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  1. PhoenyxxRP


    if I hear Mo Powa Baby one more time, i might explode

    Stressed Elaine Benes GIF by HULU

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      imma kos you all

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  2. Kordruga

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    How long have you had that signature for...?

    1. PhoenyxxRP


      For a few weeks, took you this long to notice..?

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  3. PhoenyxxRP

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Hello @allanman123, Just a quick reminder, group threads are meant to provide constructive feedback not whatever this is. Anyway, I’d like to address your issue. You state that it is a fact that this group is an excuse to rob & kill people? I think you are mistaken or misinformed. We are a bandit group, of course we are going to rob people from time to time but it’s not like we rob everyone we see. I spent two hours walking around the map with someone and didn’t once take his gun nor think about it. We have sat at our checkpoint with multiple people with some good looking guns walk through, but we don’t touch them. Why? Cause they abide by our rules. They don’t mock us, they don’t resist us. If you resist us, of course there are going to be... wait for it.. consequences. On that note, I personally haven't witnessed any of the group members rob anyone in a long time unless it was warranted - meaning they didn't have a gun licenses and were carrying guns. Killing people? Hardly. Anytime we have fired a bullet it’s because people have either fired at us first or have chosen not to comply. This group is not an excuse to kill people, that isn’t a goal of ours. What good are people dead? So let's go back to you ‘stating facts’. This is simply your opinion, not a fact. Where's your proof beyond a reasonable doubt that this group is an excuse just to do that? Anyway when you can provide some actual feedback then post here again and we will kindly take it into consideration. You have a nice day kind sir.
  4. PhoenyxxRP

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    @Saunders I can tell you whats up with @hAwkzyyRP - hes just been working and dealing with some personal stuff but will be back to being active shortly.
  5. PhoenyxxRP

    Vote Now! - DayZRP Loading Screen Contest

    true, but at least give some people hope that they can interact in one area without being gunned down right?
  6. PhoenyxxRP

    Vote Now! - DayZRP Loading Screen Contest

    I like them all but hands down think @Camo's should. Just gives that DayzRP feel. good work everyone.
  7. PhoenyxxRP



  8. PhoenyxxRP

    Do you use Radios?

    The in-game radio system is so buggy now that there truly is not point to using it. Everyone typically uses third-party communication now as stated in the statements above. It used to be fun flipping through radio channels and hearing others and listening in on conversations.
  9. PhoenyxxRP

    DayZ Crashing

    @Ron does it happen before you can load in and run around? cause if it happens before you load in, the only way Ive heard of fixing it is getting someone to come kill you while youre spawning in ( someone in my group a bit back kept having the same error and couldnt load in because of it, was able too after ). We figured this was happening to him cause where he was meant to spawn in someone had placed a tent. if you can spawn in and then it happens while youre running around, maybe ask for a teleport? Ive found these crashes happen in some areas cause of certain objects being placed. Id run through a town, see some building and suddenly crash with the same error code.
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      are you alright

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    grumpy GIF

    1. FalkRP


      alright mate

    2. Aron73


      Great 24h stream for the kids. Get some rest now, you have earned it

  12. PhoenyxxRP


    Going live with @RiZ in a few for 24HRs in support of St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Come hang out 🙂



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  14. PhoenyxxRP

    The Coalition

    Goodluck! Interesting Idea
  15. PhoenyxxRP

    Where are the groups at ?

    My two sense on this matter - because again experience with what some of you guys are feeling. I get it, being attacked every day sucks, being put into situations you don't want to be in sucks - but its roleplay. You can't win every situation and your actions determine the outcome of what situations you will be put in. 15 days in a row, my group was attacked, tortured, beaten, raided, forced to move, forced to stay on the run. Man it sucked. The thought crossed my mind to move servers as well, as a bunch of others were.. however I decided against it. Why? Because I knew what caused the hostilities, I knew that my actions caused it and that my willingness to stand up against greater forces caused it. I also knew that there were ways out of it, that maybe if i stopped being stubborn and stopped thinking all hostile rpers were the same, i'd have some fun. I stuck it out, and still here now. I've gone and played on other servers, yup but do you know what they lack? Consequences. I could run around all day chatting shit to someone and they won't do anything towards me. Also if you think people hiding away is bad here... man don't even think about trying out some of the other servers. People still hide behind big walls and still fear harsh PK rules and still avoid even the smallest of hostilities. You can also walk around for hours and not once engage in any form of interesting roleplay unless you recognize the voice of another. It actually sucked walking around and not having to fear for my safety, even in 'hostile zones' there wasn't anything to worry about truly and that seemed to take away from character development. If you can't handle hostilities and you can't adjust to what's thrown at you (not specifically talking about you Pepper, just saying in general) then re-evaluate how you role play. I've role played for years and the one thing I've learned: don't get set on the idea that you'll always be the hero or safe, you have to move with the flow. If that means getting thrown to the bottom of the food chain so be it. If it means getting pushed around just for a little while, so be it. Adjust and move forward, make story lines out of it, make friends out of it.
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