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  1. Semiazas

    eye catching title

    Heya @yungvenuz, Certainly an eye-catching title you got there. Welcome to DayZRP. Let us know if you need help with anything. Have fun!
  2. Semiazas

    I coneected to the wrond steam account

    Hey @Aviv187, You need to submit a support ticket by going here and clicking on "New Request". Please provide as many details as you can about both of your Steam accounts in question (Steam ID, profile link, etc.) and about the issue you are having. Admins will go over the problem and help you out in due time, just be patient. After you sort out your Steam issue, you need to get whitelisted to play on our servers. Please take a look at this page for the instructions on how to do so. If you run into any further hiccups, please feel free to drop by the Help Desk on Discord and let a staff member know so we can assist you. Good luck.
  3. Semiazas

    [CNR] Chernarussian People’s Republic [Open Recruitment]

    Great thread layout; I like the plain and neat look. The lore writing is on-point and easy to grasp. The current set of goals are sufficient but I would recommend adding a couple of more rather 'unique' ones so that it does not feel generic. Also have you considered adding translations of the graphic headers (maybe as smaller versions of them underneath)? We already know what they mean based on the thread layout and I see why you might want to refrain from that based on authenticity purposes but it would be nice regardless. Finally, as you already are aware; you will need to have at least 5 members on your roster by the 17th of December, 2018 in order to avoid being archived. Good luck with the approval!
  4. Semiazas


    Sweet group thread, love the logo @Mouse. The lore writing is also good; though I personally would make the font colors use a bit more contrast so it is easier to read. Also even though your current set of IC goals are good, I would advise making them slightly more specific and add more target dates of completion so that overall it looks more dedicated and to-the-point. Finally as Banshee already suggested, you must add hyperlinks for your current roster as soon as possible. I realize you are waiting for further members but you should take care of it before that and you can keep updating as you go along. It allows us to track your group's IG activity a lot easier and also helps you get rid of the 'WiP' look. Wish you good luck with the approval.
  5. Semiazas

    Memory Error Upon Connecting To Server

    Hey @WhiskeyFoxtrot, I would recommend you to take a look at this page and follow the instructions. Let me know if it changes anything and if not, we can look for another solution.
  6. Semiazas

    Game crash on startup

    Hey @DatTurtle, Some brief research has shown me that the error usually is hardware-related such as VRAM issues, but first of all I would recommend a full re-install of the game since that will most likely fix the DayZ Launcher and if not at the very least; it will allow us to cross it off the list. Before doing anything, you could also try unsubscribing and re-subscribing to DayZRP Mod on the Steam Workshop to see if it affects the issue.
  7. Semiazas

    Awaiting approval

    Hey There KevinConundrum, Welcome to DayZRP! All it takes is a little bit of patience for your whitelist to be approved and I am sure you will be enjoying the community fully soon. Let us know if you need assistance with anything.
  8. Semiazas

    Coming Back!

    Welcome back to the community, @Venom. Hopefully you will make the most of your amnesty and get to enjoy DayZRP properly this time. Give us a shout if you need any assistance. Good luck!
  9. Semiazas

    Jump bug Dayz SA or mod issue?

    //Moved to Questions.
  10. Semiazas

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Orris (@Jarvis Seistt): "Would you like your whiskey on the rocks, sir? Bear in mind that these are actual rocks, since I could not get the ice maker to freeze water. However these rocks have been perfectly cleaned and cooled, so they get the job done." Blake (Myself): "Uhh... I will have it neat, thank you." Absolutely brilliant new character, cannot wait for him to be perfected even further. Stay awesome as ever, Jarvis.
  11. Semiazas

    Another Question Regarding Groups (posts in general)

    Based on that screenshot, you should be fine on the limit of visuals. Have you tried going to the "My Attachments" tab of your profile and removing the old/unused visuals?
  12. Semiazas

    Question Regarding Group Ideas

    Hey @keibancz, If everything else are up to the group idea standards; having less than 5 members would not be considered WiP. However, you would be required to have at least 5 members on your roster in exactly 1 week from the date of creation of the group idea thread. Failure to achieve that would result in the archival of your thread.
  13. Semiazas

    Productive / Informed Replies Idea

    Everyone should have a say in the inner workings of the community; regardless of total/recent time played. I see why you must feel the way you do, @STAN, but think of it this way: Maybe the reason why a certain person has not played in months is because what they see based on the information they have does not give them the spark that they need to start playing again. But, having the ability to change the relevant conditions should be enough incentive to come back and play.
  14. Semiazas

    Hey guys!

    Hey scor, Welcome to DayZRP! Before joining any groups, personally I would advise you to run solo for a bit and get a firm grasp of the inner workings of our community - both ICly and OOCly. You could take a stroll on the Groups section of the forums to receive a general idea of the currently active groups and make your decision on whatever fits you the best on multiple grounds. If you need any assistance with anything else, feel free to drop by the Help Desk on Discord. Have fun!
  15. Semiazas

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    I really love the irony of how we keep complaining about the broken game (do not get me wrong, it HAS TO BE complained about) but still remain strongly attached to a community of people who roleplays on that same broken game. On a relevant note; calling it "out of early access" will not really change anything but the name of its official status - devoid of reality. Oh well, let us hope we get the Arma 3 Exile server sooner than later.