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  1. @Human +1 from us not many people firm the consequences of their actions let alone allow PKs in game most of them hide and run from them so thanks for that!
  2. Sent an updated file to @Rolandfor review
  3. -1 bunch of things I ALWAYS turn off in my settings for EVERY game EVER being added is not a fun time for me
  4. I can help you sort out the trader config and such once my exams are over if you're still tried for time @Whitename
  5. Personally all items should be sellable to traders imo I fully understand why they are not PURCHASABLE but why shouldn't I be able to sell these RPGs etc?
  6. All weapons degrade at an increased rate to force people into weapon maintenance I personally think ALL weapons need to be more durable.
  7. *A large yawn is heard before an even bigger sigh.* Lets get a few things straight, none of the cunts giving it the big one were even at green mountain besides Daniil. Mikael, no one knows you as "Mr. Fiftycal" and last I checked you weren't there either so behave. These "Chedaki" claims are a waste of everyone's time and energy because last time I checked besides us they were the only people that assisted in Novodimitrovsk last night. I couldn't give a monkeys chuff who is who and what or when or where or why. This is why we're "losing ground". Shelf your ego's, shelf your petty squabbl
  8. Had a lovely conversation with and he cleared up some of my concerns so looks like its a good change looking forward to see what specifics get outlined.
  9. He speaks the truth you're going to have to sit with the GM and Admin team and write specific guidelines and go into all specific areas which are currently pretty common practice on the server and outline what is and isn't allowed.
  10. Literally doesn't change any of the RP that goes on really, or at least shouldn't. In regards to the violence you'll probs have to go into more depth around there considering what people do to hostages for information. Makes sense and could hopefully increase population
  11. Its definitely an interesting standpoint it'll be interesting how it effects the server and develops the stories that stem from this! Best of luck fella's.
  12. Good luck man, looks like an interesting group the goals could be a little more inventive not really sure how working with the NBC people works into it all but nevertheless overall looks like it could be an interesting vibe.
  13. @Craighas been employee of the month for 15 years running
  14. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Verdict too long to screenshot Feedback: Just popping in to leave feedback on the absolute circus of a report that you concluded earlier today. The verdict is fair and incredibly well detailed outlining all of the intricacies of the rules that were broken and leaves very little room for question at all really. Couldn't have been an easy verdict to deal with considering all the accusations that were flung about with no evidence but you still managed to lay down a fair and detailed verdict with the evidence that was fina
  15. So you're happy that weapons respawn every 15 minutes but have an issue with a few airdrops? I don't really understand this argument of realism when those magically appearing M4s and the constant supply of rocket launchers aren''t considered an issue. The airdrops could be explained in a plethora of ways, there is a reason that there are gaps in the lore so that you are not confined or restrained in what can go on. Ultimately the airdrops make MORE SENSE than the loot respawning and we need something to bring content to the server so.
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