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  1. *A radio clicks on and a calm but unamused voice comes over the radio* ”You are not one to decide who is and isn’t a nationalist, debil. My family was killed to Foreigners. The Chedaki and Ruski’s killed all of my people. There is a fine line with killing everyone and killing certain people that send the message across to leave our country. The Tesar would be proud of my work today, if he were alive.” *A brief pause is made due to static* ”To call YOURSELF a Nationalist while you take orders from foreigners and get told what to do by them in your own country is the TRUE disgrace. You threatened one of your own police officers of Elektro for some foreigners. You are no nationalist.” *Transmission ends*
  2. @Dr Bradley @Lettuce & Third hostage (Which I dont know the forum name of, I'm sorry!) Great hostage RP from ya'll! Unfortunate that Miroslav's interrogations were cut short by the dirty foreigners! Perhaps it won't be the last you hear of Miroslav.
  3. I think it's a case by case basis. In the example you provided, I think the punishment fit the crime. He lied and thus the offence was aggravated (If I read it correctly). However, there will be occasional times where I've seen reports go in a "Lying in a report" verdict where people were hit with it despite it clearly being unintentional lying and more so because they just happened to not recollect certain details of a situation or because they didn't provide "Evidence" for a report that the video itself in it's original uncut form didn't even provide anything towards the situation to begin with. At the end of the day, people who lie will still get punished and they learn not to do it again OR to be more smart about it (Depends what perspective or mental state you share).
  4. Kase

    Kase's Designs

    2 Commissions Completed and updated to banner list! Thank you LoreMaster @Pepsi & Admin @Hofer
  5. Kase

    Kase's Designs

    Commission completed and added to list of banners Thank you @Panda
  6. This is a pog champ song

  7. Kase

    Encountering an NPC

    I've verified my steam files to hopefully fix this bug/glitch
  8. Kase

    Encountering an NPC

    I havent explored the entire map yet, I'm only a few quests into the game
  9. Kase

    Encountering an NPC

    I might refund my game tbh, if NPC's are all gonna be buggy like this
  10. So I was casually RPing in Green Mountain and decided to walk to the side when an NPC named Mohammed Sharma approached me. I seem to have got some kind of Easter Egg dialogue from him.
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      Why the fuck does this lowkey slap

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      @groovy dingo Because its Mo Bamba and Sicko Mode

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