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  1. PhoenyxxRP



  2. PhoenyxxRP

    Refusing to RP with characters

    All of this. +1 Go with the roleplay.
  3. PhoenyxxRP

    Round 2 Merge?

    No. Don't merge them. You merge them you are forcing a) people to buy the dlc or b) people to leave to other servers to go play on livonia (its a nice map and its something new). They need to be two servers, two entirely different storylines (background lore the same) but make it so you can't just fasttravel to Livonia at all with your Chernarus character. Let people choose to bring their developed Chernarus characters over to Livonia to stay.
  4. PhoenyxxRP

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    ^ this. i will only +1 lore wipe if Livonia and Chernarus are kept separated. im all for lore wipe, didnt want it before... begging for it to happen now. Just want two separate stories so things can be different and give players a chance at not getting stuck in the same motion constantly.
  5. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Idea Thoughts

    Hello, Going to keep this diplomatic and whether you take it as such, that's in your hands. By 'friends' is it safe to assume those that were in the Russo Syndicate correct? And the clique of people who share the 'Im' tag at the front of their name. I'm going to go with yes that it is safe to assume this. You guys are a close friend group, and like many in the server, tend to stick together with some outsiders occasionally joining. The idea of a large area for roleplay to occur is fantastic, its been something we have always tried to accomplish in Wolfpack. However it is very hard and its hard to keep a neutral standpoint on most issues. It's also hard to give everyone a fair chance. It takes a good mindset and a good group mindset to establish something that would be open to anyone and give anyone the chance. Trust me, I've been there. I struggled, seen other groups struggle. This is my biggest concern. If you focus your group around such are you able to conduct this diplomatic attitude consistently? Can all of your group members do such? Like @Marik stated, its very hard to trust that this can happen because even after the Russo's were unfortunately force archived, the actions and attitudes of the same members still have been occurring as seen a few times in reports and just general conversation. For example, and please do not take this as a personal attack - i want to back up with some evidence. One of your members, who even when in wolfpack, glorified the idea of pvp and enjoyed pvp thoroughly. I get that. PVP is fun, its even better when you are good at it. However with what you are explaining, does this really suit the attitude you are looking for?: https://gyazo.com/c902dde7f2866e3e7b013ecc89a79c4a This is what concerns me and probably a lot of other people. Are you able to step back from the pvp adrenaline running through your veins and be able to conduct a group as you are explaining? Are your members able to do so? Will it just turn into something that i've also seen not only from your group but others where small things turn into big issues. Example, someone is baited into mouthing of to one of your group members, and as a result you suddenly place a fee on them (now another concern is would these fees be reasonable or would you request 5,000 rounds of 5.56 from one individual?). The idea @ImMason is great in theory. Completely great. Its again something I strived and will continue to strive for in future projects. Its more so can you uphold the lawful neutral mentality you are seeking. Can you have your group member uphold the same when it comes down to it. I think that's the biggest concern. Hate to see you put in effort for something and it be botched or you find yourself getting that strike and greyed out name.
  6. PhoenyxxRP



  7. PhoenyxxRP

    Aggressive staff

    Ya'll keep saying leave staff feedback but the professionalism from staff can be an absolute joke. leaving feedback turns into a) a pissing war between friends of the staff member covering up your concerns by attempting to mask it with positive comments about the staff member b) the staff member taking it as a joke or shrugging it off openingly and being completely unprofessional c) the staff member seeing they can do no wrong and youre the dirty community member who breaks rules so why should they listen to you? d) ten page essay on how they werent in the wrong e) the common "take into consideration" and laughed at behind the screen as they wont actually do jack shit f) an argument between feedback giver and staff feedback is a tactic used by a lot of companies to simply give people the illusion that their concerns are being heard and a potential might will occur. I've seen plenty of feedback and staff members not change. Its just running around in circles between the a-f list above. Also as a response to "dont break rules it wont be a problem". Its crazy there are rules that get people pointed for harmless emojis and moving pictures. The amount of people struck down with such things is a high number. I still think its the most pathetic move from staff when such things happen (within reason of course im talking like the harmless thinking emoji as a comment to a video, heart eyes in response to someones wonderful whose roleplay did you enjoy today, a gif of a wolf howling on the wolfpacks media and group thread) it appears that staff feel the superiority need to strike down the oh so dirty rulebreakers of the community.. you get that dirty emoji poster joe. and to justify the "just appeal" comments. Such things were appealed or similar things and denied.
  8. thicdickdaddy27

    • thicdickdaddy27
    • PhoenyxxRP


    Damn you really hit em with it huh?

    1. PhoenyxxRP


      I mean 🤷🏼‍♀️ When they gotta stick their noses into everyones shit and pick apart things or do what they do they must think they are right?

      Spelling however is inexcusable as I just missed a few letters apparently. 

      meh over it GIF by Denyse

  9. PhoenyxxRP

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    Inactive because I don't feel like playing. Still a community member. I ain't blasting the server, stating facts about the current state of it. Why do you choose to pick apart everything I say? You really think you a relevant don't you and just constantly fishing for that bait. Grow up. I left constructive feedback and have every right to do so but you and you little posse always have to chime in on things that don't involve you. We left feedback for 5.0.3 not for you.
  10. PhoenyxxRP

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    Point of a group thread is for feedback, public feedback. Both incidents mentioned were also publicly displayed by your group. Its not a flame war. Its pointing out the problems in the group where your OOC goals state: Gain a good reputation on the forums and in-game
  11. PhoenyxxRP

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    Don't forget the fact that their second-in-command posted this. https://gyazo.com/2d9f3c8c4198eb6d5c3f25264a13d958 with a poor excuse following up.
  12. PhoenyxxRP



    Disclaimer: This Emoji is not Harassment Im Sorry if It Comes Across as So.

  13. PhoenyxxRP


    Say my days are numbered but i keep wakin' up

  14. PhoenyxxRP


    laugh laughing GIF

    ya'll really kill me


    sad gordon ramsay GIF by Hell's Kitchen

    1. Mademoiselle


      Wut... Wut happened?

    2. Gregor


      Did you PK?

    3. PhoenyxxRP


      @Gregor I ain't even playing. Can't be bothered.

      @Mademoiselle same old shit different day ya know?

    4. Mademoiselle


      I hear I hear.

    5. Eagle


      You throwing a nuke?

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