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  1. Yeah, i havent been able to play for almost 3 days, since i joined this all it has done is having problems and problems
  2. I've had this problem all day, re-installed everything...
  3. Sivixs

    Epoch issues

    Yeah, been having this all day, driving me nuts!
  4. You will still spawn there, just run along the coast and keep the water on your right side. yeah i have been running for a good while but i loose blood out there so i have logged out because im about to die.
  5. I havent died in the past 3 days, no, i havent, should i try?
  6. So, Yesterday i logged out around polana and this morning when i logger in im down at the coast somewhere, i have been running for a while now with the ocean to my right but i never get to the main land and now im about to die, do a GM or admin have to teleport me or am i just meant to die with everything i have?
  7. Sivixs

    Cant spawn in on Epoch

    Well then it's obviously not everyones client thats screwed, but its good to hear that u are working on it!
  8. Sivixs

    Cant spawn in on Epoch

    I guess it has restarted by now?
  9. Sivixs

    Cant spawn in on Epoch

    And when will it restart?
  10. Sivixs

    Cant spawn in on Epoch

    Been having this too... hope someone finds a fix soon
  11. No. unforunatly not, i guess i should start recording all my gameplay.
  12. After, i had just cicked to get out of the car before he said it. so after.
  13. He shot me as soon as i got out without me having a chance of stop getting out of the car
  14. So a few hours ago i was cruising around the streets of chernarus but behind a small hill on the road there was another car but we couldnt se eachother so it ender up with me and him colliding our cars and both lost one wheel each so i went out and said im sorry for the incident and repaired both cars but just as i entered the car i had forgor to take out some food of my car and at the same mment i clicked to get out of my veichle the guy yelled if you step out of the car you will be shot so a second later or so i was dead, all i could say was oh before being shot. im posting this because i dont know if he there is something to prevent this. i didnt know by any means that he was gonna rob me and i cant interrupt the animation to get out of the car. i guess that its nothing i can do about it but im just curious. Cheers
  15. Well, i reinstalled all the mods adn it works now, Thanks again