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  1. Hi, just wanted to say I love your game idea and I hope to play soon and bring a group together. One thing I wanted to ask is if I made a business plan using youtube and selling irl items in the narrative of this server. Ex: in our operations to rebuild our territory, we shall be selling items to more stable nation's abroad. Would that be unreasonable or acceptable, of course I do want to understand and enjoy this server first, and just making videos, but is that ok? About me: Wierd writer and storyteller from Texas, I am a fan of geopolitics and world building, also I am a owner of a lot of jewelry and oddities at home that I hope to use to sell.
  2. I am a US citizen, My family moved to Arkansas from New York just before I was born. I am sure I was a weird kid, like math more than any of my friends. then at 16 I went to boot camp, and stomached it, it was reasonable, and I felt like the military was for me. I went to do cadet school, and after a few years saw active service in Iran, and rose through the ranks. My wife, Lisa I met when I was younger, but we married when i got back. Eventually, she couldn't be happy with me away, and we divorced. I am now trying to just, do my job and help as many as I can, when the Frenzied Flu Struck. I was deployed to Chernarus with NATO Forces, and tried to do all I could to repair the deteriorating position. When they left, I was not with them. Now, I will try and rebuild with these people I want to support, and hopefully there might be a better tomorrow
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