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  1. It's not Roleplay if you can't build anywhere. Yea people may add plants so people can't get in their base which is stupid, but there are ways admins can counteract this problem.
  2. Slouch

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    nah we should just make bases unraidable Problem solved
  3. Slouch

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    Does this mean we can lock our gates like intended?
  4. Matthias Redwood is a majorly intelligent being, he makes a great asset when it comes to working on the mechanical field. Matthias can fix about anything, unless it has been hit by a .50 cal BMG. He received most of his from his Uncle and the rest from persaverience. Matthias was raised by his Uncle and never saw his parents, he went to school like an adverage kid, but struggled to pull through barely with his grades. After highschool he worked a boring 9 to 5 Job Almost everyday, until he woke up and saw the army as an opportunity for him to succeed. Matthias saw that his excellent skill in the field of mechanical engineering would Grant him a good passage through the army. Even his sergeant was impressed. After passing boot camp and reaching the rank sergeant and training trainees he was deployed to South Zagoria to detain the threat. They had little to no Intel on the region, only that the infection came from a Soviet bunker and they were to extinguish the threat at all cost, but little did they know the whole region and everyone and every operation would soon fail. He the. Preped for halo jump. Before he got the ground he'd realized he'd forgotten his radio or he last it on the fall. He had no clue where his group was going or where the evac would be. So Matthias decided to go off on his own and never found his team. After 3 years he found a group called The "Black Army" he'd decided to pitch in and help the anarchist, due to other groups being very hostile or unfit for the the new world.
  5. Slouch

