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  1. I have another question for @staff specifically @Hofer cause it appears that you were the one to tell everyone to be nice. Maybe its not protocol or maybe I'm missing something but when that shit was posted, why did those who posted and tagged remain in the discord several hours after? Normally isnt it a straight boot, as its been for almost anything offensive in the community? @groovy mexi its not a "witch hunt" for more points. Its people raising concern and saying how what happened was NOT okay and deserves more that a kick from discord several hours later and 20 points or whatever was given. What was posted and how it was directed towards a member and others reacting to it for pure enjoyment should be handled the same way when someone is harassing and bullying a community member which in my experience the severity is removal. The handling from staff about this incident is worrying.
  2. Exactly. I'm sorry but a community member was TAGGED so that he would see those posts which means it was directed right towards him. Thats rulebreaks of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4. On top of that a slap on the wrist for something like that? Come on i've seen people perm'd for less. It wouldn't be as big of a deal (i mean still pretty disgusting to even post such a thing) if someone didn't tag a community member and direct it DIRECTLY to him. How is that supposed to make someone feel? That someone can just tag a community member with some pretty racist shit and then them get away with nothing but a slap on the wrist? I'll use the argument that I've seen plenty of times on topics in this community regarding gender, sexuality, religion. Dayz is a safe space for some people to come and get away from the real world. There's a fine line between joking around and targeting a member of the community. For staff to be able to do the whole 'case by case' on this issue, is kinda ridiculous. There should be punishment straight across the board for people who are blatantly racist which should be removal from the community. If people are threatened to be removed from the community for posting gifs or having an attitude with staff... racism (FROM OOC PERSPECTIVE) should not be allowed at all. If staff are more keen on removing people for pettiness/drama/sass than racism... something is terribly wrong with the morals of the community. And don't think just because RP is at the end of my name that's the reason I'm even responding to this thread, no. Its because there's no room for racism anywhere and it baffles me that grown adults still find enjoyment in being racist towards an individual and for other adults, with authority to prevent such a thing, wouldn't tell someone to take that shit somewhere else and remove them from the community.
  3. I'm looking forward to the lorewipe. Just hoping that it isn't a repeat of the currently lore, in the sense that people will play the same characters they have for over a year now just adjusting to the current storyline. That's my only worry. Thanks Lore Masters, Devs and anyone else behind the scenes working on this.
  4. Sorry RP Bois, Time for a take over. Team Name: The RP Girls Player 1: @PhoenyxxRP Player 2: @SquirtleKittyRP Backup gamer (If 1 of the above doesn't make it): N/A To the other teams May the odds be ever in your favour.
  5. Can ya'll stop removing my status' without giving me a reason

    annoyed grumpy cat GIF

    1. PhoenyxxRP


      Since ya'll peep my profile everytime I post now.

    2. Peril


      You'll be receiving a reason shortly, keep an eye out. 🙂

    3. PhoenyxxRP



    4. Woodzie



  6. 🤡

    1. Duke


      why GIF

    2. PhoenyxxRP


      My status, i can do what I want 😮
      I like clowns, is that a problem?

    3. PhoenyxxRP


      @BabaRP can attest, clowns are cool

    4. TurkRP


      Clowns are the best i swear

  7. 👀 o7

    1. Trijim


      Simon Cowell Reaction GIF by Got Talent Global

    2. Poster


      Cheers Excitement GIF by HBO

      came here for the status, stayed for the song hyping me up immediately 

    3. Mercer


      So what happened this time? 👀

    4. Woodzie


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  8. Just wanted to say hi, and that I am sad to see you're away. 🙄

    1. PhoenyxxRP


      hey @Camo hope all is well!

  9. tenor.gif?itemid=5788983

    1. Woodzie


      Jake Gyllenhaal No GIF

    2. Banshee



    3. Hofer


      > advertises stream for competing community in status update

      > status update is hidden by staff

      > posts new status update with the same content

      > gets warning points

      Surprised Meme GIF

      > calls staff bias


      Be glad you didn't get permed.

    4. FalkRP



      Be glad you didn't get permed.


    5. PhoenyxxRP


      @Hofer right and here you have the staff team still remaining to assume the bias is about the stream thing. No. What was the first half of my status? Honestly, it didnt even occur to me that it was a rulebreak to  promote my stream when I was doing something i was excited for. Plenty of people share their twitches for other things. 

      my first status was hidden WITH NO REASON GIVEN. So i could have only assumed it was due to the first half of my status or my comments. So posted a new status with a smile face and a link to my stream. 

      The bias? Is the fact that I defended myself against the flame another community member gave, which mind you was reported, and thus this community member also gave into more in a conversation only for this community member to screenshot one part of a conversation and I get AB? Right.

      Get off your high horse @Hofer its not looking good on you. This place has become a disaster and yet all staff team is worried about is targeting specific people and driving other members away. It really sucks to see but won't ever change unless you guys do. 

    6. Hofer


      If you feel like the warning points you were given were wrong, and there's more context to it as you claim you should report that and appeal your points rather than complain in a status update.

      If you decide to not challenge the warning points, you shouldn't complain.

  10. 😉

    1. Mercer


      The original song is better, and also by a Danish artist 🇩🇰

    2. Duke



    3. PhoenyxxRP


      Get out of here @Duke 
      not welcome 😉


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    5. PhoenyxxRP


      Calm down mr @Woodzie tis a joke, don't get too excited.

  11. It’s been a blast, but this is where my storyline with Wolfpack ends. Whatever you guys decide, i’ll still be proud. Goodluck Riz, finally the one true alpha! One final Awoo right? Love ya to death guys. Just its time for a bit of a rest. (Rover is working on switching it all over)
  12. ""We are in need of nails and any supplies that could be handed out to other survivors"

  13. on a side note:


  14. * Phoenyxx would look down at the campfire in the middle of camp, her sitting on the medical centres roof* “Hello, with the recent announcemt from John Smith and his Bandit Hunters, we also wish to make our announcement about our camp. Survivors need places to go and we will provide that. Wolfpack wishes to welcome everyone our place. We are still getting settled but we will provide food, water, temporary shelter for all survivors within region. We also are looking for traders to pop in every once and a while to get trade going again. We also have doctors who will frequent the camp as well. We have a few rules that we would like to discuss: We ask that everyone keep their weapons on their back Please be respectful of other conversations, keep your voices low. If you need anything, alert a Wolfpack Member immediately No fighting within camp of any sort, or you will be asked to leave No one is allowed to claim residency within the camp, you may set up a shop for a day but you cannot live within the camp. All areas of the camp that aren’t sectioned off are welcome for everyone to be We ask that you leave your problems outside the camp and keep it that way If you are found being disrespectful or an annoyance, you will be asked to leave the camp temporarily We are located just south of Kolembrody.”
  15. Goals updated + Trade route goal extended Goals Completed ✔ Find a Main Operations Place [Day 1000] ✔ Create a Community Outpost [Day 1000]: Reminder that we are Open for Recruitment. DM me if interested! Also our frequency is attached in the bottom of our group post, anyone is welcome to join to have access to our radio frequencies.
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