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  1. Kase's POV: We were with roughly 8+ people and decided we would hold up some of these people, we told them to put their hands up which only ONE person complied, another turned around with their gun out. Another dropped to the floor prone and from what I was told, tried to fire at us but missed as rounds were missing from the mag after we searched their body. Though this is purely speculation. Though the point being, two of the three didn't comply.
  2. You forget Ellie and Ryker's last convo already?
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  5. Honza was born in a suburban neighbourhood with his best friend Vasili in Miroslavl, throughout most of his life he grew up like any ordinary kid would in Chernarus and went on to graduate at the high honours of his class in high school before getting a scholarship to a big college in the upper city. Although before he could actually go to college, the infection started up and his family was taken to be evacuated from Miroslavl to an unknown but secure location. As he had no idea what was left to do with his life, Honza was told by Vasili he was planning to enlist with the CDF, which Honza took a while to make a decision on such but after doing so, he decided to enlist a few weeks after Vasili and was waiting to be transfered into the same Division. Once he was, he was brought to South Zegoria to assist in the mission that was taking place there currently.
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    My mans levitated to another dimensions
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    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    @Dew A nice chat about Allah, not sure if that was you I got on the stairs. Though was a good chat.
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    S1: KOS/Possible Metagaming/Possible NLR Break

    In the initial Myshkino firefight, I was killed. I didn't re-engage in any further hostilities after that, I went to VMC to meet with some other people as I was asked to search for one of the members in Captial Vices (Dynamic at the time) as we needed to escort him back to base. Though I didn't end up finding him, some more firefights broke out in VMC, which again I had no part in. Later down in @groovy stannis's map display, I ran with CDF and not once was I initiated on when I began to take shots myself. So whether this was a case of Mis-ID or not? I wasn't wearing a CDF uniform, so where they gained rights to attempt to shoot me, I have no idea. As for Phoenyxx as well, I am not sure how rights were gained to kill her specifically?
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