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  1. Good choice on the artist! Great graphics and cool lore
  2. The radio clicks on and a slavic voice can be heard over it "Krystof loves everyone equally until they steal his vodka! Do share vodka if you come across Krystof, we will be best friends!" The radio goes silent.
  3. Which were your best and worst moments? I can't think of anything in particular that was my worst moments on the server. On the forums? Sure. I guess the worst was kinda when near the end of 2019 got pretty toxic in game in terms of PvP. I couldn't log in for 5 mins (Not exaggerating) when our compound was initiated on and the straw that kinda broke the camel's back was when I logged in one day and was just outright RDM'd but according to a staff member at the time, it was valid because I was in a official group that chose not to comply so I was free rights to kill. (Yet I had no idea any
  4. How was your small break?

  5. @PandaSuch an aggressive drunk
  6. stinky kasey 😡

  7. Leonardo Dicaprio Point GIF by Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    That's him, that's the imposter! @KermieRP

    1. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      shaking my fucking head

  8. Markos Andreyev Cause of Death: CLF Soldier shot him down Events that led to death: Markos "Molotov" Andreyev was assigned by a unknown individual to assassinate the President Adam Zavat, after attempting to make his escape, he slipped off the roof he was using to snipe. Knocking his head unconscious and breaking his ankle. He was then brought to the Myshkino Dam by CLF where he was to face his execution which was cut short thanks to Maxim Petrov buying him some time. After their talk, he was to face his death by being thrown off the Dam but an attempted assassination on him wa
  9. Kase

    Do you want to chug jug with me? 😳

    1. Eagle


      Idk ask him on discord or pms 

    2. SynO


      Maybe... 😳

  10. Sexy group right here with some sexy lads in it too. Good luck boys! Graphics looks crispy
  11. Pog Champ, very aesthetically pleasing graphics! Good luck with this group and look forward to meeting you all!

    1. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky


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