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  1. Nice graphics, good name. We like dat bullshit, ya-heard
  2. Kase

    Flame Bait

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Panda is literally my friend (A brother even.), it was a sarcastic comment implicating the conversation that was in offtopic, not a flame bait. Flame baiting is when it's of malicious intent to incite an equal reaction from someone to cause an argument or negative reaction. I like to banter with my friends in DayZRP discord. I understand most of the people who signed off on this don't know me or Panda. So they wouldn't know our status. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed What could you have done better?: Keep my banter with my friends to DMs, I guess?
  3. This is a big reason I haven't played anymore. I find myself dabbling every once in a while back on here but the last few times I did play. It was either PvP, Zergs big dicking their numbers and then strong arming you of your shit. My first 20 minutes on Nyheim I was in a firefight. "Kase, you could've just complied 4head." that's not really the point. I don't care about PvP personally whether it's there or not. It's an aspect of the game I enjoy but don't fixate on specifically. (And I'm fairly cool with all of the people that were involved in the firefight itself OOC, no grievances there. It could've been anyone. It was just my "Welcome to Nyheim" intro story.) "Hey that's a nice plate carrier." - "Hey those are cool guns. They're mine now." I mean, if the RP was a bit more developed. It's kinda a quick collect and then there's nothing to really build off it. Sure I could act like a mega soldier and try to go after a zerg. Then get hit with NVFL. The RP quality has significantly dropped overtime as well. The last 3 or 4 times I logged on, I felt like I was playing GTA RP or VRChatRP in a ruined city. I'm not here to discredit the entire communities RP, but it becomes a crowd mentality. If a dozen people act that way, the others seems to have that 'can't beat em, join em' mentality instead of actually just doing something about it. I play on the server and I never feel like it's an actual apocalypse I'm in. I don't feel immersed in the slightest. Even if I got some music playing on my other browser to try and get into it. I just seem to always hear someone say some dumb shit that just takes me out. It's not really "BadRP" per say the shit I sometimes hear, it's just more. "Would you fucking say this shit in public if you weren't behind a monitor?" like it's more so immature shit than actual rule breaks. I've been guilty of many of the things stated above a few times. Though that's also because there's been large chunks of times where I just didn't/don't take this server seriously because it doesn't feel like anybody else does. And the fact nothing has changed in the few times that I have played, it only furthers my point of why I kinda see it as a joke. Quality just ain't there right now. I've tried countless times bringing unique RP to the server (Mostly last lore). Though I don't really have the time to do such anymore with all that is going on with my personal life. I think some brilliant groups were present in last lore. @Dr Bradleydid an amazing job with his medical group that he had. Belic's pub was pretty decent as well, depending on what time you'd be around there. Sometimes shit was borderline trolly af. (I think this mostly came from the boredom of nothing to do at the time on the server.) The fact that the new map has been out for like? 2 months? And there's already been 8 groups that have archived? I think that alone kinda speaks some volume on the server's health. More lore groups could be a great fucking idea. (If you can get the players for it.) My only suggestion to all this is to enforce stricter RP to make it more serious. In fairness, I haven't played in almost a month, but that's genuinely because everytime I have logged on, nothing has changed. I haven't seen different or fresh RP on DayZRP realistically in almost 3 years. I think @Keira summed up a good chunk of my opinions in certain aspects of the server as well.
  4. Been reading this thread while obliterating the shitter. I gotta be honest, I see both sides here. Jimbo has a good point when this rule becomes implemented it will apply to everyone regardless of the origin of why it’s being implemented. Which means even loners or small dynamic groups get the shaft. I’ve never had an encounter with PLIKT but I hope I do. This Imperial Empire I keep hearing about has clearly pushed the right buttons from what I hear IC. I’mma say +1 to this regardless. I’m curious to see how it goes but I also see the validity in this server going from dayz apocalypse to fivem gtarp. Though to be fair with groups you got around at the moment and how many years into the apocalypse we are? PLIKT would be no different than Enclave from Fallout or even the NCR. I don’t see this being the worst idea if the best interest at heart is genuinely for RP focused reasons and not just to gain PVP advantage. I will take your word for it Admin Hofer. Now someone make an opposing PLIKT faction with extensive lore about how they’ve been at war.
  5. Shout out all my goonies and thugs They know who they are. I don't need to mention them.
  6. POV: Returning to Play DayZRP for less than 2 hours



    1. Elrod



      i have a very large penis 

    2. Kono
    3. Kase



    4. ChernarusSimp


      Excited Season 6 GIF by The Office

    5. ImDingo


      He’s back ☺️

    6. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      log out

    7. Elrod



    8. Woodzie


      ok cool

    9. CutieNiller


      POV: When ur at boarding school and cant RP with Kase


    10. Kase


      @NillerSBWe do a little roleplaying

  7. Enough bickering back and forth. Let's just play video games and be gamers. We all play a game we all enjoy. We share that in common. Thank you for my TEDTalk.
  8. What if the other person just closes their eyes and deafens themself? I understand why, but honestly seems a bit silly. We're all big boys and girls (or whatever pronoun you're comfortable with in the back there.) I think we can handle a little banter, but if this is what the boss man has decided. Alright monkes, no more shit flinging. On your best behaviour now.
  9. Ey boss, good shit. Group thread looks great, goals look neat and overall graphics are awesome too. Time to speed run snorting ketamine? @PandaSimp
  10. Shower thoughts. Every poopoo time is peepee time, but every peepee time isnt poopoo time.
  11. Good choice on the artist! Great graphics and cool lore
  12. The radio clicks on and a slavic voice can be heard over it "Krystof loves everyone equally until they steal his vodka! Do share vodka if you come across Krystof, we will be best friends!" The radio goes silent.
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