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  1. Had to spend a few mins in the bin, mandem had to deal with the cliques
  2. If we bring bases back, make destroying a gate only take 15-20 seconds. Thank you that is all.
  3. Roland, I'm begging you to get these under control! Literally I thought this was the thread I commented on the other day but no! It's the 20th one this week!
  4. A year in the community is not that long. Some people have been here since 2013-2015. Spend a little more time on the server. Also, I feel this thread is redundant since we already have one VERY similar to this.
  5. I think this is case by case basis. Everyone I've come across in RP on the server thus far actually has been fairly reciprocal. I think you may be running across either whitenames or just some outright (dare I say it, oh no.) Trash roleplayers. I may update this post as I go along but so far just haven't had this issue. I'm not saying it's not real, just that I haven't personally experienced it.
  6. Very cool group graphics! Looking forward to meeting your full group!
  7. Alright, so you want me to write a paragraph on my opinion? Sure. I think the rule doesn't need to be changed. It's clear cut; does it apply to realism? No. Though a lot of the rules don't. The server is focused on roleplay, not your loot and keeping it safe in a base. People feel entitled to having rules changed because they don't like how it affects THEM personally; it's always like this on this server. You have one person complain about wanting rules changed. What could possibly be wrong with the current ruleset? You say the attack/defender is unbalanced. Is it really? Or do you just not have the members to back you up when you see raiders attacking your base? If the numbers are uneven, then bide your time in RP and make plans. Something as simple as getting your base raided is a great gateway for internal RP with your group. Raiders would exist in a realistic situation and in a RP situation just as equally; whatever the reason they might have to raid you. Is it to starve you out? Is it because their group needs those supplies due to being in dire need? Who the fuck cares of the why's? It's the apocalypse. Play Fallout, play Stalker, play Metro. You see the shit people do on there? If we saw people attacking our base and just shot them instead of initiating? Where's the roleplay? If your answer is "Well their actions have consequences, they should have been more careful about who they raided." then go play on Yrun or some other pub server with minor rules regarding base raiding. The whole point is interaction, what good is killing someone? Just to get the loot that they may have had on them? Or maybe to stop them from taking YOUR precious loot? Boo-hoo. I'm all for a good firefight that's within a reasonable context. Whether the two groups got heated or whatever. Though when it comes to base raiding, I've raided a base in front of the group who owned it and they didn't say shit because our group outnumbered them. We still interacted with the group and RP'd with them. That's the point of it. I hope that "contributed" more to your argument. ?
  8. There's a difference between ignoring and being ignorant vs. disagreeing with the points made. To add onto it, there's a line between fact and opinion. Do not state your opinions as facts. ?
  9. I made a simple sketch that makes this show how easy it is currently with the rules and why they need no change!
  10. YBN Kase

    Chernarussian Meatball

    This is a very cool picture. The guy in the middle on the bottom row looks boss!
  11. Just thought I'd post these here, these are free to use for anyone who'd like to! (If you have requests, just drop a DM on the forums to me)
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