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  1. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    The Blackwood Militia

    I'd be down for a reunion, I enjoyed them days so much
  2. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    I’m back! ( open frequency 77.1 )

    *Lucifer presses down the PTT in excitement to hear the Doctors voice* "Hello Kevin it's so good to hear that your head is back in one piece and not in a pile on the floor *you hear a mumbled laugh* I would very much like to have another session, I feel that it has been quite a while since our last one and I have a few things I need to get off my chest. I'd greatly appreciate to hear from you soon. Your friend, Lucifer." *Before the transmission ends you hear him take a few steps and begin to sing "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" followed by another chuckle and he releases the PTT*
  3. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Real life picture Thread

  4. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    To Friends of GenZ (Open Freq.)

    *Lucifer picks up the radio after hearing the voice of Dr. Shock and presses down the PTT* "This sounds positive, they have a doctor I could go see. This hand of mine is definitely getting worse now... And after speaking to Dr. Jay at Albion I really don't want to lose my hand to this infection... I've tried to scrape some of the dead skin and infection from the wound but it seems to be spreading more and more everyday that passes without seeing a doctor... If I can arrange a time and place to meet this doctor I'd be more than happy to pay for his services in medical supplies" *Lucifer releases the PTT and puts the radio down holding his bullet wounded hand in pain*
  5. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    the time was just a suggestion as I wasn't too sure myself how long it should take which is why I asked for feedback to see everyone's suggestions, 30 mins sounds good to me though, better than what it currently is
  6. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    True but who is going to be getting shot on a regular basis and not suffer any consequences from it, I see your point of impacting their PvP but end of the day it's an RP server not PvP
  7. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    I suppose after seeing Roman's suggestion of a limping animation being added would be an overall better idea for the community as it'll please both sides of this debate. I do like the idea of visual infliction too. I also do agree that there probably are a lot more important things to address first but it was just a suggestion for the future. I wouldn't imagine this would happen anytime soon. Another reason as stated by Ducky that I thought was a good point was for PvP situations as it would prompt more opportunity to RP out negotiations and not have people hiding inside buildings waiting 5 mins to recover health and run back out again like Rambo (instant immersion kill imo) Fair enough @N-ToxRP i didn't realise that it would involve that much work, i thought you could just add to the time already there that takes for you to heal.
  8. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    its not really a new mechanic into the game as its already there, all we'd be doing is prolonging the stages but I can see your point, I mean I'd be happy to just do a test run for a week or something then come back to it afterwards and gather peoples opinions again now they've had IG experience of it
  9. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Add Limp Animation to the Emote Wheel

    it'll most likely be added to the animation wheel for easy usage as keybinding it would be quite difficult i'd imagine
  10. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Add Limp Animation to the Emote Wheel

    +1 - I'm well down for this, I love the idea
  11. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    My suggestion isn't about an afterlife heal time it's just whilst you're alive. I don't want an afterlife heal time either tbh as I agree it would take too long to get back to the RP hotspots well different levels of health would take different amounts of time like bottom end of white health would take 15 mins to recover, bottom end of yellow health would take 30 mins to recover and bottom end of red health would take 1 hour to recover (for example, times are just a reference)
  12. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    Guess they could just alter spawn health so that you start off with 50% health or whatever, could be possible
  13. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    RPing the wounds and aftermath of damage is all well and good but to look at someone who is walking around minutes after being shot just takes away so much of the immersion of the situation. I understand where you guys are coming from and I have adjusted my time scale to just 1 hour as I believe that is more than fair rather than the usual 5-10 mins currently and as @Ducky stated would also add more factors into gun fights etc making the quality of HostileRP better. My personal view to this and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. This is why I asked for your guys feedback.
  14. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    My thoughts exactly, you just wrote it a lot better than I did. I've added a poll if you guys want to submit votes to see who stands where
  15. Jekyll-Or-Hyde

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    Personally I feel that the injury recovery time is way to fast, I took 3-4 bullets yesterday in my character, went down to 1/3 health and within 5-10 mins i'm back to normal running around... kinda takes the immersion away from taking damage, I mean don't know if anyone has been shot before but I'm pretty sure you can't walk off that many bullets especially to the legs in such short time. Might not be able to adjust this being a DayZ script not a mod but if there are ways of altering the code to lengthen out the heal time I think it would add a lot of immersion into taking damage and thinking about how you're going to survive knowing you won't be able to run fully for 'said' amount of time. I don't know exactly how long to suggest as I don't want to say like a whole IG day because that can really affect RP and people's enjoyment of the game but if it were raised to an hour or so it could add great RP aspects that look more aesthetically pleasing because it'll mean people will have to look after you, ask you if you're alright when you meet people or if you're on your own then to be extra cautious. Also means people can't run off after a gun fight all fine and dandy after taking multiple shots. Also this would make medical supplies much more needed by people such as I find them to be such a wasted item IG except for doctors such as painkillers, blood bags and IV kits etc that help health recovery. Thank you for reading my suggestion. Let me know what you all think. @Devs
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