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  1. Sorry I should of made my self more clear. When I arrived at Prud there was not many people there so we went to the radio station and before I had the chance to talk with the people there I had to go.When I came back I finally got the chance to talk to people and that made my experience much better.
  2. So this is the story of my First day playing RP. I spawned in some where up north close to Stary Sobor and met with my friend James Wong and a guy called Raab who are both members of CRA. We began to walk to Prud so they could show me some proper RP however halfway there Raab Left us so James and i continued to Prud, nothing happening on the way. When we arrived there weren't many people at the lake there were just a few Outlaw Members due to this James decided we should go to the radio station so i could meet some CRA and Volki Members so we made are way there, however before getting a chance to Talk i had to disconnect. Due of the lack of things happening in my 1-2 hour experience my impression of RP was Not very good however that changed dramatically. A few hours later i logged back on near the Radio station and was planning on meeting my friend Korey there. So i made my way there and spoke to some of the CRA guys to see if Korey was there unfortunately he was not so i kept walking and Korey found me. We then began to run to the north West airfield to find some gear however on the way there we stumbled across a blue van i approached shouting "Hello is anyone there" but there was no answer so we began to look at the gear, then out of nowhere 3-4 Guys ran out of the trees telling us to drop are weapons and follow us so i complied and after some talking they let me go and told me to run west and if they saw me again they would kill me so i ran west then decided to go to the radio station to tell the CRA what had happened so i told them what happened so they began getting ready to go hunt the robbers down. After a few minuets suddenly Yellow smoke was popped all around us and voices telling us to drop are guns, so me and two CRA guys (Sorry i cant remember there names) complied and was then told to go into the station as a firefight broke out so we did so after about 10-20 minutes of talking and trash talk the fire fight picked up with one of the kidnappers getting shot along with a member of the CRA so i quickly bandaged him and the kidnapper did the same to his friend. we were then sent into the backroom and told to keep sat down so we did. Then one of the kidnappers was shot and killed and the other took cover in the backroom with us hostages when suddenly a man in black clothing came in and shot the kidnapper and saved us.I later went to thank the CRA for letting me take refuge with them in the radio station after i was robbed the first time so i will always consider the CRA good people. So my first impression of dayZRP is a great one and i would like to thank everyone who was involved for a great RP experience. -Thank you George Markey
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    Chernarus Live Radio! [SoonTM]

    This looks cool may have to visit.
  4. Free medics look awesome keep up the good work.