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    Staff, please close this report.
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    Server and location: Server 1, Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2019-05-19, 20:52 Your in game name: Shiro Disir, "Blu" Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Don't know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Don't know if any where around, man was alone. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I believe violation of rule of 4.1; "All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players. Hostile actions or initiations must be done personally and on specific targets who must be aware who the attacker is, for example they cannot be done remotely through radio or PA system." I was jogging down the street because I was heading to a camp in that direction, then a man came up to me and just starts yelling at me consistently, I cannot understand him at all, the only thing I could understand from him was "Go to kabinino, don't come this way! Go that way! Go that way!", then the rest was just nonsense. I was trying to talk with the man but he continued to yell. Realizing that he wasn't talking back to me, just at me, and he was in distress and had a gun out, so my character decided to go the direction he was pointing anyway cause he was yelling at me to do so. After I got down the road just a bit I wanted to make a loop and go all the way around the area so I wouldn't interfere with whatever was going on, so I took a right and then was going through a yard to get to the trees but I see the "You died" screen. I was not near this man and he did not say that he was going to kill me or harm me. I could not understand at all because he was yelling a bunch of words really quickly making no sense and not replying to anything I said. I complied to his demand even though he didn't make thy threats that I could understand. He was not in sight at all. I knew there was a firefight in that area so I was trying to leave. Which he shot me for doing anyway.
  3. “Blu,” blindfolded and restrained is woken up abruptly by the guards. “Time to go and don’t try anything funny!” The guard to the right of her says in Russian. Three men then begin to undo the restraints holding her in the cell while a fourth guard holds a gun drawn at her. “If you even sneeze, I won’t hesitate to subdue you!” As they finish untying her, the guard to her left goes to attach shackles to her legs then to her waist and finally to the cuffs on her wrists. “Secure”, the guard calls out as the Lead guard pokes her in the back from behind, “Move!” As they slowly walk towards the door the lead guard shouts out “Subject 340 secured and coming out”. Just then, a loud clink can be heard unlocking the large steel door allowing the entourage passage out into the main hall. “Time to say your goodbyes to this place,” the guard says as he chuckles. They walk down the hall until they near another control point with several guards looking down at them. The lead guard looks up and shouts “Subject 340 ready and secure for transportation.” A few moments pass by and someone from behind the gate yells back “Proceed!” The guards start to move but “Blu” hesitates. “Get moving” the guard yells at her as he again shoves the nozzle of his gun into her back. They continue on into the “courtyard” where other subjects are being held and placed into large military trucks. “Keep moving” the guard shouts as they come closer to one of the trucks. The guard in the front of the group runs over to the back of truck letting down the gate. “Ok, now you get in” the guard states. The other guards to the left and right go to grab “Blu” by the arms and lift her up into the truck. However, the guard on the left hesitates to touch her. Sensing the fear in him “Blu” reacts and turns her head towards him almost instantaneously. “Don’t even think about it!” the lead guard commands, shoving the rifle firmly into her back. “You damn fool, you know you can’t show fear in front of her,” the lead guard says displeased. The guard who lowered the gate hops in the bed of the truck as the others help her up. All three guards now in the back of the truck chain her down to the rails and the bed. “Everything good and ready for travel?” the lead guard shouts up into the back of the truck. “Prepped and ready sir” one of the guards reply. The lead guard gives another shout, “Alright then, give it to her.” The guard next to the right of “Blu” pulls out a rag and a small container. He opens the container and places the rag over it soaking it with some type of fluid and begins to place it over “Blu’s” mouth and nose. As he does so, he asks the guard across from him “Why are we moving everyone again?”