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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe that my kill was in fact valid. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: To start of the verdict states that Epsilon was initiated on in the PD. This is false, as stated in my POV I had initiated on him in the southern part of Zeleno and he was taken by me. As noted, he was told multiple times that his disrespectful attitude needed to stop and he need to cooperate as supported by the other POVs and my own. On top of that, in the OPs POV he states that he did not hear what I was asked, and retracted that to say that he was agreeing that he understood yet staff are saying he let out 'disappointed' noises. I believe this not to be true. The noises made by the OP was mockery at its finest and unwillingness to cooperate which he was warned to cooperate with us at least 4/5 times during the duration of his hold up. He failed to comply to the demands and his consequence was death, in which was stated in the warnings he received. As 4.6 states 4.6 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released. A character that is taken hostage may be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the hostage was personally responsible for a death of your ally. In any other circumstances, hostages may only be executed in the following scenarios: Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape. Hostages pose a direct threat to you or your group, for example by picking up a weapon when not allowed to. Hostages do not value their life, for example they repeatedly talk back or insult you despite being told to stop. Approved group of the hostage or their allies refuse to negotiate or open fire on hostage takers. Highlighted in red is what gave me the full rights to execute the individual. I had executed him when it became clear that he was not going to listen to our demands and would continue to not value his life by mocking, screeching, making weird noises and playing with leaves while fully automatic rifles were pointed towards him. His 'yes' to understanding was not serious nor the attitude we asked for the hostages to have. None of the other hostages acted out the way he did and having a head injury should not give someone protection rights over being executed when failing to complied. To me, it appears that this report was not thoroughly looked through. There were some POVs from my allies that were not called in from those who gave the hostage demands to stop being disrespect and on top of that it seems to appear that only the video evidence of only part of the situation was taken into account instead of ALL POVs and the POVs of what was occurring before the convenient video started halfway through the interaction with the OP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban lifted, Points Removed What could you have done better?: Guess given him another chance to not act like he did, even though he was warned 4/5 to stop his behaviour.
  2. Wait.. didn't you say you were muted in discord and had no idea that your comrades had been taken hostage...? So really you wouldn't have known of a situation in order to 'avoid it'? You also came into town with your gun out and put it away just as I asked you to put your hands up, but that's a minor detail. But, i'll also refrain from responding unless further staff ask for more information.
  3. Good Afternoon Staff & Lurkers, @Epsilon I find it absolutely crazy that you and your allies think that you were killed just for ‘playing with leaves’ as seen by the title of this report and by your status update. It’s clear you don’t understand why you were killed and I’ll lay it out in my POV for you, which is as follows. Unfortunately I do not have any video evidence. Cerberus takes some of the government group hostage. I stay on the perimeter of the town, watching to make sure no one is about to play hero for their fellow comrades. This is where I see @Epsilon strolling up the road from the trainyard. I immediately make the decision that we need to take him as well, given he’s in the same uniform and armband as our hostages. I didn’t want to risk him shooting any of my fellow operators. As he comes closer to me, I initiate. He takes a few seconds to stop and then throws his hands up, however he doesn’t say a word at all. Odd really, normally someone who's taken hostage would ask what’s happening, etc. He was completely silent. So whilst I spoke and gave demands to what appeared to be a brick wall, we started to move into town. Upon entering town, my fellow operator @Squillium meets up with me. Even while Squillium talks to @Epsilon, the hostage remains completely silent. I start having flashbacks to previous interactions with this individual and begin to think this is just going to turn into a meme show. As we walk up the road towards PD, the individual begins to obnoxiously whistle into his mic. I tell him to stop and a sarcastic comment comes flying out of his mouth about how I’m