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    here we go eye roll GIF by VH1

  2. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Base Threads/Section

    Sorry, I must've misinterpreted what you were saying. It appeared you wanted the community to be in control of whats approved or not (thats how I understood it). If it remains staff and council approving, I don't see an issue other than the community getting upset if their opinions are overruled by staff/council. I get where you are coming from with the whole community should be able to provide feedback but at the same time get where Roland is coming from in regards to it just being kept in the council thread. That is why I said it should be left up to the group whether they wish to open to community feedback or not should roland only want it kept to council forum.
  3. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Base Threads/Section

    While i get the community should get a say, i believe council and roland should be only able to approve. Too many people would downvote the groups they don't like purely based on OOC. I think it should be up to the group to determine if they'd like the communities opinion and simply post it in community discussion while they make a separate post for council to vote on.
  4. PhoenyxxRP

    Redwood Radio Base Request

    Like stated in discord you guys have been around for a while with activity in game and in the ic radio forums. Your group, although small, i think deserves to have this small settlement implemented. Its good for your group size and you thought out how it was built etc. So you all have my approval. Good work.
  5. PhoenyxxRP


    Finally Free.

    sexy dean winchester GIF

  6. PhoenyxxRP

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Updated our Roster " When my circle got smaller, my vision got clearer. There's strength in loyalty, not in numbers"
  7. PhoenyxxRP

    Server split?

    So? Everyone we rob we also provide roleplay too and give them some pretty cool storylines to follow if they decide to take that away from our encounter which most people tend to just get salty about losing gear and not listening to anything else we said or asked them to achieve for us. Lets not turn this into a thread where one group is picked on yet again. Everyone robs people, literally. If you think theres a rulebreak, report it. Topic is about Server split between two different maps. Not about one groups roleplay. @CptGerardo @SwampyMuffinz
  8. PhoenyxxRP


    over it goodbye GIF

    1. Fae


      sassy peace out GIF

  9. PhoenyxxRP

    Wolfpack Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    * She'd pick her radio up and chuckle lightly as she presses the PTT* Funny, don't recall relying on anyone but rather just having close acquaintances. Didn't run from the Jackals either so don't try and gloat nor did they take us out. We are around, lurking but around. I'm sure you'll find us somewhere. Unfortunately I won't disclose our location. * She'd release her PTT *
  10. PhoenyxxRP



    Alright @Wolfpack

    I figured it out. 

    Im confused, but I figured it out.

    1. TurkRP


      Im actually gonna unfollow you

    2. JorrdanVC


      I agree with the above statement

    3. Undead


      So you’re extra virgin damn that guy really got some good roasts in there. 🙄

    4. Bobby


      turbo virgin? That’s crazy 


  11. PhoenyxxRP


    go on popcorn GIF

    @RiZ-kun so the new two small groups

    ones called wolf - ones called pack


    1. kalyri


      which one am i leading?

    2. Fae


      sipping the tea GIF by Saturday Night Live

    3. Undead


      New group limit rule 4 players . DOWN WITH SUPERGROUPS . /s

    4. Fae


      Down with supergroups, down with turbovirgins 😠
      only regular virgins allowed in my groups.

    5. RiZ


      You run one, I run the other. We unite to make Wolf Pack.

  12. PhoenyxxRP


    kevin hart what GIF

    Man i need a drink to go along with how this night has gone

  13. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Implemented base too OP

    Hey man, sorry you feel that us 'Turbo Virgins' ruined your experience and that ya'll have to turn and harass and provide OOC hate against my group daily. Sorry your group was reported for rulebreaks and got hit with it and sorry you all have some huge hate for us when all our roleplay was ICly towards you guys and never brought OOCly. This ain't the thread though to come here and flame us and you might want to re-evalute yourself as a community member here. Sincerely The Turbovirgins aka the ones apparently ruining the server. PS. For the rest of you ex-Nox members that so wish to continue the ooc hate and coming at myself and my group and encouraging such behaviour. I really hope you guys can one day understand how to separate ic from ooc.
  14. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Implemented base too OP

    Base will be removed in the next week or so. Cheers.
  15. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Implemented base too OP

    Like ive stated before, we don't claim we made it. We were trying to connect with the loremasters to get a story finished and again the conversation went dead.
  16. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Implemented base too OP

    that is the perk though for getting an approved group and being successful, you get to build in the safety of the editor. Thats the perk of it.
  17. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Implemented base too OP