    Camp Eden - Reclaimed

    Let's hope Chedaki doesn't get involved again...
  6. Early Life: As a young child, Sergei was neglected by his mother and seen as a useless entity. Sergei was an excellent Marksman and combatant just like his father. Just about anyone that challenged Sergei lost to his gifted talent. His mother did not want Sergei messing with guns because she completely despised them. When Sergei turned nine he was informed that his father died in an ambush by CDF and NAPA forces, retreating from the capital of Chernarus. His father was unable to make it to the black mountains and he wasn't the only one to fall. Sergei was depressed for an absurd time. Pre-Apocalypse: For the next few years before 17, Sergei strived to train even harder to redeem his father and to carry out his mission. Sergei didn't know much about the ChDKZ. He only knew it was a pro-Communist infantry organization during the civil war in Chernarus. His father was a part of the 67th 'Lopotev' Sotnya as so it was called. If Sergei was even going to revenge his father and carry out his motives he would have to be the best of the best. Early Apocalypse: When Sergei heard of an outbreak in Chernarus that would possibly spread throughout the whole middle east and Asia he saw this as an opportunity to enlist in the Soviet military and volunteer for border control just north of South Zagoria to protect Russia's border. about 4 months into the apocalypse, Sergei and his group got overrun by infected, so he abandoned his post and ran into Chernarus, after running for an absurd time he stopped. He was lost in the Black Mountains. He was running low on food and water, at this point, he would die in about three days. 2 days in he was searching for water and collapsed out of nowhere. Thankfully he was saved by a Russian man, but not just any Russian man a Chedaki remnant. The man recognized Sergei from a photo his father had. The Russian man decided to take him in. After Sergei woke up he was greeted by what seemed like 15 men all wearing military gear. Sergei was scared until one of the men said he knew his father. Sergei knew by this time he found the organization he was looking for. Sergei explained everything that happened up to the event and why he was there. The Chedaki Remnants decided to take them into their ranks, but first, they had to see if they could trust him. So they sent him on a very special mission of capturing ex-CDF and NAPA Members. Present day: Sergei is around is 19, and is carrying out his father's motives by helping the Chedaki spread their Communist regime.
  7. Post-Apocalypse Before the Apocalypse, Isaak Okhotnik was an exceedingly excellent student at his local school. He made outstanding grades and was at the top of his class. His parents decided to reward him for the grades, so they bought him a hunting rifle. He arrived home that day and he was greeted with his prize. Isaak was filled with joy and excitement. His father promised him they would go on a hunter trip next week with his uncle. After a week, Isaak rushed home from school. It took him around 15 minutes to run home. Finally, Isaak stopped in front of his house, he realized something was wrong, the door was never left open. He slowly peeked through the doorway, he walked slowly towards the kitchen and then saw his mother and father in the floor both dead. It seemed as his mother was raped and killed and his father was stabbed in the chest more than 40 times. This was a passionate murder. In shock, he stood there for a solid 2 minutes without realizing his uncle was sitting at the kitchen table observing him, to see what he would do. Isaak quickly ran for his rifle, but his uncle grabbed his arm and seized his rifle. Isaak’s uncle told him the CDF and NAPA forces had already dealt with the situation, and that it was the Chedaki that had slaughtered his parents just 2 hours before. Isaak didn’t know what to think he hesitated but said nothing. His uncle waved at him to come on and so they left. 2 years later Isaak is 12 and a marvelous sharpshooter. He was trained by his uncle to hunt and to live off the land. Isaak was showed how to build a fire, how to cook, how to hunt and track deer and wildlife. His uncle was an excellent sharpshooter and hunter. He made all of his livings off of animal hide and meat. 3 years later Isaak was 15 and was able to handle most things himself. He mostly did his uncle’s errands, such as taking hide and meat into town to sell. Most people wanted Isaak’s uncle’s hide, they even gave his uncle the name of “The Nobel Hunter”. 2 years later, Isaak finds a girl he really likes after seeing her at the local bar. She was 18 and he was 17 at the time. He met her playing pool one night. She beat everyone she went up against, but not Isaak. He was the greatest in town. Isaak made a ton of extra money, so he decided to buy an engagement ring for Svetlana, but later found out she had cancer and was going to die due to how long it was present for. Isaak gave her the ring and buried her with it right next to her mother. After awhile Isaak returned later that month back to his uncle, after hearing about a sickness making people go mad that was spreading throughout the country. It was a 3 day hike but he was strong enough mentally and physically to make it. After 3 days, he returned a saw the camp was a wreck with his uncle nowhere in sight. He thought his uncle was attacked by bandits. No blood was found anywhere, so maybe he was nearby. Isaak trots slowly down towards the stream of water, but stops and notices tracks. There was around at least 40 different what seemed like human prints that trailed further down the trail. After a 5 minute walk, Isaak stumbled across what seemed to be a pile of corpses on fire. He looked over and saw his uncle what seemed to be unconscious. He then notices a note left in his hand, so Isaak slowly walks over and reads the note, “ Dear nephew, seems like I have come to a conclusion in my life. I’m sorry you had to see me like this, but there is nothing I could do to prevent it. You can take anything you like even the old necklace I had. I’m glad I could be there for you when your parents weren’t. You were like the son I’d never had. Just look out for yourself, you’re old enough now and I’ve shown you everything I know, so use it to your advantage. P.S. watch out for these dead things it seems like they’re spreading all over Chernarus.” Isaak then realized what the news reports were talking about. Isaak stood there and began to cry, moments later, He’d decided to bury his uncle. He even buried him with the necklace that was offered to him. Isaak seemed defeated now the infected were everywhere and CDF and NAPA troops nearly wiped out he had nowhere to go. His best luck was to stick to the trees, just like his uncle, and so he did. Present After spending time in the woods Isaak grew lonely. He is around 19 now and has matured. Isaak has decided he wants to help out the Chernarussian people by joining the Kamenici but has nowhere to find them. Isaak has heard rumors about them from all over the land from traders and commoners, but could never find them. He sees the Kamenici as his best opportunity to get back at what Chedaki did to his parents and will stop at nothing to gain his revenge. He will stop at nothing to help Chernarus and be an asset to the Kamenici.
  8. Ladies and gentlemen... We got em
  9. I understand what you mean that's why I handed the group over to Jasper.
  10. @YNW Jasper thanks for doing your part and for everyone else as well. Wish I could be on to help you guys. See you next weekend.
  11. Don't worry man you're here in our hearts
  12. Let's see what you can do Jasper, might need to touch a few things up.
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