. The guard sitting replies “It’s something to do with a large outbreak. Rumors are being told of people eating each other.” The guard next to “Blu” firmly places the rag against her face. “That’s some pretty far fetched stories,” he says as “Blu” succumbs to unconsciousness. As drops of water fall upon her head from the sprinkler above. A man shouts from in front of “Blu”, “Rise and shine!” Just then a pale full of water is cast at “Blu” drenching her from her head to her chest and stomach. Groggy and now soaked she’s slow to fully wake. A guard moves around behind her as two others began to attach a harness to her. The guard behind her then places a visor over her face before she’s fully awake. “Blu” struggles a little bit testing the restraints. As they begin to leave the room, one of them says in Russian “She’s ready” an audible click is heard. The door is closed and locked with only her in the room. Everything goes dark, and a strange winding noise is heard much like the powering up of an old PC. Nothing…. then a flash of light and warmth. A fan winding down to a stop can be heard as “Blu’s” vision returns and hears a door unlock and open. A gust of cold air enters the room as someone says in Russian “Test 62 completed”. Realizing what's going on, she shifts in the harness seeing if it will loosen the restraints. As she wiggles a man steps next to her accessing her condition and checking the “headset”. Able to see just below the contraption on her head she can see the man’s military boots and fatigues. He pulls down her pants to stick a needle into her buttocks injecting her with something. As it enters her blood, it feels warm and then a shocking sensation followed behind it as if she was being electrocuted. He then starts extracting blood from her arm and shouts “She’s stable, start the next sim”. Shifting again in the harness she gets a sickening laugh as a response as she hears the closing of the door and the whir of a fan starting back up then a flash of light and warmth. Darkness gives way to the emptiness of the room as “Blu” regains vision. She finds herself on the floor, unstrapped and the harness gone. Standing up she looks around and then walks over to a large mirror across from her. She tilts her head and cracks her neck as she begins banging on the mirror. Yet again no response, but she hears what sounds like the pulling of chains from behind her. She backs away from the mirror and from the backside of the room, a wall starts to creep up giving way to light on the other side. She starts to see what looks like feet from behind the ever-rising wall. She races back to the mirror placing her back against it. To her dismay, she sees four undead chained to the wall by their neck each one pulling on the chain to roam. They finally notice her on the far side of the room causing them to screech, growl and reach for her. A loud buzzer goes off releasing the chains that the zombies were restrained by. They charge at “Blu” flailing and biting as they near her. Her adrenaline flowing, she lunges at one preemptively noticing a wooden handle jutting from its side. She slams into the zombie sending it falling to the floor. Reaching down to its gnarled upside, she pulls out a large kitchen knife. She leaps from the zombie on the floor to the next one just a few feet away kicking it firmly in the chest to push it away causing it to stagger. She runs to the next letting out a grunt as she swings at its neck lopping the head off. The fourth zombie grabs a hold of her side attempting to bite her. The half-rotted flesh drooping from its bones tries to pull “Blu” closer to its gaping maw. “Blu” swiftly turns to face it, as she does, she falls to her back to use the force to send the zombie flying as she pulls on the neck breaking it off as the rest of the body flies towards the mirror. The staggering zombie now runs at her falling on top of her scratching her arms as it tries to bite. “Blu” thinking quickly rotates with the zombie allowing her to be on top of it. As the zombie is pinned on the ground “Blu” takes both hands on the knife and slams down upon the neck shearing the head off. The final zombie now up off the floor runs at “Blu’s” back. Hearing the footsteps fast approaching “Blu” rolls over off of the zombie she had just killed and throws the knife directly at the incoming zombie. The knife pierces the air like a bullet firmly implanting itself into the zombie’s face causing it to fall to the ground like a bag of rocks. Exhausted, she coughs and sits down against the wall looking over her wounds. The sound of a gear turning can be heard and the wall begins to lower. The light slowly dissipates giving way to complete darkness and nothingness. Winding down slowly, the fan comes to a stop as a door can be heard opening. “Blu” raises her head up while dangling in the air strapped to the harness, listens carefully from underneath the visor. A squeaky cart being pushed by the same set of boots walks up to her. “Test 183 completed” he shouts in Russian accessing her condition and checking the “headset”. He again pulls down her pants to stick a needle into her buttocks injecting her with something. The man then walks around to the side of her, pushing the cart just to the