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  1. Dutch Anderson

    S1 CL/Bad RP 2019-03-07, 02:42/44 Kab road.

    so what do you think about all of this? @JimRP
  2. Dutch Anderson

    S1 CL/Bad RP 2019-03-07, 02:42/44 Kab road.

    I was role playing like I was trying to hide from you. your friends were in the field running around. for my pc it doesn't matter if there are people near me or far away is when they are all registered in the game for me that's what I mean by around me. I honestly don't care if I get held up and get everything taken away from me. I can always just get it back. if anything I thought it would be a fun RP experience. I didn't know how to use in-game text so I tried telling you guys that my pc was freaking out through Voip. If you still don't believe me then im sorry I don't have any other way to explain it.
  3. Dutch Anderson

    S1 CL/Bad RP 2019-03-07, 02:42/44 Kab road.

    @WongI will make sure to do that next time. im pretty new to this RP server so I really don't know too much about it. sorry brother.
  4. Dutch Anderson

    S1 CL/Bad RP 2019-03-07, 02:42/44 Kab road.

    Hello @Eagle ! I am the guy that you and your group ran into and held up last night. I would like to say that I sincerely apologize for what happened and that it was a misunderstanding. However I did say that my computer was shitting itself through Voip. my game tends to lag tremendously or crash when i run into large group of players. despite me talking Out of Character I was trying to cooperate in the role by asking one of your friends how to put my hands up leading to my game crashing once again. I had the fear of getting killed the second I spawn in due to y'all thinking I was logging off intentionally. Again I am very sorry for what happened last night and hope we can work things out.
  5. Dutch Anderson

    S1 CL/Bad RP 2019-03-07, 02:42/44 Kab road.

    @JimRPyeah my game just kept crashing so I just gave up on that encounter I had because I new that they were going to assume that I was trying to avoid them. I also told them in game directly that I might crash again. I tried playing through the scenario with them but game crashed again so I turn computer off and wait for a while. I turn it back on hoping they were still there so I can try to explain to them what was going on but they were gone. I had a feeling this was going to happen to me. tell the other players I apologize. my computer freaks out all the time when there is a big group of people around me so yeah I knew it wasn't going to work out very well.
  6. My name is Dutch Anderson. I am 27 years old and i was born in Texas. I ran away from my family when I was 17 because my mother was a son beating alcoholic and my father was a killer. I walked and hitched rides day and night all the way to Florida, I thought It could be a good place to start a new life. In a couple of months I finally made a few new friends thankfully.... They were the only family I truly had. 9 years later we all had our own little jobs and one of my close friends had the idea of selling guns to people but worldwide I liked the idea and joined in including everyone else. About a year goes by and we are already flying around the world selling guns, we were on a 9 hour flight to the South. We spend a couple of months there selling weapons, but unfortunately.... we find out that the whole world is going to hell from this zombie outbreak and air and sea transit were already shutdown. My friends and I start getting as much guns, ammo, food, and water as we can. We finally managed to get everything we can and set of on a new journey in a broken world.
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