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  1. Computer giveaway

    Suppose I might as well throw my name into the ring, been using a laptop for the last six or so years.
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  2. ::Shrug:: Either way, as you have mentioned it is entirely IC and can be dealt with accordingly, I believe there have even been conversations between several uh "Important" figures from several involved groups for how the UN could potentially remain a factor, though I am unsure of if anything will come about from it.
  3. Since several other incidents, of which many people know about. Including but not restricted to, supplying civilians and hostile elements with arms and equipment, burning Chernarussian military property, calling for, and pledging to assist in the destruction of both CDF and VDV forces and the Chernarussian state as a whole. Valid reasons as far as we are concerned, especially when every problem person we ever mention is claimed to have "Been removed", yet we later see said persons still in operations. ::Shrug:: But you know, thats just me, silly inactive CDF that knows nothing about anything. Also @Coreena ^
  4. Nice of you to take one paragraph and ignore the others. Although what can I really expect. If you actually took the time to read you would probably realize that the first paragraph was related to something else aside from hostages, the third paragraph I had provides a pretty good answer already to what you just posted with those pictures.. Also since when did UN peacekeepers become regarded as civilians?
  5. Now, when you say to "Everyone else" do you mean specifically to your group? Or do you actually have something to back that up with? Do you even know what you are talking about when you say "Initiated on in bulk" when referring to civilians? To my recollection you were not present, meaning you are placing your words of, quite possibly inaccurate second or even third hand statements. From the people I have encountered so far, only a couple have mentioned anything of "Bending over to the VDV" and we have been rather quick in answering questions to put those fears at rest. Hell, as I recall I met one of your people yesterday who was complaining of the same.. funnily enough that makes up 50% of what I have heard so far in complaints on the matter. You can talk about Russian expansion all you feel like till your pretty little face is blue, it changes nothing in regards to what the actual situation is and how it is being handled. Not that we, IC find any need to share every little scrap of information we know with every single civilian we meet. Today some civilians did get caught in an initiation, they were quickly released and escorted away with no harm done to them, given our primary goal was not in fact the civilians. Beyond that we even put some of ourselves at risk to ensure that there were no civilian casualties. Hardly anything to be considered a break from our task, especially given the whole point of the operation undertaken was, overall for civilian security. Also dont log into the server? Whatever you say man, because I sure as shit know nothing I do or say will change that opinion.
  6. The moment when WHO comes to a military meeting and starts trying to be authoritative... 


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      whats the rule passphrass mean


    3. Skinner


      That was good, but what about that moment when NATO showed up and kept spacing out before eagerly announcing their desire to start joint patrols with their russian friends. Made perfect sense to me.

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      Jm Von Cat

      This is also very true Skinner, a little bit of a mess there. 

  7. Any Mod lads still about?

    Fang here, still got some bite too.
  8. Jánská (recruitment: OPEN)

    Well, I can say I personally have never seen a group idea like this. Good job and good luck.
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    No more mod squad? :c

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  10. Cpt Alex Bardov

    Born is Dubrovka to a relatively poor family, he helped out whenver he could with farming and other tasks, often missing classes to do so. At the age of seventeen, only a couple of months short of his eighteenth birthday he enlisted in the CDF and was sent to Utes for training, where he showed promise and was transferred to an officers course. He left training as a lieutenant and was sent to the 76th mechanized, stationed at Balota. He served through the civil war there and for years after, eventually reaching the rank of captain shortly before everything started to go very wrong.
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