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  1. General Rickets


    working as intended kappa new update for you I think
  2. General Rickets

    Welcome to Deer Isle

    Walllop lets go @legioncorp
  3. General Rickets

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    I'm with rav on this one wheres the three musketeers
  4. Realistically the TLDR of this post is; Why has the staff team after all this time decided that it is no longer allowed to initiate from behind cover?
  5. Maybe I asked the question again because he didn't answer what I was asking?
  6. Thats a good point, what about initiating on a compound? Do I have to boost over the wall to initiate so i'm in clear view? What if they report me for baiting and NVFL? Which rules are put in place where in these scenarios? @Hofer
  7. The way you are putting the rule across implies that you want whoever is initiating to die every single time EDIT - Makes me wonder about NVFL, what is NVFL in those scenarios?
  8. As far as I was aware and have experienced since first joining the server this has been the normal method of initiating why would you even be in sight when initiating out in the open if anything that would be NVFL in certain situations?
  9. General Rickets

    Nightvision = cheating

    You have an interesting attitude in this thread chief, I've raised valid points and you don't want to address them. Do you have any questions?
  10. General Rickets

    Nightvision = cheating

    I like your response, looks like this is just a meme. Night vision work fine other than apparently this small issue, don't see why it should be removed.
  11. General Rickets

    Nightvision = cheating

    I can't tell if this is a meme or not. You want night vision to be removed just because of headlights not being able to blind them? That is absurd, chances are this is just a bug. You expect people to just sit in darkness because one feature doesn't work? They work fine with flares, glowsticks, torches, flashlights, helmet lights, stationary floodlights and gunfire. I really do not see this as an issue.
  12. General Rickets

    Green Dragons

    Best of luck bro @YungBrandonRP
  13. General Rickets

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Cool cool cool thanks for involving me yeah sweet cool cool. Looking forward to see what comes of this.
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