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  1. PhoenyxxRP


    The attitude and strictness of somethings/people is actually laughable. 

    im sorry but points for saying +1 (Insert a little bit of context but apparently not enough) or "sorry meant to hit -1 on the poll not a +1" is actually ridiculous. 

    and thus the great divide continues.

    iron man eye roll GIF



    1. Eagle


      Just stop carring tbh.

    2. Eagle



    3. Voodoo



    4. Zanaan


      I mean at the end of the day it's not exactly a new thing. While its not always been pointed I think it started about 2 years ago when Roland hit a bunch of people. 

      The staff team just uphold precedent.

      Easiest way to not get points on the forums though is to either not post, or ensure that what you do post is always a fully developed statement bearing know insult to no individual.


      Its honestly why you see me so uninvolved in general banter on the forums and with such a low post and bean count. Just not worth it imo. 

    5. PhoenyxxRP


      So what your saying is to avoid such things is don't get involved in the community? Don't post, don't comment on stuff? 👌🏻 Roger that.

      I get that it may of been a thing for a while but it just appears that some are hungry to give out points? I just don't see why its necessary to do such a thing and the need to write a fully fleshed out statement when agreeing with someone and supporting their suggestions? 

    6. Phoenix


      This hasn't been new. This has been enforced for a long time. You can not just +1 a post, you need to provide something to the ongoing topic.

      We are not saying you cannot get involved in the community. It isn't hard to respond to a thread and provide something to the actual conversation instead of just agreeing. You have beanz available to use if you agree with something, or even a poll (in some cases) anything else needs to be ontopic and provide something to the conversation.

    7. Mademoiselle


      It's not just them wanting to give points. Normally a large source of the staff team check over and have a debate why and why they should not get the points. If they felt unfair that is why there is an appeal section so they can correct the mistake. 

      People make mistakes - it's a natural human thing. But the whole +1 thing has been going on for a long time. So I don't know why you find this all of a sudden surprising.

    8. Mexi


      At the same time it's not a difficult thing to not follow, is it? 

    9. PhoenyxxRP


      Whats surprising is when you get pointed for saying "hey i accidentally hit the wrong answer on the poll, meant to +1 not -1"

      thats what is surprising and again the other incident like stated had support as to why it was +1 but still pointed for being unnecessary. 

      Understand just a post saying +1 dont get me wrong but..

    10. Mexi


      Appeal section is there if you disagree with it.

    11. Mademoiselle


      What Mexi said. I haven't been around much recently but maybe the GM team are piled up right now. You never really know fully what is going on behind the scenes so it may of been a common mistake. 

    12. PhoenyxxRP


      No point in appealing when it gets denied 😂

    13. Mexi


      And you know it'll get denied how?

      Can't complain if you're not gonna take the steps to get it sorted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    14. Mademoiselle


      I mean best piece of advice I can give is instead of complain - suggest. Constructive criticism or suggestions improve how the staff work. Negativity decreases their moral.


      At the end of the day they are volunteers. They're doing their best, that's all we can ask for.

    15. PhoenyxxRP


      @Mexi because one of the cases im referring too was denied? And ive appealed a similar case before in regards to an "unnecessary post" and it was denied. 

      leo dicaprio shrug GIF

      so yeah i tried.

      and @Mademoiselle. Suggestions go in one ear and out the other in regards to changing anything with how staff handle things half the time. Wrote my constructive criticism here on this status. If they choose to take it into account, good for them, if they just wanna shrug it off, then so be it i guess👌🏻

    16. Phoenix


      Its case by case @PhoenyxxRP just because old cases got denied doesn't mean itll always get denied in the future. On another note, I am very sure your post in question was a way shorter answer than "hey i accidentally hit the wrong answer on the poll, meant to +1 not -1" if that's the post you are reffering to.

    17. Voodoo


      Is this regarding the point you received a month ago? If so it seems weird to bring it up 29 days later unless its to just throw shade at the staff team for the banter.

