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  1. My name is Lance Uppercut. Before the apocalypse, I was a "homeopathic Doctor" in Chernarus. I would grow my own organic medicines in my garden. Lots of people before the apocalypse bought my shit. To be honest it was all fake and the brainless fools bought every thing and it made me rich. I picked up my techniques while traveling abroad. Once I met this "Doctor" in India that would sell "polio medicine" for cheap, when in reality it was just sugar pills and people bought it like crazy because they believed. Real polio medicine costs hundreds if not thousands and only the wealthiest of the population could afford this medicine that was widely available in first world countries. But the majority of the population there could afford these sugar pills. And they would keep buying them because it gave them hope and so every week with their measly amount of money they would go and buy these pills. Some actually got better ‘my oh my’, the placebo effect can be strong and the ones who didn't get better we would tell them they were not taking enough so they bought more. It turns out scams like this were happening all over the world in different forums so I decided to go see them, copy and make my own. When I got back to Chernarus, I took all the knowledge I’d collected from my travels and started making "medicine" that would heal or cure almost anything. I would make sure to sell it cheap to undercut the real stuff so the people who did not have much would buy into my scheme and buy more. I was growing quite popular as the "Homeopathic Doctor" but it was not all sunshine and rainbows, I did get sued once for poisoning a kid.. I had this plant called Urothipa I had it imported all the way from Istanbul where it is native it makes you tingly and most people think of that as "its working". It is harmless in small doses, but when taken in large quantities it can have severe side-effects. Anyways, the kids’ mom sued me for her son going into a coma, and an investigation was carried out on my "business". I was found guilty of fraud, tax evasion, possession of illegal substances and manslaughter. The kids’ mom pulled the plug and they slapped me with a charge for killing him! Anyways I was sent to jail and I served 5 years out of my 45 stint that I was supposed to. Then one day all the guards just decided to not show up to work and I took my opportunity and escaped. When I got out and I saw that Chernarus was in shambles, I saw an opportunity to start up my "business" again. Nowadays, people will buy into my shit even more. I promise them a miracle cure that will do anything. Have a cut? It’s a disinfectant. Have cancer? Well its a cure the government was keeping from us. It's amazing to me how people will trade anything they have to save someone they love. So... do you want some?
  2. no i just remember not being able to play a few years back. i thought it might have been because of a vac ban because the timing seemed right. sorry i cant recall more.
  3. my discord is @Lance_Uppercut#3780 if you want to have a talk about this so we dont have to go back and fourth.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): don't have access because i don't know why this is coming up on the whitelist page https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/. im amusing it wont show up for you so i have screen shots below Why the verdict is not fair: because i don't know why this is happening. i have not played dayz rp. last time i tried it would not let me because i had a recent vac ban. (now its over 1000 days old) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be able to play on this server. in the past few months i have been enjoying serious rp games and i would like to get into this community What could you have done better?: Not Been Vaced? p.s. i dont remember my old dayz rp account like email and password and stuff so i made this one
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