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  1. I don't really see the need, most people have the common courtesy and patience to wait the couple seconds it takes to type. If not, well they are clearly not interested in interacting with you :Shrug: I can see where you were going with this idea, but I cant see it being made an official rule.
  2. >Hmnnn I think I feel tired, what time is it?

    > Its 5am... 

    >No time like the present?

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  3. /Moving this thread to general discussion.
  4. CDC itself? No, as has bee stated above it is an american organization that has no real place traveling that far when other more available and probably more capable groups are already around. :Shrug: The idea itself though is nice and if pulled of correctly could be great to have on the server.
  5. Heluva lot of people, and some nice pictures of em
  6. Looks great, some damn sexy graphics here. Cant wait to here more from you IG.
  7. Looking forward to this, from what I have seen you are all putting in some good work. Just remember to not bite off more than you can chew.
  8. I am mildly disappointed, saving up for distinct irritation later when its released and all the things they list and promote are not there (Surprise surprise). If anything actually develops then I will be pleasantly surprised. Its a win win.
  9. I know exactly what you mean about pointing a weapon and keeping at a distance, I personally do it quite a bit.. although I do often get some pretty stupid reactions to it. So I can see your point, then again it really depends on who you run into, where and more than likely other aspects. :Shrug: beyond that its not something that can be controlled, if we were to even try the amount of reports would be staggering. Aiko also brings up a semi sad point, if someone does behave like they don't trust others they are often just yelled at for being un-trusting. I have had that happen myself with several of my characters.
  10. First I will mention that the channel "Flaming people - OOC" has existed for a very long time, The only reason you are now complaining is due to some friends of yours and you yourself recently partaking in some flaming, to which you were subsequently warned and/or banned. There are other channels within the TS used by staff members and non staff alike with similar naming themes. If the channel was renamed recently you might have a valid point, as it stands right now you do not. Second the video is a message displayed to all perma'd members and was put in place by Rolle, if you wish to fight him over that go ahead. I will warn you however, it is probably a bad idea. Regards ~ The Cat
  11. I first came here because an old friend by the name @Kelster, he has since stopped playing but groups like the 2CDO and the people in them kept me in this community till I found the little group of people I hang out around now, them being @Fafnir, @Otto, @Aiko, @Keira, @Ender and a fair few others that don't quite come to mind at the moment.
  12. 73
  13. I see what you are trying to say here Kuki, but we are not going to limit initiations to "big reasons". Things will stay the way they are in that regards and I don't think there is any good argument out there for changing it.
  14. 70
  15. Welcome to the community man, you seem a pretty chill guy from our talk in HD. Hope you enjoy your stay