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  1. I have always bought stuff on MMOs here and there with small costs, but I have spent about 250-300 USD on War Thunder by now. I slightly regret that.
  2. Semiazas

    "Miss Amy: You're So Strange."

    Oh dear lord, I cannot believe I had been missing this so far. Brilliant and quite descriptive writing. I guess some people are born for it.
  3. Hello There Boenen, Welcome to the community! Donating will allow you to enter the whitelisting process and fill in your application form, but it does not guarantee acceptance by any means. 5 Euros should do the trick. Good luck! Edit: TheAssassinZX beat me to it, fair and square. :troll:
  4. Well, I am not the kind of a person who mostly writes or reads 'bright and cheerful' stuff myself. In my view, when it is such a deeply intriguing character in the spotlight with a competent writer at the helm; midlife crisis' and depressions are not looked upon compared to other aspects of the whole story - they are delicacies. I would not complain if Magnussen remained highly depressed even when he is six feet under, so bring it on! :troll:
  5. Nice read, King. I would use less commas and more full stops, though. Would make it easier to read and connect the individual points of each sentence, otherwise it flows too fast because of all the commas. Looking forward to see more, especially since you mentioned a possible tragic ending. I do like those.
  6. I have been following Magnussen's 'progress'. It always gave me overly mixed feelings from day one, mostly dark. Maybe it was because of the inspiration drawn from Sherlock's Magnussen. For that reason I have been holding back my opinion of the general work, waiting to see the climax of what it can offer. No more holding back. It is clear that it only gets better and better. In essence, this is not a simple roleplay thread. This is art; put together so wisely and orderly that it feels as if this is your sole purpose in life. I hereby recognize you as a giant in the business of writing, Gijs. Please do not get any better at this than you already are: for it would turn you into a legend and legends do not usually live long. :troll:
  7. Semiazas

    Rate the Clan above you!

    Elite members + sexy group thread = 9.5/10.
  8. Semiazas

    [SM][Finished] Anchor

    Good job as always, our dear foxling. You should assist Derek with the other "thing" too :troll: Well, Fox did put a lot of work into this - but this is his own project. What we have in mind is coming soon. And there will never be a Pobeda Dam v2, we miss the original.
  9. +1, it should help reduce the amount of misunderstandings quite drastically. At least I hope it will.
  10. Masterful job. Easy to read through and keep track of; should have been made sticky already.
  11. Sounds definitely like trolling and bad roleplay. As stated by rawb2k on this thread, I do believe somebody might have tried to get back at CTC for some foolish reason. We all know for a fact that we have some people here who would get off on this kind of behavior. Makes me wonder how they even beat the whitelist process in the first place.
  12. I am starting to think BHM especially recruits those with brilliant writing skills. I do not usually follow or comment on journals, but I just could not help myself on this one. Please keep it coming.
  13. An ex-Watcher, quite active on forums - so: 9/10.
  14. Semiazas

    Gijs: The myth, the legend, the impossible name.

    The most useful thread, ever.
  15. You did say you were going to come back to the camp with force. So, yeah.