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  1. I think some caution need to be applied before blaming hub RP groups for leaving rather than fixing things IC. They can’t fix things realistically. The only way to “fix it” is to wipe out the hostile RP group or be so well entrenched they cannot be meaningfully assaulted. The second is impossible and the first is near to impossible as the hostile groups tend to be bigger, far more skilled at PvP, better equipped and very difficult to attack due to being so decentralised aside from when they concentrate for an offensive. Plus hostile groups recover from equipment losses much faster due to raidi
  2. I appreciate the spirit of the above, but I imagine that rule is very difficult to implement and seems to not be entirely effective. For people who are not part of active, decently sized, organised (usually hostile) groups the cycle seems to go. 1: Be the victim of hostile RP 2: Spend a few days recovering through looting 3: Try to find people to work with who are not hostile 4: Fail (be at high risk of hostile RP due to visiting hubs) 5: Hide from unknown well equipped groups, while travelling, because why wouldn't you 6: Try to find people again to better survive in the futur
  3. I would agree to some areas having more of a PvE threat, to almost force people to have to team up or at least play much more cautiously. Perhaps tie it to some higher value areas. But some areas still need to be lower threat for fresh spawns and loners during low server pop. This stalker Z sounds like an interesting example. The idea of toxic rain, a less lethal less damaging and temporary toxic cloud, seems interesting. As for there not being enough danger, there is plenty of that but it is all PvP and almost impossible to stand up to. The moment you see a bunch of heavily armed people you k
  4. Days since leaving the Cabin – 24 3/5/21 I went North, looking for Tom as he described over the radio. But I overshot, now he is to the south of me, and in a very, very dangerous spot. I tried finding that doctor he mentioned but there was no one. No one. But what was I expecting? South Zagoria belongs to the Chedaki, for now at least. Them, their lickspittle, and a few other random bandits. That’s all that’s left. They are the only people who seem organised anymore, the only people with decent numbers, the only game in town. And they leave nothing behind that they cannot take for the
  5. Days since leaving the Cabin – 22 1/5/21 This was not a good day, it might not be my worst day, but it was far… far from my best. It started with my first failed attempt to reach out a hand, to do something useful in this ash heap of a world. I went to the SPERO compound, and the Lost Highway, no one. Then came mass, or what should have been mass. No one showed up, not father Gregor, not any of the congregation, no one. Is he dead? Are they all dead? Perhaps. A man named Woody, from the bar, stumbled into the church as I waited. He knew nothing about what was going on, save for the fa
  6. As long as the dog AI can't function in PvP I don't see why not. If they can be used against humans though I can see it skewing things fast, a pack of bandits with a pack of dogs. It would mandate everyone have a dog to not be easy pickings.
  7. I like the idea in principal, though it is not vital. My only concern would be that the more varied the loot becomes the harder it is to find what you actually want. I do not know if this is possible to implement but something like having an option to select the colour scheme of your gear when you pick it up would be useful. Failing that maybe just add the colour variants to the traders like the plate carrier colour variants, so the spawn rates don't get further out of whack. It is a plus 1 for me but thought needs to be given to implementation.
  8. Days since leaving the Cabin – 15 24/4/21 When God closes a door, he opens the window. I just wish that window wasn’t a 308 sized hole in Tom’s body. I fucked up and someone took a bullet for it. It had been a good day, I was looking forward to the service, despite the recent troubles on the mountain I was optimistic. I was looking forward to seeing so many people there again. As it turned out, almost no one showed up. I probably shouldn’t have either. Tom might still be in one piece. Fox showed up, with a new friend, Ark. He seemed decent, and Nikoli was there even before I was, talk
  9. I think the traders and their inventory should be maintained, but the ATM can be removed. The ATM makes very little sense in lore as it would rely on a system of electronic banking behind it which is just a no. Plus it would give death and robbery a little more of a sting / value. But not disastrously so. But roubles make some sense, currency has value as long as people are willing to believe it has value. Bullets and so forth make some sense but you would have to give them some sort of credit value, which may be difficult to implement and shake out to being the same thing as money in the end
  10. *The radio clicks into activity* "Tom? Tom! You are alive! Thank heaven. Look, I will contact you on a different frequency. I am okay, sorry for... well." *Arthur's breathing would seem ragged for a few moment's before he gathered himself.* "If we can't meet up seek shelter with Lost Highway, the Bar or SPERO, we can work it out from there." *The radio clicked off*
  11. Starvation and thirst are pretty brutal as a fresh spawn. On one spawn I died of hunger 3 times before finding any food or a weapon I could hunt with. But, once you get a little bit (say 2 cans or 1 hunt of anything other than a chicken plus 1 water container) you are set and it is no longer all that difficult so long as you are healthy. I don't really think you need to mess with food values or depletion rates, but maybe being a little more generous with food and drink spawn inventory.
  12. Days since leaving the Cabin – 12 21/4/21 Well, today was certainly interesting. I came a cropper in a damn storm yesterday, slid most of the way down a cliff and shredded much of what I own in the process. It still bloody aches. But I have managed to piece myself back together, more or less. I found a new hat, look a little less like a paramilitary now, which is a good thing. I don’t want to give off the wrong impression, and I must confess I rather like way it looks when I catch a glimpse of myself in some broken mirror. Who would have thought I would ever suit a Stetson? But t
  13. Regretfully a server wipe wont really do much about that. It is the inevitable consequence of a recent server wipe and high pop, for a while absolutely everyone is scrabbling for even basic kit. I have been where you are before now. It's a pain but a server wipe will just make this period of resource shortage from competitive intense looting longer. I would however, advocate for fiddling with the spawn rates a bit on knives and or food to solve this problem. There are a lot of useless items that keep popping up instead of useful ones. But yeah, a server wipe would just aggravate everyone right
  14. Speaking as someone who chiefly uses melee weapons to take down a zombie (partly for RP reasons, partly because ammo is rare and partly to avoid sounding the dinner bell) these changes really do bite! See what I did there? But seriously, not only are zombies spongier which is just a pain. But them being able to get in a few more blows before going down really grinds through kit durability and unless you have the rubles to buy repair items, repair items are like gold dust. As for stealth, I have tried it and it does not seem to connect that well. Even when using edged weapons as I know you can'
  15. Days since leaving the Cabin – 10 19/4/21 Today has not been the best of days, but it could have been a whole lot worse. Only two major things occurred today. First, as I was trekking through the night, I stumbled on a toxic cloud. Initially I thought my eyes were deceiving me, I was far too far south for that. But there it was. I cautiously approached to confirm my findings and… yes. There it was, glowing, green and very gaseous. But it was at grid 09-05. That’s the Dubrovka region! It seemed like an isolated cloud, but I did not hang around long enough to map its edge. I got
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