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  1. My apologies for posting without being called, but I play the witness / ally mentioned in the original report and I may be able to help clarify time scales. I approached the camp at roughly the time stated above. As I did so I saw someone not in our group in the camp. I watched him for a few moments as I was trying to work out if he was alone. He then jumped out of the camp and ran into the woods. I pursued and called out. He missed the first call but stopped on the second. What transpired was a conversation where I interrogated him gently about what he was doing and how he got in. According to my notes his name was Caden, however, this does not square against names I could find on the site and their last login times. I questioned him and he said he was replicating a method he had observed the CDF use a little earlier. He was unable to provide any names of members of the CDF. Whilst unable to prove the matter IC it seems likely from an OOC perspective that the CDF story was a falsehood. However, he said people were able to get in by balancing oddly on fence posts. I then entered the camp to check the damage. Almost all of the weapons were missing however, that would be simple theft. A great deal of what could not be taken was placed on the floor to be despawned. I was joined shortly after by a person associated with the camp for longer who could more accurately assess the damage. This questioning concluded at about what I believe to be server time 22:21 (23:21 London time if there is confusion as to server time) the theft / despawn apparently took place sometime (not long) before. I had visited the base earlier in the day and everything was fine. I cannot give an accurate time scale for the last visit as I did not note it. But I doubt it was more than six hours if that helps establish a time frame. (my login logout logs from that day should help establish time more accurately as most of those were in the base.)
  2. Edgeford

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    Though my interactions with your team were few, the impact you had on the community was great. For good or ill your team of roving physicians and your camps were a hot topic of discussion throughout South Zagoria. I am only sorry that the stress got too much and it stopped being fun. I hope another friendly group can establish the RP hubs this place so desperately needs and that the community will restrain itself and not assail it mercilessly. I think OOC we all need to realise groups like yours are necessary. I hope many of your characters go on (Dr Shock is practically a community figure by this point) and that those of you who start new characters get involved in friendly community groups again.
  3. The madness of the Green Dragons, the slaver gangs and constant assaults drove me into the woods. Keeping a log there would have almost been pointless. Sun rose, hunted deer, ate, sun set, slept repeat. At times it can be a relief to go a day or two without speaking to another soul, an emotional recharge. But weeks? You start to think the birds are talking to you. My life line was the radio, tuning in to Sam and the folks at Green Mountain, listening to the news, the chatter, the awful music. Then, one day, it just went silent. I hope to hear them again, even though I somehow know that I wont. I hope Sam managed to get back home, even though I also somehow know she’s dead in a ditch. But part of me has to know for sure. I came out of the woods yesterday, my loneliness was driving me to stupidity, I approached strangers on the road, something I learned not to do long ago. Although it amuses me to think how many people have run right past me, my scope on the back of their head, the constant hiding was taking its toll. And so, I walked out into the middle of the road, and said “hello.” Fortunately, no one tried to rob me, and at least I was cautious enough only to do this to lone travellers. But alas, none of these people could really help me. None of them knew of the fate of Green Mountain radio, nor did any of them know of any patches of civilisation to which I could head. Although this ignorance did at least tell me that the Cherno settlements had suffered the fates I feared they would. All I discovered that day was a vacant fortification at Severograd. One I thought was occupied by Cavaliers. When I revisited it the next day I learned the scale of my error. I had expected to see polite British men in riding pinks pop their heads over the barricade. Instead I saw paramilitaries with broad Chernorussian accents. Immediately my heart rate soared and I subtly looked about me for an escape. But if I ran they would simply have captured me as a suspected thief caught red handed. However, even my German persona can get me killed in some places. Lord knows what these men would have done to me if they discovered that I was actually Russian. Improvising desperately, I stuck to my German guns. I had to make up a surname on the spot, an inevitably cliched one but I just blamed it on the parents rather than my own lack of imagination in a crisis. The rain was driving hard, which worked in my favour. None of us could be outside too long and they let me in after less of an interrogation than I might have expected. I voluntarily paid for their hospitality in construction materials, which I think bought me a few brownie points. What