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  1. Hi there If i see you i should have a spare can of beans;)
  2. A long time ago before the viral outbreak James W Taylor worked in the military for 20 years .After following his fathers footsteps he had done two tours of Afghanistan and stationed over at Poland near a little place called Katowice. Within his 2 year of being stationed there he met a lovley European women called Sofia and after 2 years of being together she fell pregnant. 9 months went on with no problem in the pregnacey and they were living an amazing life with there new little girl called Catalina and everything was amazing and everyone was happy until when one day Sofia got a phone call from her father who lived in Chernogorsk and she was told that her mother was sick. So with that James and Sofia decided to move out there to help with the bills the running of the house as well as the work load that her father had lumbered on himself with the farm just outside the town near a bridge. After a few months of being in the beautiful city due to an illness her mother past away which hurt her so ever much she didn't know if she could carry on but slow and surely herself and James did. A few weeks went by and then her father came down with an illness like no one had ever seen before as well as a few people in the city nobody new what it was or what has caused this but it was getting serious and then something terrible happens there daughter went out to find her granddad only to witness her grandfather eating the dried up corpses of the battled cattle that had been locked up in the barn for 2 weeks. a huge scream then came from the barn and with that James Ran to the barn to her rescue to find out that the worst thing that could ever happen had happen. James W Taylor had witnessed his little beautiful girl turn into something that was unbelievable . he rushed to hold her and comfort her but that was the end there was no more little Catalina she was gone. broken and horrified James runs outside to see the city in a state of panic and Sofia to be seen no where. He goes inside the house and packs a bag and heads for the hills in search to find his wife with nothing but anger COULD SURVIVAL BE HIS ONLY FRIEND............
  3. Hi everyone hope all is well just put my application in today so fingers crossed ill out surviving with everyone very soon hope everyone is having a great week. Christopher Fraser AKA James W Taylor
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