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  1. Hello. Recently some feedback has floated around about the events occurring in game and it has brought a question to mind that I'd like the admin team to answer. Of course, GMs and other staff can weigh in but more specifically looking at @Hofer to respond as he is leading the LMs and the events. What is being done to monitor the spawned in items of events? Of course, in previous ones Staggs and co were diligent to make sure all items were returned and handed back to them so that no spawned in items were floating around but I'm wondering who might be overseeing this all. This question
  3. Criticism in the right form. You are correct its the shortcoming of the heading/leading of the lore team which is done by the admin team. However, even evident by your post, thats not how this "apology to the community" reads. It reads as if the people who were LMs after staggs were the issue and the blame is being diverted to them when in fact the blame rests on the admin team. Im just baffled that a post of such is even still up or even posted at all. You force a new LM to apologize for the mistakes of the admin team in the form of blaming the other LMs. Its not a sincere apo
  4. "The inefficiency" of the prior team part is what im referring too not just the lack of coordination. It reads as if you called the LMs after Staggs inefficient. In no way does this read " the leadership aka the admin team " messed up. It reads as if the blame was all on those on the team prior.
  5. Yikes is it necessary to put the former lm team on blast? I recall a lot of work being put in by at least one individual from the former team and this seems like a shitty way of "apologizing" but more so putting them on blast. besides that, how "efficient" this team can be this "season"
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/37357-nyx/ Why the verdict is not fair: Fair on the points & warning for the glorifying. Not fair on the ban? Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Glorified I guess. Don't know how that results in a discord ban though, haven't ever seen that or even kick for glorifying. I've never been removed from the discord before either. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Discord ban lifted? I don't believe a full out ban from the discord is a fair punishment What
  7. Group looks solid. Goodluck
  8. All of this. I'd like to see if we are cracking down on groups/smart goals that the admin team crack down on it hard across the board. In personal experience, some groups have just been let to slip by and no check-ins with their goals even touched while others have. Needs consistency from the staff team. What's the point of SMART goals if the staff team isn't going to check to see if groups are completing them? (like Rover said). I know it might be hard to monitor them but im sure the staff team can easily find solutions to monitor this. I've seen groups with the same goals since d
  9. Hi. Cool Group. Heard good things. When you guys recruiting?
  10. +1 been an issue for a while, needs fixed.
  11. -1. And since you ask for an explanation on why I said no: Seems to me like you have something against these people OOCly and therefore just want them removed from discords via community rules. You know you can choose to ignore what they say right? That everything they say in there can't really be taken ICly and doesn't have to be taken ICly by you? Force killing a perm'd players character isn't gunna change anything and regardless, what happens to those with the ability to come back after being perm'd? They just lose their character? Suggestion. Stop taking it so seriously
  12. Group looks kinda dope. Love the graphics. Best of luck guys!
  13. +1 but with case by case. sucks that some that are more then willing to help the community cant be allowed chance. theres no harm to be done. They abuse/dont fit staff simple as removing them from staff. i myself wanted to apply for loremaster and cant due to this rule so maybe im a little bias
  14. i think the main focus should be improving Dayz and not working on side projects. however, there is a server for Rust already up and running by some community members currently. If interested feel free to dm me
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