    Minimal Work? Youre allowed prefab bases when you are an approved group and @Roland believes you have earned the prefab option. This means by running a group successfully of 30+ members and receiving a majority of good feedback. To say minimal work is a slap in the face. We have worked hard to keep our group together and to keep our group striving forward. We do not go out everyday and attack others, we do not go out every day and raid others. We give others breaks from the raids we do raid them. We have given groups outs and they continue to ruin our relations. So to say no effort on my part is ridiculous. I spent hours making the base so that it wasn't slanted building and buildings half in the ground like some of the ones on the island. I took my time with it. We earned the prefab and Roland approved of it. Sorry you feel like we have done nothing
  18. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Implemented base too OP

    What im trying to get at is every base that wolfpack has made people complain. Whether its how many walls we built or how we made our prefab. Its the same thing over and over again and frankly feels more OOC driven than anything.
  19. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Implemented base too OP

    was not a requirement at all for the base building. Therefore i approached after.
  20. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Implemented base too OP

    I have contacted the loremasters about the base in which the conversation just stopped. I tried to get a story going for it. Haven't heard back since.
  21. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Implemented base too OP

    We are a group of 33 members and growing and people attack us and kill us daily or rob us. We have gear to regear so that we can defend ourselves. We also willing give out gear if you ask the right higher up and we have done plenty of charity times where we place everything in our store and give it away. I go through the tents personally each week and take what we have abundance of and give it away or let it despawn. As for the base being OP? We have been raided successfully a few times, the unsuccessful times is because we have been awake. On top of that, Everywhere else in the compound is owned by separate groups. We designed the compound to be the home of separate groups and increase roleplay in these areas. We have a shop for trade, a pub that has food stored in it for everyone, we place water outside. However its the people that complain about this base that come in and drive others away but senselessly beating people up for no reason or baiting people into initiating on them. We have had great enjoyable rp moments and have formed yet another hub but hardly anyone comes because of the way other groups act inside it. Our base is not impenetrable. Bring some hacksaws you can get in, if we are awake, well then its a little harder. Thats the point of bases though right? Defend them? It seems to me a never ending conversation of people complaining something is 'too hard' or 'impenetrable' when it truly is not. We also made the base in the way we have because we used to get attacked daily and now that people cant attack us so easily they complain about it. I don't truly understand. Until @Roland says otherwise, the base will stay. If he says it has to go, i will look into doing another idea and make sure that its PVP and Raider friendly so ya'll can stop complaining. Hell I'll even leave my doors wide open so you and relentless attack us and raid us day after day. But its okay, no one will complain about prison island (which is the same as ours, impenetrable unless you hacksaw or AOGM jumping in) or no one will complain about the groups that have 5 gates in a factory to go through which require you to hacksaw or break down a wall.
  22. PhoenyxxRP


    Excited for this!
  23. PhoenyxxRP


    Hello Staff Team. Could Gamemasters or even Admins clarify the following? Let me lay out the situation followed by the questions. So Group A rolls up in a truck, carrying 10 people. They arrive at a camp and begin to look for a way into said camp (this isn't important detail). While in this camp Group B arrives and the two groups work together against the camp due to having issues with the members running the camp. After everything is said and done, Group B walks over to Group A's truck. Knowing fully that it is Group A's truck they don't just jump into the drivers seat attempting to steal it because as the rules follow that means Group A can just kill them for stealing the vehicle (I believe this is true, if not staff correct me however it doesn't have much effect on the next bit). Instead they decide to strip the vehicle apart of tires, doors and start to carry them off. Group A asks several times not to take the tires and parts away and to please stop but they don't. Meanwhile Group B has people start to move around and set up in the treelines as their members actively continue to carry off the parts necessary for Group A to use their vehicle again. Now onto the questions: Would stealing the parts like Group B be the same as if they were attempting to steal the vehicle? Could Group A open fire for this occurring? (This is only if what i said about stealing the vehicle is true). Would this be seen as baiting? As their members actively set up in the treelines and waited for Group A to initiate. Could this also be seen as griefing? Even though Group A isn't at their main base or place of residence, could this be considered griefing as they took the tires and parts but had no purpose for them but to just drop it off in the woods further up and hide the parts so Group A couldn't leave or use their truck any further without searching for said tires. Or would this be considered troll/bad rp? Even if these characters backgrounds are made to fit what is happening they shouldn't be allowed to skirt around the rules because of this. Thanks in advance!
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  25. PhoenyxxRP

    S1 - KOS Wolfpack Base 2/12/2019

    Hello @Peril-chan. That day I was not present but from what I have been told, what @thicdickdaddy27 has stated is true. We were working as allies to raid a place in Cherno and not working against each other. Some members of my group present in our compound, the others present with some jackals and dynamics in Cherno.
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