side of him. He takes hold of her arm. Holding her arm, his hand is cold and shaking as he tells her “I need to get a sample of your blood so don’t try anything.” Sensing his nervousness and her surroundings “Blu” speaks up. “Hey, sugar,” she asks in a sweet flirty tone. The man without thinking looks towards her and as he does so “Blu” quickly reacts by forcing her hand back through the cuff shedding skin as she does. Ignoring the pain caused by degloving some of her skin, she goes to grab anything on the cart knocking the rest of the contents to the floor. Using her entire weight to swing, she clenches a syringe swinging it forcefully in a backward motion towards the man whose attention she had just gained landing it into his eye. The man stumbles backward before falling to the floor dead. As “Blu” is hanging there attempting to reach the other restraints she hears a metal sliding sound when a voice echoes throughout the room. “What did you do, you bitch!” “Blu” hears a muffled shot as a dart fires across the room and finds itself in her shoulder. She starts to lose consciousness as she hears the metal door unlock and open with several footsteps coming inside. As “Blu” awakens she’s greeted by the sound of a knife being sharpened against a stone. “So you like to play games eh?” a man says in Russian. “That poor man you killed was a good scientist...well I say poor man but let's be real...he was just as bad as the rest of us,” he says while laughing. “Blu” wiggles her hands noticing that they are back in the restraint and tighter now. The man walks around her, “Yes, they are tighter now” he says as he sees her moving her hands.”Enough with the formalities, let’s play” the man says as he lightly drags the now sharpened knife across her arm. “Where shall we start...ah yes, this seems just fine,” the man says with a sickening laugh. He drags the knife back up her arm this time allowing the tip to draw blood and then back down. “Oh look, I think you’ve sprung a leak,” he says in an evil manner. The man walks over to the other side, “ I think we need to even this out, yes?” He takes his knife again to “Blu’s” arm but this time he makes large curves all the way down to her wrist. As this is happening “Blu” twitches every so often “Oh whats this, you showing fear?” the man asks. He walks away from “Blu” over to the far end of the room and grabs something. A click, click, click is heard throughout the room as a hissing sound turns to a soft muffle. The man walks back over to “Blu” and says “So you liked jabbing that man, yes?” The man waits for a response from her but gets nothing. “Fine then,” he says in displeasure as he rocks the tip of the knife in between one of her rib cages. He slowly pushes the knife into her, enjoying her squirming. “What's wrong, you don’t like that?” the man pauses a moment before pushing the knife in further. The man leans over “Blu” don’t worry I don’t want to kill you, I just wanna play.” After saying this the man moves around grabbing the other instrument he grabbed earlier. “Now then, let's fix you up,” he says as the muffle gets louder. A few seconds pass by as “Blu” begins to smell the burning of metal. “Alright doll, this won’t hurt but a lot” the man laughs aloud. A red hot knife is placed upon the wound the man created on “Blu”, searing flesh can be smelled as the wound is cauterized. “There we go, good as new!” the man shouts. “Sorry deary but playtime is over, I have other people I have to attend to” the man exclaims as he leaves the room. While the man exits, he shouts to an operator “Start the next fuckin sim.” “Blu’s” hears a whirring noise as her vision fades from darkness into a bright light. As she regains consciousness, she can hear a commotion coming from the other room. A fan winding down slowly, it comes to a stop as a door can be heard opening. “Blu” raises her head up while dangling in the air strapped to the harness, she listens carefully from underneath the visor. A new pair of boots walks up to her. “Test 245 completed” he shouts in a strange Russian-like accent. He begins accessing her condition and checking the “headset”. He pulls down one side of her pants just below the upper buttocks to place a needle into her injecting something. The man then walks around to the side of her, tactfully placing his hand upon her arm just above the wrist. His hand warm and steady to the touch, firmly holding her. The man leans closer to “Blu’s” head, speaking softly he says “My name isn’t important right now. We are a group of renegades wanting to end these trials. Not long from now we will set you all free and we could use some good protectors and soldiers.” The man grabs a piece of gauze gently rubbing her shoulder. “On the gauze is where you can find us if we get separated, but when you’re set free meet us in the control room.” Another man speaks over the intercom, “Hey what are you doing?” The man next to “Blu” replies back “There seemed to be some type of lesion on her arm, I needed to inspect it