response to feedback and well, you should know yourselves as a group, the attitude you guys are given is something that gets the group force archived real quick or most of you put on final for racked up warnings. My suggestion, and listen I know it sounds crazy but do the simple replies of 'Thanks for the feedback' but seriously try and look at it from someone elses view and not as an attack against the group. Response to Feedback and how you present yourself OOCly comes a long way in this community, especially in a group. Listen to the feedback, work on the areas of concern and don't take everything as an attack, some people are just trying to help. Also only the group leader and maybe a second in command should respond to feedback, looks a lot more professional and saves you from the responses biting you in the ass. But that's just from previous experience.
  13. Im not sure why you think their stuff is copy&pasted but I know these guys sat down for hours yesterday creating this group page and have been actively working on all these goals already ICly. Anyway, great roster & group. Ya'll will surely get approved when approvals start. Best of luck and keep up the awesome RP.
  14. This right here. Everyone thinks that hostile situations need to hand in hand with initiating but that isn't true. I agree with the majority in this thread, there's no reason to change a rule that isn't broken. It will cause more confusion, add more for the GM team.
  15. Although this is a pretty good idea, I don't believe its able to be implemented as the rest stated. I know there's a way to implement a 'check id' when with someone, if something like that was implemented the rest could be roleplayed out. However, I just think at the current moment you could be like: - Yeah I have my piece of ID here. & if the person your RPing with really wants to get indepth with it, they could go // Does the picture on the ID match the individual?
  16. Hoping to run into this group in game. Strong roster.
  17. Vera was the only child to Emilia Laskin and Pavel Dmitriev. Emilia Laskin was the sister of Rosa Belic, whom had wedded Anton Belic, a known illegitimate business man although he tried to mask it with a few legitimate businesses. Emilia had wedded Pavel back in Chernarus, a Russian who had moved to Chernarus to get involved in Anton Belic's business. The two had been sent to America, unbeknownst to Rosa. She thought that Emilia just wanted to have a better life in America than in Chernarus. In 1993, Rosa had moved to America to live with Emilia and Pavel. Both still kept the secret of working for Anton silent. Emilia was the mastermind of it all, Pavel just the brute force and show of strength for the illegitimate business in America. In 2000, Vera was born and raised along side her cousin Eliot Belic. The two were close and shared a lot of things in common. As she grew older, Vera got involved in the 'Belic' Business, helping both Eliot and her mother. Pavel had been killed during a business deal gone wrong in 2007, so Eliot and Rose helped Vera's mother raise her When news of her uncles death reached the ears of the family in America, it was a bittersweet moment. Vera was sad that her uncle, whom she never met, was dead and she would never get to meet him, but she would be returning to what she called her 'homeland'. She had never been to Chernarus but had heard of its wonders and flaws through her mother and father. The adventure of returning to Chernarus was not what she expected. They found themselves stuck with borders closed and a third wave of a virus that Vera hardly knew about. However, Vera was fine with this. She had always longed to be in her homeland and now, she was getting what she wanted.
  18. I have another question for @staff specifically @Hofer cause it appears that you were the one to tell everyone to be nice. Maybe its not protocol or maybe I'm missing something but when that shit was posted, why did those who posted and tagged remain in the discord several hours after? Normally isnt it a straight boot, as its been for almost anything offensive in the community? @groovy mexi its not a "witch hunt" for more points. Its people raising concern and saying how what happened was NOT okay and deserves more that a kick from discord several hours later and 20 points or whatever was given. What was posted and how it was directed towards a member and others reacting to it for pure enjoyment should be handled the same way when someone is harassing and bullying a community member which in my experience the severity is removal. The handling from staff about this incident is worrying.
  19. Exactly. I'm sorry but a community member was TAGGED so that he would see those posts which means it was directed right towards him. Thats rulebreaks of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4. On top of that a slap on the wrist for something like that? Come on i've seen people perm'd for less. It wouldn't be as big of a deal (i mean still pretty disgusting to even post such a thing) if someone didn't tag a community member and direct it DIRECTLY to him. How is that supposed to make someone feel? That someone can just tag a community member with some pretty racist shit and then them get away with nothing but a slap on the wrist? I'll use the argument that I've seen plenty of times on topics in this community regarding gender, sexuality, religion. Dayz is a safe space for some people to come and get away from the real world. There's a fine line between joking around and targeting a member of the community. For staff to be able to do the whole 'case by case' on this issue, is kinda ridiculous. There should be punishment straight across the board for people who are blatantly racist which should be removal from the community. If people are threatened to be removed from the community for posting gifs or having an attitude with staff... racism (FROM OOC PERSPECTIVE) should not be allowed at all. If staff are more keen on removing people for pettiness/drama/sass than racism... something is terribly wrong with the morals of the community. And don't think just because RP is at the end of my name that's the reason I'm even responding to this thread, no. Its because there's no room for racism anywhere and it baffles me that grown adults still find enjoyment in being racist towards an individual and for other adults, with authority to prevent such a thing, wouldn't tell someone to take that shit somewhere else and remove them from the community.
  20. I'm looking forward to the lorewipe. Just hoping that it isn't a repeat of the currently lore, in the sense that people will play the same characters they have for over a year now just adjusting to the current storyline. That's my only worry. Thanks Lore Masters, Devs and anyone else behind the scenes working on this.
  21. Sorry RP Bois, Time for a take over. Team Name: The RP Girls Player 1: @PhoenyxxRP Player 2: @SquirtleKittyRP Backup gamer (If 1 of the above doesn't make it): N/A To the other teams May the odds be ever in your favour.
  22. Can ya'll stop removing my status' without giving me a reason

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      Since ya'll peep my profile everytime I post now.

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      You'll be receiving a reason shortly, keep an eye out. 🙂

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      I like clowns, is that a problem?

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      @BabaRP can attest, clowns are cool

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      Clowns are the best i swear

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      > advertises stream for competing community in status update

      > status update is hidden by staff

      > posts new status update with the same content

      > gets warning points

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      > calls staff bias


      Be glad you didn't get permed.

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      Be glad you didn't get permed.


    5. Phoenyxx


      @Hofer right and here you have the staff team still remaining to assume the bias is about the stream thing. No. What was the first half of my status? Honestly, it didnt even occur to me that it was a rulebreak to  promote my stream when I was doing something i was excited for. Plenty of people share their twitches for other things. 

      my first status was hidden WITH NO REASON GIVEN. So i could have only assumed it was due to the first half of my status or my comments. So posted a new status with a smile face and a link to my stream. 

      The bias? Is the fact that I defended myself against the flame another community member gave, which mind you was reported, and thus this community member also gave into more in a conversation only for this community member to screenshot one part of a conversation and I get AB? Right.

      Get off your high horse @Hofer its not looking good on you. This place has become a disaster and yet all staff team is worried about is targeting specific people and driving other members away. It really sucks to see but won't ever change unless you guys do. 

    6. Hofer


      If you feel like the warning points you were given were wrong, and there's more context to it as you claim you should report that and appeal your points rather than complain in a status update.

      If you decide to not challenge the warning points, you shouldn't complain.

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