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  1. First and foremost as always I appreciate the feedback and will take it into consideration in the future. The point of me //it despawned was not done with ill intent, I was informed that the stash had not been touched in about four days and therefore it had despawned. I was under that sole impression. Even stated here: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/100907-dayzrp-base-building-lifetime/ they have a one day lifespan, therefore it should have been despawned however, i believe the timers are off and have messaged @Roland to confirm the timers. Because it was either that the timers are off, or the stash has been interacted despite what I have been told (but I firmly believe this was not the case). The going ooc was not to void any roleplay at all, I quite was looking forward to the roleplay of attempting to find it and the stash not being there. It was just to alert you that it had despawned. It was poor on my end and I'll refrain from doing so in the future as I understand it can be easily taken as us not wishing to roleplay. So I do apologize on my behalf that it was poor taste for me to // that it had despawned. On top of that it would have saved me the embarrassment of what happened following that. I did apologize to some of your members, as I respect them and consider some of them friends and realized how horrible it had looked. Not sure if they told you or not about my apologies. As for the comments about me staying silent. In your formal initiation with us we were told to 'shut the fuck up and not speak or we would be killed'. Never was it stated by your group that I could talk all I wanted after the radio's had been taken. I had assumed if I spoke without being directly spoken too - I would be killed and I wasn't risking NVFL against that demand. I also wasn't risking it as I know your guys roleplay style and knew that if I disobeyed there would be severe consequences. So my apologies for remaining quiet unless I was spoken too. That's how I portrayed it and will continue to portray when I interpret something as such. Most of the roleplay was focused on Riz, as he was the only one with the information of where the stash was. Therefore of course it was focused on him. I always responded towards anyone interacting with me. I do apologize if you wanted more from me and I guess will make an effort to attempt give more in the future towards you guys. I will state however, I was pretty disappointed that you guys only asked Riz for perms to do anything. I was fully prepared to allow you to inject my character with Nirvana but the opportunity never came because all the roleplay was mainly focused on Riz, which again - its completely fine as it was his spotlight for it was his character that knew the information. Anyway, I do not wish to clutter the forum anymore on the same topic, so if you wish to speak more about it @Apollo I will happily jump in a channel with you and we can talk about anything you wish to speak about in regards to this topic. Again, thankyou for the feedback and everything said will be taken into consideration for future encounters as any and all feedback is. Best regards and stay humble, PhoenyxxRP.
  2. Welcome @Unfriendly_Hero! Roster has been updated Goals updated + Added Section 20, Nameless & Kings Ridge to Relations + Get in Contact With the Translator [Nirvana] [Day 1010]: + Gain Control Over All or Most of The Nirvana in the Region [Day 1050]: + Work to Interrogate Rogue NATO Agents [Section 20] [Day 1010]: + Extended goal on investigating Corporation + Retrying the Trade Routes as didn't meet they day set Goals Completed ✔ Search for Remaining Wolfpack Members [Day 980]: ✔ Investigate the Drug Known As Nirvana [Day 1010]: [Still Ongoing]
  3. I mean there was plenty of opportunity for all to get involved but again it was stated it was too 'lame' or 'boring'. There's been plenty of times and opportunities for anyone to get involved. We don't just walk out and spend 5 minutes on it, to be honest we had a whole thing go down for about an hour and none of you could bother to get involved. Instead the roleplay was rushed to appease those that wanted to go down to the NATO base. I had even mentioned in our discord several times, for people to get involved etc and none of you made the effort too. To each their own I guess. Group looks generic and could use some more history/background. Graphics are decent. Goals are okay and I wish you luck in fulfilling them. Goodluck lads.
  4. So I think you need to read what I've said. I've bold the text for you so that you can get a better understanding. I asked that @Marik or those present to come forward because I had reason to believe that Corporation was with them ICly last night. I never said anything about Corporation finding pleasure in breaking rules nor stated that. Its only fair that if I post feedback on one group, that I post it in the other if they were involved. I also spoke to @GaryCash just prior to posting the feedback and he said he would check but confirmed with me that none of your members were present. Therefore I'm content with just leaving the feedback for the people that were involved. Please refrain from twisting my words, thanks.
