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  1. Mine lasted about 4 days....
  2. Thank you guys there was a space in the passphrase idk how to close this or end it..
  3. So there can be 2 passphrases on in the rulebook?
  4. I applied yesterday and I got denied for having a mistake on a rule so I rewrote my explanation and waited the 24 hours so I just now tried re-applying and its tell me that my passphrase is wrong and im not sure if i have to look for a new one. But then i read through the rules to check if there in fact was another passphrase and i found its the same exact one. Yet when I apply it says my passphrase is wrong.
  5. Charles_Goodman was an aspiring artist who was born in America since a young age he was interested in drawing nature and life on the brighter side. He began going to small art school a few blocks from his house everyday to practice and refine his skills. His mother and father enjoyed the fact that he was into art and staying away from drugs and violence. Many of the kids who knew him only made fun of him for liking art and he always swore that he would travel and make a new life somewhere,where nobody knew him or his past. After highschool he saw many options in what to major in but,he knew deep down that art was his passion and he had to follow his dreams. A few months later officially enrolled in an college majoring in art his teacher saw his art and was interested in his potential.He told him about a trip to Chernarus, and how he could capture the landscape and the freedom of the animals who still roam the landscape. He was there for a week when the apocalypse broke out and he has to develop from a peaceful artist to a man on the fight for survival. Will he survive?
  6. Well as the title says yes im new but im awating acceptance I really want to play as a secluded man who keeps to himself and live and off the land.. I want to know what you guys are into? Get into action get your hands dirty? Lol what?