being hostile. I tell him to shut up because his tone already set my character off and she wasn't about to have this hostage have attitude. Upon having him meet up with his fellow comrades he suddenly can talk full sentences and begins to talk to his fellow comrades. At this point it's clear he’s probably ticked off he was taken hostage which is why he was being less engaging with me. We took the hostages over to a fence and lined them up, this was to make sure that they were all stripped of weapons and radios and to get ourselves and them organized. Upon lining them up, some still had gear on them that we wanted them to remove for our safety and to be able to get a good look at their faces. I'm not sure if these individuals were aware but since the 1.10 update you can no longer search people with their hands up, so when we asked for them to take their items off, we got some very sarcastic comments about “why can't you just take it off”. Two individuals, one of which was @Epsilon, made these sarcastic comments instead of just following our demands (mind you while they were very out numbered and defenseless they chose to argue with us rather than just follow orders until we had to get a bit more aggressive). Several times trying to talk to @Epsilon resulted in me giving up or have to repeat myself several times. You guys claim he’s hard at hearing icly and if I read correctly oocly. I still think that's a poor excuse for me to have to repeat myself SEVERAL times while pointing a fully loaded gun in his face to get a reaction. Truth be told, there were times the OP was hotmicing and I could hear him clicking around and typing which meant that he was likely tabbed out in this situation clearly wanting nothing to do with the situation given his attitude and demeanour the entire situation. When lined up, I warned him and others about disrespecting and being stupid. We want to be taken seriously and it appeared that some of the individuals in the lineup didn’t want to take us seriously. So after my warning, a few other of my allies warned the individuals as well before we moved them to another location out of town. While we are moving, the flat out trolly behaviour that was apparent from @Epsilon was warned by Elmo and myself again. We get the individuals lined up against a tree and we wait for them to bring another individual that was injured and slower to keep them all grouped up. While we were standing at the tree, @Epsilon did exactly what his ally perfectly explained. “Decided to have a teenage girl candid photoshoot” and began to play with leaves. I ignored it the first time as @TurkRP tried to interact with him and got mediocre roleplay from the individual and just continued trollyness from him. The second time he played with the leaves, my character had enough and told him to stop. Upon which he didn’t say anything so she asked if he understood, he let out a very trolly and in a disrespectful tone “Uhhh” and thus my character asked again “Do you understand” and he let out another “Uhh” so for the third and final time, my character sternly asked “Do you understand” in which he screeched down his mic and in yet another trolling manner said “YESS” too which my character had enough and decided to put him on a permanent timeout since he wanted to act like a child. Here are a few things I would like to point out from your POV: This is not the first time I have dealt with this individual as a hostage. I had once dealt with him as a hostage in Cherno last lore, in which his trolly, nvfl and just flat out childish roleplay was also present. It's a shame after the multiple badrp/nvfl reports you have been in (some guilty and some solved by talking it out) that you still do not know how to roleplay a hostage properly. You showed zero value for your life and acted in a manner that was so childish. Which is a direct break of: 3.2 You make a few ooc jabs such as when I asked you to take off your helmet you say “Can't you just do it yourself” referring to the ability to take things off individuals, too which again its broken whether they knew that or not, should have just listened to the demands of armed gunmen. Then in the video shown, you also say “ this is the most they’ve talked to us in the past 3 days”, another ooc jab it seems. You also contradict yourself in your POV. In your original post you say that you couldn’t hear what I was asking you but in your last post you say “your mhms and yeas” weren’t heard. So what was it? Was it that you couldn’t hear or you chose not to hear and continue to just troll. No where on your character page does it talk about a head injury/eye injury that causes constant migraines. If your character experiences these things, how is he a soldier? How is he performing his duties as one daily? Seems a little odd and more like an excuse to get out of trolly roleplay and avoiding rp. Plus migraines are no excuse for someone to act like a four year old child when they are meant to be an adult, sorry that's not how that works.
