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  1. Kase

    Awimba's end

  2. Kase

    Spicing up Roleplay?

    Yeah I was the one who said that, and I agree. I have been implementing my own RP where I can but it's a team effort
  3. Kase

    The Highwaymen [Strict Limited Recruitment]

    Goodluck boys!
  4. Kase

    Spicing up Roleplay?

    I mean, I'm not sure if people are taking my post as me saying it has to necessarily be game content or mechanics. I was more referring to the creativity of ones brain using even pure text RP to create a landscape or paint a picture in someones mind
  5. Kase

    Spicing up Roleplay?

    It sounds like people are just giving up or are discouraged, I guess since I'm newer (Been on the server a month) I may not have experienced it on this server. But it could be refreshing for people to do it again for those that it may be their cup of tea. Be the change you want to see on the server, no?
  6. Kase

    Spicing up Roleplay?

    So, regarding a discussion that was made earlier. Among all the cheeky banter, I saw one post that caught my eye in particular. "There is pretty much fuck all to do apart from Rob people/ be a part of a hostile groups or sit around a campfire." Before I even say anything, Traveler, this isn't a jab at you whatsoever, I Dm'd you on discord just to hopefully maybe change your mind or give you some consideration on ideas but this wasn't in a mean spirited way. I just thought I'd expand it here for those who may be agreeing with what he said. I mean, in this sense. There's a wide variety of things you can do that don't limit you to the realm of possibility on this game. While yes, the game PREVENTS you from doing certain things. You have a text chat and you can rp plenty of things at the same time. Roleplay is only limited by the amount of creativity you have, the more people you got for a group/idea. The more you can expand your idea and others in your group toss their own that could help build and feed off the original one. -Outpost RP: People can set up outposts (Which they have before) that can lead to some considerable RP as they have to scavenge for their camp/base and while they're out there they may encounter things or get to know eachother better. -Exploration RP: People who don't know the land could easily set up a form of Cartography around the area, even help those who may be lost to help them learn the layout of the lands -Gearhead RP: So this is branching a bit off from Mechanic RP but to expand on it, yeah. It's true that the cars are all the same on the server, but if you get someone to RP upgrading them or adding cool parts to them. (While you can't actually visually see them. You could describe them.) -Traveling Trader RP: So similar to how some post apoc games have had it. There's certain traders that roam around by foot with a handful of security, they go town to town or you might encounter them on the road. (Yes there's the odd chance they get held up and robbed, which is what adds the risk but it could certainly be fun to encounter a traveling trader with security) -FEMA RP (Or whatever the equivalent to FEMA is in LORE): Going around and taking blood samples from infected and non-infected individuals to help find a cure, could certainly be interesting story progression. While the game never specifically explains the origin, it doesn't hurt to still RP something like this out over a period of time. -Resistance RP: So yes back to hostile RP, there will always be bad guys and good guys. And then the neutral. At some point of another, people will get fed up and will want to take up arms and go up against the bad guys, whether they fail at resisting or not. Don't get discouraged and just keep trying. -Crime Family RP: Just like Russia has the Mafia/Mob. I'm sure there was a form of Criminal Syndicate in Chernarus as well? People could form Crime Family (doesn't mean they would hold people up.) They could push drugs, prostitution (which is what 24th is doing currently for their group goals and it's good to see.), run some kind of gambling scam. Things of the sort. -Slaver/Slave RP: Another prime example that it doesn't need to be rob people. People who come around and capture (whitenames) or even old characters and turn them into slaves. This could certainly result in plenty of fruitful RP. (ie. Rescue attempts, torture RP, trading the slaves to other groups for whatever form of currency) I could add a few more ideas, but I'm hoping I may have opened some minds up to some other possibilities and changed opinions a tad. Feel free if you have other ideas to shoot as well! (If this is in the wrong category on the forums, I apologize.)
  7. Kase

    Fallout Thread

    Some art piece I photoshopped, I didn't draw it but I made some changes to it 2nd image is where I yoinked it from
  8. Kase

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Some more solid roleplay today with the Kamenici Apes, @Cookie, @yuthee, @ScarletRose, @Direwolff, @ComradeBandit, @Onyx, @Roman. Was some good hostile RP and one step at a time, progressing storylines!
  9. Kase

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Good RP with the Kamenici, @Jean, Rick, @Kai, @Major, @Chernon. Long day with a lot of story progression, was great fun!
  10. Kase

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Good luck man!
  11. Kase

    Whats your occupation?

    Wal*Mart, I work in the Deli Department, usually tenderizing the meat
  12. Kase

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @FireDude, @Mademoiselle, Dutch (Don't know @name ), @Highlander, @RG, @AFluffyBrick Had some great RP with all of you tonight, even though I almost died like 3 times earlier in the day. Ended off on a good note by running into all of you
  13. Kase

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    A reformed Savior group? Heard there was a large mass south, didn't know who it was! Goodluck!
  14. Kase

    S1 - Invalid Execution - 21:54 10/03

    Kase POV: Kase was with the Freemen at the NWAF, when approached by a group of people. ((All randoms, don't recall names currently)) He was told by the Freemen that this man in front of them (Hector) was someone along with his group who harmed one of their people. They told Kase they would be holding him up and so one of the Freemen initiated. We brought Hector far up north towards the forest in a longbarn near Lopatino. As we grabbed him, we had some dialogue and continued to roleplay, kept him fed and moved forward. Once we arrived at the location, Kase stood quietly for the most part until everyone else went quiet, so that is when Kase asked Hector a few questions regarding his group and allies. (( I then lost internet connection and took me quite some time to log back in, as seen in the logs)) When I logged back in, Kase continued my questioning and then finally the Freemen decided it was time to execute Hector. Kase stood aside and waited while they executed Hector. At no point in time did Kase hit or shoot at Hector.
  15. Kase

    S1 - Invalid Execution - 21:54 10/03

    I’d like to know where the hit logs are to clear my name from this report
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