and sterilize it.” The man next to “Blu” tucks the gauze just below her collar, “I’m sorry you’ve had to endure this we’ll make this right.” He leans back up and states “she’s stable enough to start the next sim,” he says as he starts walking out. The man behind the wall replies “Fine, now get your ass back in here.” The whir of a fan starts back up then a flash of light and warmth as “Blu” hears the door close and lock. As “Blu” regains her vision, she’s welcomed by sand gusting past her face. The air hot and dry, she finds herself in what appears to be a desert. She raises her hands to cover her eyes to see through the blowing sand. Straining to see, she makes out a lone figure in the far distance. Wiping the sand away from around her eyes, she looks again into the floating wall of sand. Just as she does, her vision cracks as if she was looking at static and then a flash of light… Again as “Blu” tries to regain awareness, she hears the gusting wind but this time it's frigidly cold. Barely able to see, her surroundings have gone from day to night. The ground is no longer made of sand rather, covered in snow and in a clearing of trees dusted in snow. From out into the darkness “Blu” hears familiar grunting and shuffling, she prepares for what she knows is coming. “Let's play,” she says as she stomps her feet in the snow to try and keep blood flowing through them. The bitter cold piercing through her clothes with each gust of wind. Just as she had figured a small group of zombies move towards her, moving slower than normal as the cold seems to be affecting them as well. One of the zombies reaches for “Blu” as she takes the arm and spins the zombie around her and back toward the two others, knocking them all into the snow. The fourth zombie trudges quickly at “Blu”, hissing and snapping. “Blu” lunges at it grabbing its head. As they both careen into the snow “Blu” manages to snap its neck off by a violently twisting headlock. “Blu” gets back up covered in snow, the cold clinging to her and sapping her energy. The other three zombies now running back towards her seem relentless on sinking their mangled teeth into her. As “Blu” fights off the cold she clenches her fists keeping the blood flowing. All of a sudden, a loud thundering crack of trees can be heard behind the zombies giving them pause right in their tracks. Everyone in the clearing looks towards the sound but their attention quickly goes back to the matter at hand due to being unable to see into the darkness. Bracing herself, “Blu” holds her ground as the zombies are almost on top of her. Her adrenaline flowing, shooting through her veins, she rears her fist back to fight for her life. Just as the zombies are going to overtake her a large creature looms up from behind the zombies. Snarling, flicking its tongue, a giant Sand Komodo creature claws at the ground. This sudden appearance distracts the zombies as they now turn and face a new threat. The Sand Komodo snarls again causing the zombies to move to attack the beast. As they begin to move forward the creature flicks its tongue and belches a large blue flame rolling towards the small horde. The flame quickly consumes them bursting into flames, as the flame continues to cascade towards “Blu”. She stands there slightly amazed, “Fine then,” says “Blu” as she stands there ready to embrace the wall of fire. The fire stops, time seemingly slowing down with the warmth embracing her. From within the midst of the fire, a woman appears striding gracefully towards “Blu.” The tall unknown woman looks down at “Blu” and says “This is not the way my child”. As they continue to talk the fire wraps around them ever so slowly enveloping them. “Extend your hands that I may give you a gift,” the woman asks as she clasps her hands together raising them to her chest. The woman brings her hands back down from her chest and inside of her hands is a small but bright blue flame. “Blu” cups her hands and places them in front of her. The woman places this into “Blu’s” palm as the woman closes “Blu’s” hands for her. The woman with one hand holding “Blu’s” takes the other hand gently placing it under “Blu’s” chin raising her head up, the woman smiles down at her. The fire consumes them both in a flash. Immediately “Blu” finds herself on the floor her restraints freed. Her hearing muffled along with her vision blurred due to the instant release from the sim. Very faintly she can hear shouting and sirens going off. “Blu” places her hand to her head trying to gather herself. As she’s sitting there a goddess like voice rings through “Blu’s” mind. “My child, protect the Will of Fire” the woman declares as it fades away and “Blu’s” hearing returns. Two loud pops can be heard and then shortly after a third. The lights flickering off and on upon the floor as the minutes' pass, raising her head she notices the doors are open and unlocked. “What the hell are you doing? Find others and go!” a strange voice yell’s out. As she manages to get to her feet, she takes