  4. * Ashe would pick up her radio and press the PTT * "Hello, wondering if there's a good time to potentially meet? I have a few years of medical experience behind me and interested in seeing how your operation works and the medical services you provide" * Static would follow for a moment before being cut off *
  5. Page Format WIP - Bio Set, Minor Details to be Added Ashe was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Her father was a military man, based at the Canadian Forces Base in Kingston ontario. Her mother was a Russian chemical and biological engineer but had stopped pursuing her dreams when Ashe was born and remained a stay at home mother. All her life, Ashe grew up around a military lifestyle which swayed her interests in following her father’s footsteps. Throughout highschool she instantly took interests in the science classes, just like her mother had. Upon graduation she had received A’s in Chemistry and Biology. However, instead of pursuing the sciences she decided to enlist. At the age of 18 she joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Medical Technician. She had been a Medical Technician for three years, seeing one tour in Afghanistan before she requested to be moved to the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit, a sub-unit in Special Operations, as a Tier 2 operator. She spent another two years with the CJIRU before she was approached by Cerberus Corporation, who offered her more money. Going against her father's wishes she joined the private sector.
  6. video. enjoyed it & good music choice
  7. Thanks to those in Berezino tonight, was fun down to earth rp. Gunna miss Lily and all those she's made connections with when I finally decide to end her story
  8. Definitely have issues with the GAZ, i've posted in the bugs about it and also alerted to staff that were testing it just a bit ago. Think the GAZ needs to be removed if it hasn't been updated in over a year, as for the cargo Kamaz, I haven't personally had any crashes around it but if it's also causing issues remove it.
  9. Thats not how that works. 60 people voting against it currently don't get in game on the map they apparently want to keep when the population can barely reach that on somedays.
  10. I've seen plenty and been apart of plenty of community meetings where this is avoided. If organized correctly and done correctly, you can easily have a meeting where these things don't happen. I've been apart of community meetings in large communities like TwitchRP and NoPixel with nearing 100+ present where it's worked. Surely our staff and even community members can help organize this so it doesn't turn into a clusterfuck and can be productive. Edit/Add-in: I do think that community meetings are something that might be beneficial. It's something I have yet to see done here and think it would be worth giving a shot. It also allows the community and staff to correspond and hear each others concerns. Opening more communication with staff will potentially lessen the 'us vs them' feel.
  11. +1 to map change for sure, I think it would be cool. +1 to new characters, groups for said map.
  12. Oh I wont be going, don't worry. My character has no reason to realistically go there to 'have fun' because why would she go have fun with the people who interfere with her business and have basically run off a majority of her clients/workers. She'd only show up to make sure they didn't profit shit off it, just as a rival gang would. Event can't be too 'rp focused' if you are looking for people to get shit faced OOCLY and aren't allowing people to act how their characters would act if you are prohibiting hostile roleplay. I'm not even talking about pvping, you guys are prohibiting anything hostile. If this event was 'rp focused' you wouldn't be asking people to get oocly drunk in order to 'roleplay out a real nightclub vibe' and you wouldn't restrict any type of roleplay. Just my opinion and stating it that it seems odd to limit roleplay. Like I said, goodluck though, wish ya luck.
  13. Gunna have to agree with Dusty here. Don't know how I feel that you can make an event 'non-hostile' when you've made a lot of enemies, youre a hostile group and get to protect yourselves for the night from any storylines/etc with the enemies from occurring. Either way, hope all goes smooth and the report section isn't filled the next day.
  14. I mean i get crash to desktop crashes when theres not pvping and even the other day, i crashed 4 times in a row, didnt even have a gun on me or near one at all, just had some rp items and food in my inventory. ?? So i beg to differ. Its probably a lot of different things not just the guns.
  15. ? man i wish that the interactions with your group didnt end in initiations but long behold any "hostile" interaction ive had that wasnt instigated by me ive been told to place my hands up by your group. So have you just changed your mind now? Or something else happening? Typically initiations in my opinion occur with hostile rp because people see people they dont like and immediately run, the only way to make sure people dont run and just log (which is becoming a reoccurring problem both the running and even the logging) is to initiate to keep them there for the roleplay. Hence why hostile rp occurs after an initiation most of the time. PVP will always have its part roleplay.
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