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  1. Kase

    Menu UI Glitch Fix

    Mm, have you tried verifying your game files?
  2. Kase

    Menu UI Glitch Fix

    If you are currently having this issue There is a somewhat-fix for this situation by entering the following into your parameters By doing this, it directly puts you into the server without going through the menu, and try to avoid at all times alt-tabbing while loading into the server. If issue persists, try restarting the game through launcher and keeping these in your parameters. Hopefully this helps, as I haven't had the issue ever since I've used this trick.
  3. Kase

    Loud pop followed by burning smell from PC

    If you heard a pop, and smelled something burning, you need to check a few things. Look at the caps on your motherboard to find if any of them are blown. Shorts can occur, and motherboards do fail, just like PSUs. Everything you described spells PSU failure, and depending your setup, usually should be able to warranty it. If you were able to power it on, it's not likely a bulk cap failure.
  4. Kase

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    Well since everyone's doing their o7's now. Cat's kinda outta the bag, I wanna thank all members (even ex-members) for taking part in being a part of our group I want to thank everyone who helped or played a part in our RP storylines and this isn't the end for the group, we're just going to be gone for a little while, I want to do some other things and I think it's good to take breaks from these kinds of things. We learned a lot and we have more to learn about how groups are ran. With all that being said, I'd like to request a /archive
  5. Kase

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

    I will be sure to have a word and discuss the matter, thank you for bringing it to my attention as I haven't been too active on the forums recently.
  6. Kase

    S1: Potential NLR

    Server and location: S1 - West of Stary Yar Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:25-7:00 Your in game name: Kase Mcilwrath Names of allies involved: Mac Tire, The Mafia Name of suspect/s: G19 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: A bunch of people were hanging around at the Camp when two members (at first) of House rolled up and decided to have some conversation before dropping their codeword "Peaches" and intiating on the people inside. I quickly gunned one that ran past me and watched them drop, another two were at the back of the camp, one being G19 as I recognized the attire and another house member with a orange arm band, which I gassed both. I was later killed by friendly fire. I logged out and decided to watch my friends stream to see the proceedings of how the situation went down and noticed G19's character back at the scene. Once logs are posted, I am willing to drop the report IF I am mistaken and they were not actually confirmed killed but rather hit uncon.
  7. Kase

    Dear Ryker [Open Frequency]

    Ryker's eyebrow raises at the weird open frequency message and shrugs as he chuckles and nudges Spencer before pressing his PTT "Oh well. I prefer Jackson, anyways. Much rather meet him, you just sound like Henry." He releases the PTT
  8. Kase

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

  9. Kase

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

  10. Kase

    Death Match

    Me, obviously @Brayces vs @Lyca
  11. Ryker's radio clicks on, his right brow raised as he spoke "United Nations? Since when is there any U.N left and what are they doing back? My name is Ryker, I'd like to speak with your Commanding Officer, if possible contact can be reached with him." Ryker releases his PTT
  • Kase


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    1. JimRP



  • Kase

    Help. I'm out of options. [Open Frequency]

    Ryker's radio clicks on as he presses his PTT "Hello, Quinto. This is Ryker, I understand your situation as I've been in touch with some of your people, we will be in touch soon." He releases his PTT and nods to his men.
  • Kase

    Mac Tíre | Recruiting Available!

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