followed was several hours of surprisingly pleasant conversation about these peoples struggles and experiences. The nationalist monsters who want to string up every foreigner in their land became a lot more human. I even ended up liking several of them. They even defended me when one of their number arrived late and instantly talked about assaulting this foreigner in their camp. Such talk made me cautious about revisiting the region, but it was reassuring to know more of them defended me than wanted me dead. I stuck to my usual policy, telling them the truth about everything other than my homeland. That seems to work best, and the less I lie the less I have to remember. I can only pray that if my heritage is discovered, all the good work I have done for this land will still count in my favour. I left on good terms after aiding them with a little run. Perhaps unwisely I left one of them with my radio frequency, in case they ever needed a civil engineer. But despite it all, I still want to leave this land a better place than I found it, and if I can help rebuild I will. Even if that does mean watching my back around the nationalists. Once I left, I followed the rumour of Camp Hope that I had gleaned from the nationalists. If anything, the rumour did not do that place justice. Such a small camp was a bustling hive of activity. After so much time with nothing but my own thoughts the constant cacophony of voices was overwhelming. I almost had to sit down and close my eyes just to cope with it all. I had been expecting to meet Dr Shock or Dr Hope again. Dr Shock was absent, but Hope was there, but far too busy with other things. In truth I have nothing really to say to her, I just remember our last encounter. But two people stand out from that day. Dimitri, the lovable fool, and Kharliah… who, I cannot readily classify or describe. Something about Dimitri’s affable, warm, open, slightly odd nature just made him instantly likable to me, a welcome streak of joy in this increasingly grim world. I must confess, when he first offered to take me hunting I was worried he was going to rob me in the woods. But, I overcame my hesitation and took a chance. I cannot help but feel that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Kharliah though, is a different matter all together. Dimitri would have been happy enough without me, but she was in a rut. I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to brighten her day, make her smile, make her laugh, and the poor creature had such little taste that she seemed to lap it up. When the D7 mob threatened to smash down the door, and there was a bizarre “safety inspection” by very angry men with guns, all I could think about was if she was going to be okay. The fact that we were segregated at separate ends of the camp damn near drove me mad. I am unaccustomed to being this concerned for the welfare of someone other than myself. Sure I will help other people, have their back in a tight spot, but my stomach doesn’t twist with anxiety for them. It did for her, and after only a few hours of conversation. Bizarre. I can only hope I see her again, and soon. And as we discovered in one of the lighter moments of the day, I need to get her a hat to match mine. She really does suit it better!
  4. Today (or yesterday) was a chock-a-block day of excellent RP. The best in a long, long time. First off I would like to thank the nationalists of Severograd. I was expecting to find the Cavaliers so when nationalists put their heads up, I practically pooped my in game pants. However, after suppressing my panic and smooth talking my way in what followed was an excellent series of conversations between the various men inside and their visiting “German.” Including a fun little outing. It was a good look into the attitudes, of your team, made the monsters seem far more human and sympathetic, and you had a lot of interesting stories to tell. I’m not sure I got all your handles accurately but: Gabriel Dolak @Don Radec Sokov @Combine Milosh (sp? Unable to find user) Skala @Meme Luka @Rifleman Bonifac @Pontiff Get a shout out – You really fulfilled your OOC goal of “Provide a great RP experience to those we meet and interact with and leave a lasting impression” And even with you lot “Straz” was still in the back of it all like a spectre in the room! A good spectre. And that was just the start of it, because stuff got crazy as I worked my way over to camp hope. Pleasant conversations, eccentric characters, the aftermath of an unsuccessful procedure, occasional sniper fire, D7 getting the wrong end of the stick and the scariest safety inspection known to man all made for a great rest of the day. There are way too many people to mention here, and I didn’t get a lot of your names. But special mention goes out to: Dimitri: (there are so many by this name I think it’s @Gopnik22 ) you may just be Karl’s new eccentric friend, and he’s got your back when shit goes down. Karliah @KarliahJones You managed to make the world seem just that little more human and warm to Karl today and provided excellent RP that really allowed me to bring out a side of Karl I’ve not gotten to use before now. You’ll be seeing him again, for better or for worse! The RP today was so good I couldn’t wait to post this and am currently depriving myself of sleep. I should really get to that. But thanks to everyone above and all those who were involved but that I couldn’t name.
