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  1. I look forward to it! Just trying to find the right moment with the new changes in roleplay dynamics of the server! I have met a few of you guys and enjoyed the interactions. I got some plans we can hopefully brew up and get some good storylines going!
  2. Hello, thankyou for your feedback. It'll be taken into consideration. Just to point a few things out - i had more than 1-2 boys outside on my side who all watched me get taken down the street. You lot initiated on me in the middle of a crowd plus with two crowds just down the road. My boys watched you take me. Upon taking me I was called a whore several times and taken into a room where all anyone did outside this cell was scream at each other or talk over each other. Upon hearing the gunfire outside and seeing you run in hurt, i took page out of your guys book as from the last time you held me up outside of Berezino one of your men handed off another one of your men an mp7 and said "just comply and when they least expect it whip it out" so i was just using a page from ya'll book since you failed to search me and since at the time i felt it made sense roleplay wise and character wise to do so. Im sorry that you felt roleplay was cut short but infact I dont feel any roleplay was occurring besides calling me a whore and listening to people scream over each other which is and isnt your guys fault as its hard to control talking in such a big rp hub. With several people rebelling outside, I took my chance and again took a page for your book and complied only to whip out that mp7 at the right moment but sprayed a little too much and ran out of bullets upon opening the door to one of your men. GG, and thanks for the feedback
  3. *a distorted voice to hide ones identity comes over the radio* "The revolution is here and the rebellion is growing. To the man thanking the efforts of those who fought.. we have business. Perhaps somehow we can meet or reach out more privately. To those that wish to fight, seek us out. To those that wish for freedom and safety, we have that. We encourage you to seek us out. Those with good intentions will find us."
  4. You can apply through dms/discord
  5. Thanks to all those we encountered today, enjoyed the evening shout out to @YAKMOUTH & @LukeRP for the late night shenanigans and solid internal rp.
  6. Goals Updated, Lore Updated, Roster Updated, Graphics Updated. Welcome to @AlkisLR, @ImKrullix, @KadenDaSniper, @Elsyn & @Sm1ley Huge Special Thanks to @AlkisLR for the lovely new graphics!
  7. I agree with those in the thread saying force archiving should only be done in extreme cases. I also think admins should take the time to communicate to groups when things are going wrong, or maybe even have a conversation to understand the motives of the group. Communication about issues from staff to groups or even community members is something that doesn't happen if at all. If staff communicated concerns instead of writing just private notes on a group thread and not saying a word to the group, the group has the ability to see what they are doing wrong and fix issues before a force archival comes. There's also a lot of instances where groups may seem PVP orientated due to them having to be the ones to initiate in situations, when really initiating doesn't mean that the group wants to pick a fight or are in it for pvp. Sometimes you get no where with back and forth banter roleplay and need that firm, put your hands up in order to get points across or further roleplay. Its not the groups fault when people choose to non-comply. Staff don't watch groups 24/7 and don't always know the dynamics of the groups and the storyline occurring in game and aren't always around to watch the other side bait an initiation.
  8. Welcome @Squillium Congrats to @ImFrosty on the promotion Roster Updated with Characters - Will update goals to reflect what's happening ICly tomorrow.
  9. *a distorted voice would come across the open frequency* "To the people of South Zagoria. I encourage you to rebel against this new enforcement zone. It is nothing more but a cage they wish to lock us in. Stay hidden, stay vigilant. Dont travel on the roads, stick to the trees. Stay in large groups. We will supply you with the items you need to fight against this detainment.. for now.. Stay hidden and stay safe. You arent alone."
  10. Met you guys for the first time today, and it was some pretty good down to earth rp. Something I've missed and have been lacking these past few weeks. Look forward to the connection we are establishing!
  11. Enjoyed the roleplay with @YAKMOUTH & @ImFrosty today. Also enjoyed meeting Alastair for the first time (@apaliics not sure if it was you i had that nice walk with but it was some good roleplay from your crew today)
  12. I say remove the bus, allow Hofer and co to spawn in their bus for events and just force people to sit down. Problem solved, we save the UAZ's. No more crashing every 10 seconds during firefights where a bus is near.
  13. Hello. It has come up as a question amongst multiple people in the community about some things occurring in game. Let me break down a scenario for you: Lets say Billy is running around and looking for some medical supplies when he is approached by a group of men, heavily out-gunning/out numbering him. Billy knows he is going to have to value his life in this moment because he can't fight back alone. These men ask him if he would could be searched, thinking this is a good idea he accepts and allows them to search him. During this search he is reminded plenty of times that he WILLINGLY allowed for this search, which is a hint that he was truly not held hostage, however during said search he is stripped of his weapons, anything these men want and basically just got robbed of most of his goods. However, again he is reminded countless of times that he volunteered for the search. My question is: Is this seen as strong-arming and skirting around the initiation rule. Obviously Billy at the current moment isn't able to defend himself alone so he really has no choice but to fight back. He agrees to be searched but does not agree for most of his things to be yoinked off him. Its obvious that these armed men are making sure that Billy knows OOCly that this was not a true hostage situation, therefore no rights gained, but another question is - would rights be gained the moment that these people start to take what isn't theirs (as this can be seen as a hostile action towards another individual)? Would the strong-arming and using specific phrases like "Are you willing to be searched" and while being searched repeatedly told "Remember you WILLINGLY allowed us to search you" not be considered ruleplay? As they are making sure the initiation rule doesn't come into effect while still blatantly robbing said person? Agreeing to a search doesn't mean you are agreeing to your possessions stripped away from you. I've seen this happen multiple times and want clarification from a staff point of view on a) is this skirting around the rules and using strong arming as a way to get people to willing be searched only to be robbed? *Ruleplay b) does the person who agreed to the search gain rights when their things begin to get taken?
  14. It was my understanding that there was supposed to be a lore event that fully shut down all power and that was when the lights were to go out and it was to happen within the first week of expansion being added. Not sure what happened but it's strange to not have power in some places but the lights still on. I think it should just be turned off now, as much as I enjoy them.
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