  5. Hello. So, I’m going to start off by saying that although I could of reported I have chosen not to. For the very big reason that I already believe what was said and occurred within this video was ooc driven and reporting and getting someone ban is only going to make that worse. So here I am, with some nice feedback. Below is a link to a situation that occurred last night. Labelled Phoenix BTFO. (BTFO is a slang term for the following: https://gyazo.com/d7475ce494dae70a1d89398e7518bad6). I want to point out the disappointments in this video and I ask that you identify those within the video as I have reason to believe that some Corporation might have been present in the discord (but can’t identify so do not wish to make assumptions and post feedback that has nothing to do with them) and present for the situation. Therefore want to make sure I am leaving feedback on both groups and not just one. Here is the video: Present in this discord it is clear that @Marik and @VinegarStrokes - leader and a second in command of the group engaging in the conversation and Vinegar at the end you are heard saying something about being reported but it’s completely worth it that I was killed. So first, VERY disappointed in the CLEAR metagame occurring in your coms throughout the video. It actually worries me that metagame is not addressed within your group and that it’s actively done as this is just 2 and a half minutes. Secondly, someone, whom I believe is not apart of your group or hasn’t been added to your roster, says “I want to put her down right now” “Dude I just want to walk up and blast her in the back of the head, I just want to kill her”. Thirdly, the end when Vinegar says “Youre going to get reported, but its worth it as fuck”. Clearly not again not caring for the rules or the consequences of them. Fourthly, obviously this video was made intentionally to mock my death and shared with others as I have received it. Yes my death was embarrassing but, gg you shot someone in the back. PVP montages are cool, but this is not a PVP montage. This is blatantly posted on youtube with the motivation heard in the video that you wanted to kill me and wanted me dead. This voiced OOCly not ICly at all. I’d like to just state that you probably shouldn’t delete the video, and if you do in order to remove any evidence of what happened - it has already been saved so I’m saving you some times. What occurred in this video is very unprofessional and clearly some of you do not have the proper mentality of the server, saying you would rather break rules just to kill me? When to my knowledge, I haven’t done anything to you guys OOCly besides some reports and ICly is IC. So my advice? Have some respect for the rules and the community because this is very apparent that some of you don’t. Get a better understanding of the rules because there was a lot of talk of rulebreaks and rules were definitely broken in this video.
  6. Already done lads. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do next
  7. Server and location: Livonia (S2) - Soup Kitchen Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approx. 01:20am Your in game name: Phoenyxx Caine Names of allies involved: Wolfpack/Soup Kitchen Name of suspect/s: Not sure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://clips.twitch.tv/CarelessModernVanillaCeilingCat Detailed description of the events: So logged in today, died to lag while logging in and infected. Finally after the hour was up for NLR i make my way to soup. I'm sitting in soup, on a hesco barrier, just minding my own business and people watching and proceed to get shot. Not much else to say other than whoever did it didn't have any means to roleplay with me at all and only intention to ruin roleplay for myself.
  8. Thanks to all the wolfpack and @God & @FireDude for accompanying us on our very pointless journey. Excited for the roleplay we have coming up for the group @RiZ, also thanks to @Stagsview, @Brayces and @Franny for being some pretty cool loremasters and making a pretty interesting storyline to follow. @Masonn it was good to have some roleplay that didn't involve our characters at one another throats. It was some pretty meaningful roleplay as well. @Elmo & @Kordruga best roleplay to end the night. It was extremely hard to keep a straight face but happy I finally got to speak with your group! Excited for where that will lead. Overall, if i forgot anyone - sorry! so many people we encounter on the daily Keep up the good roleplay gamers.
  9. Roster updated Welcome back @Mrdarkfox18 Welcome @Unfriendly_Hero! Also saying goodbye to @Dongle & @JamesRP Goodluck with everything guys, glad to have had you for a while!
  10. What does it matter if he's a lore character or not? Nirvana is the perfect excuse to why the stashes should be increased to maybe a min. of 48hrs. You can't store guns so everyone crying about guns being hoarded, that can't happen. Those saying put it in your base, but when your base gets meta'd every time you move and raided almost 24/7 storing such things like the lore items is not an option (we are trying to progress a storyline). Storing lockers and stuff in the forest maybe, but those are easily seen. Stashes are meant to make it hard and store things like drugs/etc. Not all of us can play this game like its our second life, and come online to move a stash every 24hrs. We are just looking for a small increase and it'd only make sense to increase it a little. Not saying get rid of the timer completely but at least add another day ontop of it.
  11. Hello. Curious if this is still a thing, if so can you kindly update your roster as some of your members have left for other groups (including mine that's why I am posting here) and can't be on two rosters at the same time, thanks!
  12. *She'd chuckle and press down on her PTT* "I wear an Armband as well. Its a nice dark green, with a black wolf logo on it. Let the games begin I guess? And may the odds be ever in your favour"
  13. + Investigate Nirvana [Day 1100]: Goals Updated (Added)
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