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  1. What a clown

    1. YBN Panda

      YBN Panda

      they call me bozo

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      YBN Echo

      yo u know this dude? @PandaOG

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      Who Is This GIF

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      Fuck around and get smoked

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      groovy kase

      Awh shit eh

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      fucking leaf 🇨🇦

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      thats some real canadian shit to say

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      groovy kase

      Oh for sure, bud. Wanna grab some timmies and then hit up the rink to shoot some pucks?

  2. M I N E ❤️ kbai

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    Jeeze, mans might not be around then. Stock up on deserts and make sure you get them conjugals
  4. "Trifling"

    1. YBN Echo

      YBN Echo

      Triflin' ass

  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: So based on the 1.5 rule (particularly the highlighted bit), it states "meaningless expressions like "lol", jokes, memes, banter or replies containing only pictures, gifs, or unrelated media." which I did none of the above. I simply agreed with a statement that helped in a prior conversation on that thread clarify what I was trying to explain but couldn't. Thus, me agreeing is an opinion. Which is also in the highlighted section "meaningful opinion." It was an opinion. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I believe this should be reviewed by a different set of staff, as it seems honestly a bit ridiculous to get points for something like that when there's much worse on the forums that doesn't get flagged. EDIT: I would also like to add how my post was taken completely out of the context from the entire conversation that was taking place in that thread. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Point removal. What could you have done better?: Nothing, I was within the rules.
  6. Is that Hunter I see on your profile picture? 😉

    1. Mexi


      No, that’s Ton Hardy playing Alfie Solomans in Peaky Blinders. 

    2. TheMrGasMask


      Who is Ton Hardy? 🤔

    3. Mexi


      Clearly a typo. 


    4. groovy kase

      groovy kase

      Read my profile gif

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  7. The ones that aren't nomadic will have plenty.
  8. You just have to know who your prey is. There's some people where you can get hostile RP from and others where the minute you even say "put your hands--" you'll be in a firefight before you even blink.
  9. Oh don't get me wrong, the campfire RPers are just as bad. But to say bandits help keep gear hoarders in check? Not exactly 100% accurate, it varies on the groups.
  10. I mean considering most of the bandits on the server generally ARE also the gear hoarders, it's kinda hard to keep it in check. Just a thought. As for OP's question: I agree with you. The poor terrible excuse of "It's the apocalypse, deal with it." is the dumbest logic I see around. It's a ROLEPLAY server, regardless if it's an "apocalypse" if you want to play it that way, I would just dome you before interacting with you and take your shit that way. The whole point of a roleplay server is to (You guessed it) roleplay. Yet when you want to have bandits hold people up, at least give them some flavor. Hearing the whole "Shut up or you'll be shot" is just a sore excuse to imply "I can't roleplay, I'm a PvPer on a server with rules and if I can loophole around said rules to get more stuff for my friends and I, nobody can stop me." and that's the type of mentality that you might happen to find from your holdups. While I haven't played in 2 months, that was the general consensus and RP I often experienced or witnessed while I was active.
  11. Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents on this if there were a say.... 10-20 year time jump? Weapons I mean after such a long time-jump forward, would it be reasonable to say that melee weapons would be more the norm for combat than guns? Sort of go backwards in time in the sense that after awhile, guns would run out of ammo (unless there's a mod for crafted bullets). It'd be more medieval in that sense, I get this was a war-occupied country and ammunition was in surplus but realistically after that many years, you'd think most people after all the firefights that occur on this server and more, ammunition runs dry. Clothing & Armor I guess my inspiration comes more from the new Dying Light 2 coming out, where more people are using makeshift weapons, armor, etc. Factories and electricity isn't around still so fixing any clothing would have to be done by hand which most likely means most people wouldn't have all these fancy designer clothes unless they've been living in a bunker with power. Kevlar and stuff after awhile would get worn and torn unless it's just been sitting in some crate that somehow after all this time, NOBODY has looted? Groups & Factions I suppose raider groups would be more common, as well as farmers, cannibals, settlers, traders (even roaming traders like caravans, could open up a large alley of various RP interaction. Like you could find in the Fallout franchise.). I think the groups should have more of a uniqueness to them in the sense of clothing, morals, maybe even their own languages? Would be neat to see some "The 100" type shit, like the Grounders had their own language which derived from various other old languages even some Jamaican slang. Even have some that have some more beliefs like in Far Cry New Dawn, where they practically wear BMX/Dirt Bike clothing and motorcycle helmets. Groups that have developed new religions where as old ones are more so forgotten, IE. Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. Where they've strayed away from their original beliefs. Settlements So as I mentioned prior regarding "settlers" obviously we need settlements for that. So I think there could be various settlements which have perhaps different laws or rules and every settlement might be different or some might be under the same banner and carry out the same rules. Some where to settle quarrels there's duels. Or others it might be a voting system. Others they might just get kicked out at the first sign of trouble, regardless who started the issues. Some settlements provide people with jobs like finding food, supplies, etc. They can even provide different services, some might have traders in their settlement where as others might not. Conclusion I think seeing a time-jump would be a great idea overall, if everyone were to apply themselves and actually care. Which seems like a lot to ask for some people to take a Roleplay server more seriously instead of "Stick-em-up" kinda RP. I get it, some of us get bored. I'm guilty of doing said RP myself, but I'm willing to admit it and say that it's purely because there wasn't enough on the server to provide at times. I apologize if this is all over the place, just kinda wrote whatever came to mind as I went. EDIT: Just spit balling ideas here.
  12. Re: Also when Whitenames don't know the power of the apes
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