      Every set of points can be appealed its why the appeal section is there. Each case is judged on a case by case basis so just because a similar thing was denied in the past does not mean it will be denied again. If you feel it will be denied then its a good chance its because deep down you know the post was wrong.


    18. Ducky


      So your "constructive criticism" consisted of ridiculing an administrative decision and posting a reaction gif of a celebrity rolling their eyes?


    19. PhoenyxxRP


      Yes the one where i said "meant to actually +1" @Phoenix but still the same concept no matter how many words I put in, i accidentally out -1 on the poll and was correcting my answer in forums to show my support to the thread. 

      @Voodoo only bringing it up because of recent point givings for similar/same thing happening again. Giving examples of the strictness and so easily handing out points. 

      @Ducky yes. Gif to emphasis my point like everyone else does. I mean staff pretty much just post the shrug text emote regularly in response to most people/things lately. Just saying dont get why we gotta point everyone for every little thing where in the situations i mentioned doesnt make sense. 
      again, can agree if it was just +1 but thats not the case. 

      aren't we all here to have fun? My point is, doing small shit like this is both annoying for players and staff (i assume). Just dont understand why handing out points for such small things is even exists. 

      Anyway, so much back and forth and picking shit apart. 
      power rangers idk GIF

      made my point, gave my opinion. Yall did too. 👍🏻 Appreciate it. Moving forward Y'all have a fantastic day.

    20. Phoenix


      You didn't say "hey i accidentally hit the wrong answer on the poll, meant to +1 not -1" neither did you say "meant to actually +1". Maybe be truthful about your actual wording before going at the staff team for doing our voluntary job. It's really not hard to refrain from getting points on our forums. Just play by the rules.

      If with "recent events that received points" you mean the irish topic that has been going around for a few days, again, we did our part and punished what we had to. It isn't our problem if people want to keep pushing limits.

    21. PhoenyxxRP


      @Phoenix alright so i said "meant to +1" those are my exact words if you wanna continue to argue. Again, same concept. Accidentally hit -1, not +1 was correcting my poll answer in the forums. Thats what i posted, got pointed for. Aint lying on this chief. Said in my previous post no i didnt exactly give a bunch of words to correct my mistake, but still the same concept.

      also assuming wrong on the irish stuff 😂 but i aint here to sit an argue. Im referring to another situation, recent one at that. But nice making assumptions i guess?

      Point still stands. Don't understand the petty giving points for small things such as saying I accidentally clicked the wrong poll answer or saying i +1 this with a little bit of wording after and getting points for it not being a fleshed out answer. ive also seen points given for some other things that just don't make sense. 

    22. PhoenyxxRP


      @Voodoo also wasn't gunna say it but might as well, the reason i didnt make the appeal? Was told by a staff member it probably wouldn't go through cause of the bias attitude in staff. Not because i thought "deep down my post was wrong". There was nothing wrong with me correcting my poll answer. 🙃

    23. Mademoiselle


      Just cause one staff may of said it does not mean you couldn't try and attempt to get a appeal to go through...

      This is plain silly. Appeals are for everyone. You never know unless you try - so now it just seems like excuses to just attack the staff team whichever way you can to make sure you seem like you did nothing wrong... 

      It makes no sense. Especially after 29 days... just let it slide...

    24. PhoenyxxRP


      Again, not just referring to an incident 29 days ago. Ya'll can read right? 

      There have been other incidents recently i have seen with similar context getting pointed. So its an ongoing thing that I think doesn't make sense. 

      👌🏻 Stated my opinion. Done with the back and forth. Again ya'll have a fantastic day 😃

    25. Ducky


      > "Constructive Criticism" in status updates.

      > Accepting the points.

      > Appealing the points.

      > Making a community discussion thread on the matter.


      I think it is ridiculous that you bring this up a month after your points were issued and excuse your behavior because a single person told you appeals weren't worth it?

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