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  1. IGN:Shaun "Ghost" Rowntree Age: 18 Country: England English skills: 1 language DayZ Experience: 6 months What kind of role best describes you: friendly unless engaged Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Best way to contact you: skype PM me if needed Backstory:Shaun Rowntree and decommissioned soldier of the afghan war, fly's in to Chernogorsk to try and help with containment of the infection as a new treaty was signed between Europe and China. Before he got to this stage he was a solder in the Afghanistan war and he received his name from the town sector which he single handedly held of a platoon of Osama Bin Laden's al qaeda in till backup arrived, the members of the village that he defended ablest him with the name Ghost to represent the hidden one. He was decommissioned because he was found to have a mental condision which was an affect of many hours of war and was later found to be to dangerous to keep in combat and was sent away. Soon later he received a letter for the Europe Union to be re commissioned as all help would be needed to help fight agents the infection which recently broke out. A few weeks later he was flown out to the island Chernogorsk were he met up with the group that he would be Commanding officer, his right hand man would be Major Xian"Dragon"Wian. They meet in Geneva and start their flight to Bolota airfield. During the final approach to the island a huge storm hit and cause the plane to be struck with lightning causing the plane to lose power and eventually bringing it down. As the plane plummets to the ground Shaun orders everyone to parachute from the back of the plane. Because of the hurricane force winds many of the soldiers get carried away with the wind causing Shaun"Ghost"Rowntree and Xian"Dragon"Wian to lose sight of them. After landing in the water just off the cost of Cherno them swim to land to find themselves fighting for survival.