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"Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe"

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  1. Phoenyxx glances at the radio and a smirk crosses her face. She stared at the radio listening to the proposal Mallory has made. "Hey, its Phoenyxx. Count me in! Girls night is a fantastic idea" You would hear a soft delighted chuckle before the radio goes silent,
  • Phoenyxx

    A Missing Friend (OPEN FREQ)

    Phoenyxx glares at her radio as she listens to the transmissions. She shakes her head but slowly unclenches her fist when a song is heard. She sighs in the slightest relief and then presses the ptt on her radio. "Lawrence. Kane will likely be fine. Its nice to hear youre still alive. Ill be back soon. Also who said you are Alpha?" She would chuckle lightly before continuing "I hope all of you are safe".
  • Phoenyxx

    Dear Ryker [Open Frequency]

    *she would press the PTT and speak quietly* You'll meet all three of us. And why don't you ask Ryker. He's only sent us several frequencies threatening us and sent others to threaten us. Also fact check real quick.. we aren't posing as anyone but ourselves. *She chuckles lightly and releases the ptt*
  • Phoenyxx

    Dear Ryker [Open Frequency]

    *There would be a click on the radio but silence before a females voice could be heard* Ryker, Mac Tyre Leader. Ive heard you wished to speak with me? Or us rather. You know for someone trying to play a big bad wolf you sure send a lot of people to do your bidding. Let me introduce myself. *the radio goes silent and you can hear the sharpening of a knife* My name is Phoenyxx but you already know that. I will cut straight to the case. You have threatened us several times in the last few days. I really don't appreciate it as it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, especially when you claim to stand for what we stand for. So heres the simple answers: No. We wont merge with your group just because you think its for the better and you can keep us safe. No. We wont change our names. For someone who claims to be out there helping others you sure are aggressive over a group name. The Wolf Pack is easily distinguishable from Mac Tyre. Not everyone is Irish and knows the meaning. Armbands are negotiable because they are simply a piece of clothing however Ryker... I find it hilarious that you claim to rep yellow but we have come across many and no one ever has called us Mac Tyre. No one has ever thought anything of us than a new group. *theres a soft female chuckle and some shifting around* You are bold to claim Chernarus as Mac Tyres "country" im sure the others that are listening to this frequency will be happy to hear that. You seem to have a lot of enemies Ryker, word of mouth travels fast. Is that why you feel the need to threaten us? To threaten to send us to our graves if we don't merge into your group? *theres a soft howl heard in the background as the radio falls silent* Ill return to the Vybor area in 7 days time. We can have a friendly chat there, no guns, no hostility. I'd like to meet you face to face. Im willing to make peace with your group if you are willing to but any signs of that not happening, beware we don't roam these roads alone and we don't tolerate assholes. *theres a clear radio click, allowing the frequency to be open once more*
  • Phoenyxx

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I had a great time tonight. From the pointless travels, the hiding from wolves in a barn, to meeting all the new faces to being held hostage and it not ending terribly. It was an amazing night and the roleplay was outstanding! I would tag everyone, but again im not familiar with everyone, so yall know who you are. Im looking forward to seeing how Phoenyxx's story develops from here, she now knows that she will protect those she cares about at all costs (that means you wolfpups). It'll be interesting how she handles the next interactions with those that were hostile towards us tonight as there were quite a few. "Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe"
  • Phoenyxx

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Omg i told you im a noob, i knew exactly who you were and omg
  • Phoenyxx

    DayZ RP Streamers

    Twitch Channel: Twitch - PhoenyxxRising Timezone: Eastern Standard What type of roleplay do you focus on?: All Roleplay How often do you stream: Almost Daily Logo or picture you would like to be on your banner: Logo
  • Phoenyxx

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Quick shout out to those that I roleplayed with today, Im sorry I don't know all your @'s here on the forums! (still a noob). Also sorry for those names I've spelt wrong. Jackson @cjackson821 "Giggles" @MrMothmanz Ashton Lawrence Kane @LagIsMyExcuse Katie Rye Chance Erick Ya'll made today one of the best roleplay experiences I've had to date! You guys keep doing you and hopefully we can all see each other in game again. I think you pups better work on your howls
  • Phoenyxx

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Interacted with several different people today (so many that I can't remember everyones name). It was fun and probably the best time I've had thus far here on the server. Hopefully I'll come across some of you again in my travels!
  • Phoenyxx

    Hey There!

    Hello! Names Phoenyxx (Phoenix), you can call me P or Nyx if it makes it easier. I am 26 years old, female and from Canada (EST for those wondering timezone). Ill probably be around most evenings. I am new to Dayz in general but not new to roleplaying. I am looking forward to interactions to come on the server I play Phoenyxx Caine, she was a captain in the Joint Task Force 2 unit deployed from Canada into Greece to assist with the outbreak. She typically roles with a few people shes traveled with along the way but always open to making new allies and friends! Besides that, I look forward to being apart of the community
  • Phoenyxx Caine was once a Captain for the Royal Canadian Navy, having helped lead the Joint Task Force 2 unit during the time the virus struck. Phoenyxx was deployed when news came of the virus, NATO having requested the assistance of the Royal Canadian Navy. The unit would be arriving in Greece and would then be stationed elsewhere. However, by the time they landed in Greece the virus had already spread and seemed almost uncontrollable. Chaos was the first thing that the unit was faced with and throughout their efforts to control and eliminate those infected, their own numbers dwindled. At some point in time, Phoenyxx was separated from her brothers in arms and she has yet to find them along the way. Feared that her unit was either dead or infected. Travelling on her own for a while, she scavenged small towns in Greece and eventually she came across Leon Devitt. He was a US citizen who had been vacationing in Greece at the time of the outbreak and he two had lost most of his friends and had no way of getting home. The two paired up with one another and travelled along the Black Sea. Along the way they had come across a few other survivors but none stuck with them, so they remained a two-man group. Eventually throughout their travels they learned of Chernarus and how there were groups there just trying to survive and thrive together. To rebuild and restore Chernarus. It sounded almost like a haven and Phoenyxx’s drive to help those in need drew her to the idea of going to Chernarus. Leon was easily convinced and the two-set travel to Chernarus. Once they arrived, they came across two individuals by the name of Henry Hanharr and Chris Jackson. Sharing the same passion to just survive and help those in need, they suddenly became a group of four. She also has grown quite close to Leon in their time of travels and her feelings have grown quite a bit. Phoenyxx is determined to protect her new ‘unit’ while also still searching for those that she lost and helping anyone else she can along the way.
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