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  1. Diego De La Guerrero was born in Los Cabos, Mexico and lived there for Ten years. His mother and father where killed do to Gang related issues and he was shipped to Los Angeles, USA to be adopted out. Never being adopted he would turn 18 and pushed into the streets. He would join a cartel family and come to power as the right hand man. Diego Known for his barbaric mind set many people feared him to the point he sometimes felt alone with no one to talk to. On a whim and not telling anyone Diego took a flight to Livonia for a vacation. Diego contacted the cartel family and to his surprise he had a hit on his head and was warned to never come back to the states.. understanding the seriousness of the phone call he decided to toss his phone in a pond near by and go into hiding in the south.. After some time Diego De La Guerrero has come out of hiding
  2. Make it take as long as possible to break into a base.. No for me
  3. Welcome to the community, glad you had fun!
  4. Oh this should be interesting, Good luck!
  5. Welcome back to the community!
  6. Welcome to the community dude! Looking forward to meeting you in game
  7. Welcome to the community Bunny_uk How did you hear about dayzRP?
  8. I love the group goals! looking forward to role playing with you guys!
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