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  1. PhoenyxxRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks to @Kordruga and crew for the amazing roleplay as per usual today.
  2. PhoenyxxRP


    What an interesting turn of events



    1. Kattsura


      oy vey facepalm GIF

    2. RiZStream


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      About time tbh.

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  3. PhoenyxxRP

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Just here to give that feedback on your guys rp lately. Its been incredible and I enjoy building storylines with you guys. Thanks for being patient with myself and others while we deal with internal stuff but always able to jump right in and create some great roleplay. keep it up guys!
  4. PhoenyxxRP

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Wanted to shout out @G_Date for some awesome radio roleplay the other day when he came into our comms. Nothing but good roleplay and tension and building storyline for our groups. Look forward to future interactions as always from you guys. So hopefully we will see each other soon.
  5. PhoenyxxRP

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Agreed, a timer would be cool like a 60 second count down before you actually move locations. However definitely will be helpful for those who can't spend hours walking from one place to the other. Also be interesting to see what sort of 'payment' is needed to make these fast travels.
  6. PhoenyxxRP


    I need 6 beanz pls. 


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  7. PhoenyxxRP

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    I can completely agree with the above, I'm more concerned about people just up and disappearing when you do have rights against them and avoiding the conflict. Everything else makes perfect sense and I do believe the mod would be extremely helpful instead of spending hours running around the map. Only way I could see fast travel actually working without it being abused is if there was a way for staff to have logs of when someone uses the fast travel, thus preventing people from using it in an abusive manner (ie. when someone has rights against you). I'd treat it as combat logging in a sense, where you would have to wait 30 minutes of no contact with hostiles before using it. Just like how staff stated you couldn't switch servers within that 30 minute timer. Personally didn't think of how it could open up a lot more interaction for people as it'd be easier to get to hotspots, etc. Just seen fast travel and thought of all the ways people were going to be able to avoid conflict/hostile roleplay.
  8. PhoenyxxRP

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    She watched the man lower the gun but she could tell by his stance that he was still on edge. Her eyes would remain locked on him, watching for any slight movement. She was playing a dangerous game here if he was going to attempt to kill her. At the mention that he heard her name, her body tensed. Great... Was this one of the many who wanted her dead? Or one of the few that still believed in her? "Nice to meet you Radek" She'd note him looking around. Probably looking for the others that normally travel with her. Good, maybe she can make him think she truly isn't alone in case he tries something. However he didn't seem like he was going to, not at the current moment anyway. "Wait, you seen the names as well?" She'd ask curiously and she'd shift a little on her feet, almost in a nervous manner. "Russians? So its true that they have moved into the area..." She'd state more to herself than anything. "I did see the names... makes me worried they know more than we think." She'd look over her shoulder for a moment before turning to look at the man in front of her. "I'm returning back to South Zagoria, took a trip to Miroslavl in search of some old friends. Just returning back to my family, my pack." She'd pause for a moment, she needed to choose her words wisely. "Didn't mean to cause any harm in coming over to here." She'd pull out a granola bar from her bag. "Hungry at all?" She'd offer, holding the bar out to the man, trying to ease some tension. "What do you think of these names Radek? The fact that whoever was in that camp knew so much about us yet we know so little.." Maybe if she asked the right questions, she might get more answers.
  9. PhoenyxxRP

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Yes to all but fast travel. Could see far to many problems with this one, in regards to avoiding conflict etc. However iffy on the whole Gore one, due to me hearing that it causes some server performance issues. Other than that, i think this is what the server needs to help spice things up a little and make people gain interest again.
  10. PhoenyxxRP



    1. Rover


      This seems to fit your motif!

    2. JackZRP
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  11. PhoenyxxRP

    Group Hug

  12. PhoenyxxRP

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Did she hear someone else or..? As she moved out of the area, her eyes quickly spotted a Stag. "Thank fuck" she'd mutter under her breath. Taking a few more steps forward, she noticed a metallic object in front of her. She'd raise a brow and pick it up, inspecting it before she heard more rustling. That couldn't be the Stag.. Shoving the object into her bag quickly she moved behind a tree, her hand resting against the rifle on her back. That accent. Fuck. CDF? Nationalists? Her hand would tighten around her rifle however she'd remain behind the tree. "Dobrý den!" She'd call out and she'd peek around the tree and notice the barrel of the gun pointed right at her. "Woah!" She'd quickly take cover back behind the tree. Should she pull her rifle? Should she fight? No... she could get out of this. "No need to raise your weapon comrade, I mean no harm" She'd say as she'd step away from the tree, just raising one hand in a polite greeting manner. She'd eye the man up and down, noting his stance and his weapons. She had never met this man before either.. at least she didn't think she has. "Names Phoenyxx. Like I said, I mean no harm. Was just passing through the area, heard some commotion early and curiosity got the better of me"
  13. PhoenyxxRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks for the great roleplay to those that showed up at eden Huge shout out to @RiZStream & @hAwkzyyRP for some intense dramatic internal rp.
  14. PhoenyxxRP

    DayZ RP Content Creators

    Hey guys! With Hunter taking a step back from the community while going to Basic, i've taken over the thread. I've spiced it up a little, added a new application and added some of the current streamers i've seen streaming in the last week. Anyone who sent in an application before September 10th, you will need to message me or resubmit an application. (doing this as previous applications seem to be inactive in streaming/on server). Look forward to seeing all you content creators!
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