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The Scarlet Rider

"I would prefer not to."

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  1. Semiazas

    • Semiazas
    • Derek Steel

    Oh come on, where are the Blizzard profile themes we talked about? Enough with the Viking overdose.

    1. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      hey if you get your ass back her i will do dual blizz profiles with you good vs evile 🙂

  2. Semiazas

    [GAME] How old is the person above you?

    40 (with a few aeons' worth of zeros added). Hey there old man, nice seeing you around once more.
  3. Semiazas


    *Takes a deep, fresh breath of DayZRP air*

    Let's see... Where were we?

    1. DrMax


      Oh god

    2. BrianM



    3. Osku


      the simpsons hello GIF

    4. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel


    5. Peril


      empire spoilers GIF


  4. Semiazas

    Biiddy amnesty appeal

    Hey @Biiddy, A team of staff have looked carefully into your appeal and unfortunately have decided to deny it. As you know, we expect members on Amnesty to be active and contributive both in-game and on the forums throughout their 3 months after they are allowed back in. While your overall attitude has been very good and your in-game time is acceptable; unfortunately we cannot say the same about your presence on the forums. As of now, you are at a total of 54 posts. Not only that, there is also almost a 3-month gap in between your first posts after your return (24th-26th of September) and the time you actually started showing a presence on the forums (December 23rd). This shows that you have been active only recently and as stated before, that is simply not enough. However if you stay on track like you have been for the past month, you can re-appeal in 3 months. I wish you all the best. Outcome: Appeal denied, final warning remains in place. //Closed. Signed by myself and the notes.
  5. Semiazas

    Tander's Amnesty Appeal

    Hey @Tander, A team of staff have carefully evaluated your appeal and have decided to accept it. Your in-game activity has been stellar and just like you said, the number of posts you have put out are productive ones that have contributed to community discussions. You do not have to have a massive impact on the community as a member on Amnesty but we do need to see you mature as you go along, which is what you have done. On a final note, we would like you to continue just like this in the future and hopefully do not end up in the same position you were. Outcome: Appeal accepted, final warning removed. //Closed. Signed by myself and the notes.
  6. Semiazas

    Final Appeal

    Hey @Gatorr A team of staff have reviewed your appeal thoroughly and have decided to accept it. You have been doing well for yourself; fairly active both in-game and on the forums. Your overall attitude has also been quite positive which is what we expect from all members on Amnesty. We hope that in the future you carry on along the same path, as it does not take much to end up on final again. Outcome: Appeal accepted, final warning removed. //Closed. Signed by myself and the notes.
  7. Semiazas

    Discord Account/role issues

    //Moved to Troubleshooting. Hello @Rover, I have just reset your Discord. You will need to go to your Account Settings on the DayZRP website and relink it. Before doing so, however; you must go to the web version of Discord and make sure you log out of any wrong accounts while also ensuring it does not log you automatically back in by saving your password. Drop by the Help Desk if your problem persists.
  8. Semiazas

    Hi everyone!

    Heya Mimsky, We can trade places if you are too bored of the freezing cold in Iceland. That aside, welcome to DayZRP and good luck with your whitelist!
  9. Semiazas

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard, tonyhntn. Give us a shout if you need any help!
  10. Semiazas

    Steam blacklist

    Hey @constrictor650, Can you please set everything in your Steam privacy settings to "Public" so we can investigate further? Also please provide us with a list of any other Steam accounts you have access to, if you have more than one. Thank you.
  11. Semiazas

    PWN Appeal - Multiple Accounts (Double Account Verification)

    Hey @pwn, While we go through your appeal, could you also give us a full list of all of the Steam accounts you have access to, please? Thank you.
  12. Semiazas


    *Yawns and mumbles to himself in staff language*

    Eh, I'm back.

    1. Spartan


      Goodluck, you're gonna need it with the amount of appeals. I can only imagine the ammount of tickets waiting ?

    2. Semiazas


      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Spraytan the Buzzkill. Also I hate it when you are right.:trolle:

    3. Spartan



      You know where to reach me if you need anything 

    4. Semiazas


      I know, and I really appreciate that.❤️

    5. Samaritan


      Once more into the fray...welcome back.

    6. Semiazas


      Thank you!

    7. Peril



      Semi, walking back into his staff position at DayZRP. circa. 2019

    8. Semiazas


      Pretty much.?

  13. Semiazas

    • Semiazas
    • groovy xavier

    Welcome aboard, Xavier! Now we have someone to do the graveyard shift.:trolle: I will see you in hell onceI get back to duty in about 10 days.

    1. groovy xavier

      groovy xavier

      ty bb ?

  14. Semiazas

    • Semiazas
    • Phoenix

    Welcome back to the team! Orange looks good.

    1. Phoenix


      Thanks look forward to working with you!

  15. Semiazas


    Taking a break, going to be absent for a short while. Try not to burn down the house in the meantime.

    1. DrMax


      Take care DrSemi! ❤️ 

    2. Spartan


      *runs around with candles and torches*

    3. lukaszxe


      *burns the place down* Take care of yourself semi!

    4. Peril



    5. Kieran


      Come back ? 

    6. Semiazas


      It is just for a brief period of time. I am sure you can do great without me @Onyx but just in case if there is anything I can help with, drop me a DM.❤️

  16. Semiazas

    Post your battle stations

    Eh, that is true. The recent increase in my back pain sort of made it a necessary purchase though.
  17. Semiazas

    Post your battle stations

    A slightly more updated look of my lowly setup with the new gaming chair. Again, sorry about the mess.?
  18. Semiazas

    Greetings from Sweden!

    Hey @JippaSWE, Welcome to DayZRP! Hope you can find what you are looking for here. Let us know if you need help with anything.
  19. Semiazas

    Quill's Amnesty Appeal

    Hey @Quill, A team of staff have gone through your appeal and have decided to accept it. You have been quite actively involved with the community both on the forums, and IG. You also have kept your cool and behaved maturely so far; which are the main criteria we look for in Amnesty final warning appeals. On a final note, I would like to say that we wish to see you keep improving and always abide by our rules, guidelines & common sense as you have been doing for the duration of your final. Outcome: Appeal accepted, final warning removed. //Closed. Signed by @Semiazas & the notes.
  20. Semiazas

    Černé Emirate

    Archived due to not having gathered the minimum of 5 members in 1 week. PM a Mod+ to bring it back. o7
  21. Semiazas


    //Moved to Questions.
  22. Semiazas

    I keep getting kicked off the server with a message saying I have no active or alive character

    //Moved to Troubleshooting.
  23. Semiazas

    New to the community

    Hey @Jekyll, Welcome to DayZRP and congratulations on your whitelist! Let us know if there is anything we can help with.
  24. Semiazas

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    So unexpected and heartbreaking... Rest in peace.
  25. Semiazas

    Appeal : Unecessary Post

    Hey @Pontiff, A different team of staff members have gone through your appeal and have decided to accept it. It appears that you were issued the warning points for Unnecessary Posting because the staff team who issued them misjudged the contents of your post. It was an honest mistake as it takes a much deeper look to understand its context and it was not directly aimed at anyone, which made it a bit tricky. But regardless, we now see that it was not an Unnecessary Post and apologize for the inconvenience caused. We hope to see more of such well-written posts from you in the future and also hope that you will be a bit more careful by making it more clear at whom your Radio posts are aimed. Outcome: Appeal accepted, warning points removed. //Closed. Signed by me, @Sleepyhead, @OskuRP, @DrMax & @Descendants.
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