a moment to reach to the back of her collar grabbing the gauze the man left for her to find and reads it. On the gauze, a handwritten note says “Go through the big door to the hallway on the other side then to the fire escape to the main area.” She quickly makes her way to the large doorway at the back of the room. Hearing more doors open and shouting, she trudges through the doorway. Upon doing so she sees herself inside a larger cell and on the far side of it a paved entryway from which they brought in the other men, zombies, and creatures that she had to face. To the left are the stairs leading to a hallway where she needs to go. After doing so “Blu” heads out the cell door, up the stairs to meet up with the renegades. Making her way up the fire escape to the next level, she climbs out onto the stairwell and back inside through the door leading to the hallway. “Blu” can hear gunfire, yelling and screaming down the left side of the hallway but remembers that the note specified to the right. Traveling further along the hallway to the right she comes to a corner where she hears people shouting at a door in Russian and commotion on the other side. She carefully makes her way closer to the men in front of the door, making sure not to alert them. Quickly she grabs both of their heads slamming them together as hard as she can. “OOoooh that's gonna look pretty,” she says as she looks back up. Just as she does so, the two metal door opens and a large burly man stands there in front of her “Oh, glad you made it and thanks for taking care of these two.” She takes a moment with her hands to her hips and stares at the odd crew of people dressed as soldiers, scientists and a few prisoners and says “Well, aren’t ya’ll tha possie ta break this place.” He continues on saying “Nu time tu talk so lez make like tree and leaf” he says as he laughs. The group then makes their way out of the compound and out into the open where a stolen truck driven by another renegade takes them to a harbor miles up the road. Once there some of the group splits off to search out for other “Testing facilities”, while the burly man and “Blu” grab a large fishing boat and head around the coast to a port in Chenarus.
  4. “Red,” a German-Russian endured hell with her family for the better part of a year during the outbreak. A few months after the outbreak, the family traveled to a place called the "Fortress" duly named as such by its inhabitants to escape the spawn of the outbreak. This place was spoken to be the safest from the infected. Once there they met a few Russian officers offering protection. They were shown around seeing a multitude of people doing their daily routines and then later on led into a small house to stay the night. That evening the family all come and sit down for dinner to talk about everything they’ve seen. After dinner they all retire for the night, finally getting some peaceful rest. Little did they know they were to be taken prisoner due to them being of “lesser” origins, using the same old schemes and instead of protection they were to be used for "scientific needs." They were then all blinded and taken to a remote location. "Red" never saw her family after that fateful night, she never saw much of anything she'd believe. After enduring a year and a half of being a test subject for this mysterious Russian organization and surviving through intense torture, something went wrong during one of their "tests." Someone or some people managed to pull a jailbreak. "Red's" cell door was clear open, with three bodies lining to the hallway door. She took this chance and made her way out, but not without stopping to say hello to another prisoner. As she made her way out of the prison there were prisoners attacking guards, riots everywhere and prisoners running anywhere they could. "Red" was one of the last ones out from the prison, not knowing anyone she followed a random group she had observed fighting and rioting as if they have known each other for a while. She follows them, making sure to stay away from their line of sight until they stop for camp at dusk. After hunting and making dinner they celebrated their escape and their teamwork, then a bit after dark speak of returning to a place they called their "home" or where they felt they were desperately needed. With the size of the group, there were several different places spoken of that they felt were needed. The group decided to break off their separate ways as things were "different" now that the outbreak happened. "Red" took her chance and snuck up behind the camp after dinner as they were talking to snatch some food for herself as she realized she was extremely thin and weak. That night she thought about all the different places that were spoken of, and makes her decision to follow one of them to a place called "Chernarus."Hidden away under a hollowed tree limb, she can barely sleep due to excitement before taking travel for this foreign land.
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