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  1. Out here on the block, this is OUR HOUSE. OUR RULES. Get fucked.
  2. I think the main issue with this would be the communities attitude towards this program, some people have ego's that they pride over anything logical. Far too many of the current community think they are super role-players and that is why newer players struggle to adapt and learn. I was fortunate and got in with two good groups of folks straight from he start of joining DayzRP but not everyone has this opportunity. I think its 100% worth a shot and it makes zero sense why Roland wouldn't want his staff doing something like this, he does run a role-play server... If people can't role-play its just TDM with rules. I support it as I was basically mentored by community members in a similar way and I like to think it worked a treat.
  3. But these grey areas, salt reports, legit reports etc happen anyway so what actually is your counter argument?
  4. I second Kordruga's statement John Smith will be the sole owner of NWAF ridding the region of any and all bandits but now, on sight!
  5. General Rickets


    Been interacting with this group since my first day on the server, they were in my first firefight and since then I've had nothing but good interactions with them. Good to see that the vibe that this group brings hasn't changed and it still offers the same high quality role-play I received all those months ago. Keep it up gadgies.
  6. Hit me up with a friend request if yall wanna play
  7. We appreciate the feedback, as always. Without feedback from interactions we are unable to improve any areas where people see the need for improvement however, we are also not the only ones who need to improve. If people do not wish to leave public feedback or wish for any clarification most of our DMs are open and we would be and will be more than happy to discuss wherever we can. Much love.
  8. *Anders picks up his radio before talking with a mouth full of Blakes fresh fish stew.* You've caused us quite a bit of trouble Mr David, why should we be so willing to help you out when all you have done is sought our destruction? Spreading lies and false rumours very much like the faith you follow has gotten you into quite a mess here don't you think Mr David? A piece of advice, bring something worth our time and attention and we will discuss your licences. You know where to find us. *Anders slurps up another scoop full of stew before chomping and turning off his radio.*
  9. We wholeheartedly appreciate the feedback, way too much "Anarchybashing" just because people are jumping on the band wagon and too lazy to actually role-play.
  10. I recommend slapping up a radio post then mate so we can sort this out in-character rather than on an OOC level.
  11. Thank you all for the feedback (not gonna go quote everyone) but keep an eye on the radio thread!
  12. People thinking their character is the most important person in the world, they are the center of the story on the server and should be tip toed around and have their asses kissed when in reality no one cares. Too many people sitting in a bubble expecting a safe place for them to do whatever they please without consequences. That's where we come in PS: Thanks for the new signature
  13. Appreciate the feedback mate, glad you're enjoying it.
  14. First of all the only reason you know i'm in Anarchy now is because of the logo under my name, I've never encountered anyone from your group before as for the frustration stop using that as an excuse. You, in the video, clearly state that i'm not in Anarchy so why are you using that as an excuse? Why are you using me being in Anarchy as an excuse for your awful role play in the video provided when in the video you, in the video, state i'm not in Anarchy because i'm British.
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