  5. Edgeford


    Even if there was a map, I don't think it would solve your problem of non interaction. Without having a pre arranged group of people you can coordinate with there are two ways to get RP, random road encounters and hubs. Random road encounters usually end badly if you are alone and the other guys aren't. Sure I have had one or two that panned out well but the majority of peaceful ones will end quickly because the other guy has somewhere to be or runs off because he's even more afraid of you than you are of him, others quickly turn into straight out robberies and yet more are clearly robberies in the making as "friendly" people start trying to stand behind you or beside you which is always a giant warning flare leading you to nope out of the situation ASAP. If you do however, want such encounters, just wander around the triangle and in particular Kabanino / Vybor , it will happen soon enough. But you would be walking into an area going "gee whizz, I can't wait to get mugged." So you are left with the hub, this is what Novaya was good for, and you didn't need a map to know about Novaya. It was mentioned in forum radio broadcasts and so on enough that you decent IC justification for knowing about it and could just go there. The problem is, since Novaya got wiped out (I never hear of neutrals or friendly types going there now) no alternate hub has emerged. There have been efforts to build some but bandits and large groups have descended on them before they can really establish themselves. We all know what happened in Vysotovo, but also the fortified area that I believe is supposed to be haven, is a death trap. I sat on top of it for a good period of time yesterday, watching from a near by building, waiting for the owners so I could RP. In that time I saw two separate bands of people break in and try to loot, a third group try and fail, and a robbery of another man who had come there for seemingly the same reason I had but the bandits were just waiting for a lone neutral to come along. Similarly the slaver gang is around there now. The problem isn't not knowing where the hubs are or where "safe" territory is, the problem is they don't currently exist. Short of an OOC agreement from the bandit types to not prey off of or around a new hub attempt for a while it's going to take something quite special to successfully set up a new sustainable hub. Then the RP for those not in a group can flow.
  6. I enjoyed bumping into @Mademoiselle and her two other colleagues today (couldn't find your names on the forum, sorry). It was a very brief little bit of RP, nothing too serious but it was such a relief to meet people who didn't just want to rob me. I have actively been avoiding unknown groups lately because the banditry is of the charts right now, but I'm glad I chose to risk it with you three. My RP bones were a little rusty so i wasn't at my best, but already I want to find out more about the three Doctors who might not be Doctors and one gets iffy when I start talking about it. Hopefully when we meet again I can be a tad more engaging.
  7. 13 March 2019 It has been several days since my last entry. But until today, there has not been much to say. After the storm came in, wrecking much of what the survivors have built here, the wolves came out. I have seen more thievery and cold blooded murder in the past few days than I care to contemplate. Fortunately I have evaded it all, hidden in bushes, lurking in trees, placing my cross hairs on the backs of their heads just in case one laid eyes on me. But now my only real contact with the outside world is this radio, and I dare only listen. It would appear that the Green Dragons and Generation Zero are both tearing this land apart. Sadly, they pay too little attention to one another and instead pick this land clean between them. Efforts to resist have seemingly been made, but the sheer weight of firepower and numbers held by the Green Dragons appears to overwhelm everyone. I can only hope that Brandon and his comrades remember the aid I gave his wife should we cross paths again. I doubt they will however, I for one did not work out who they even were when we met. It was not until the next day that the truth dawned on me. I fear for Green Mountain as well. Without them, well I would not just be even more isolated. I would be dead. And Karmen… I never met her, but to have her head mounted on a pike? Why, what possible crime did she commit? Seemingly according to that thug on the airwaves she had merely entered Novaya during the Saviours days without the goal of killing Saviours. Is that the standard now? They will have to kill this entire land. These men are devoid of reason, decency, proportionality or mercy. They exist only to hoard and destroy. They are cannibals as surely as the man who roasts his brother’s flesh. Sam’s last broadcast, the gun fire… If there is a God in heaven I pray he will extend his hand and shelter her. She must not be lost, nor those that allow her voice to ride the airwaves. To loose her would be to witness one of the brightest candles left in this land be snuffed out. The world would grow that much darker. I had hoped that by evading the corridor I would evade the worst humanity had to offer. I was wrong. The Green Dragons and Generation Zero have pushed out the smaller bandits, who now roam the land around the corridor and the south. Three times in recent days have I seen small groups of men approach me on those occasions when I was forced to break cover, fanning out in an effort to cut off my escape. Fortunately my skittish eyes caught them soon enough and every time I have melted back into the trees. On rare occasions I have attempted to approach a lone wanderer, but they seem as keen to be away from me as I am from the ravenous hordes that roam the corridor. On one occasion, by pure chance, I stumbled into a duo around the corner. They were more surprised than me, that alone saved my skin. With my weapon drawn already, but not aimed, they didn’t dare reach for theirs, and I had the more advantageous position. I attempted to talk with them amicably, provide useful advice about what lay outside of town. But I could see one of them slowly trying to edge around me as we spoke, adjusting as I adjusted. Quickly I managed to make my excuses and leave. Something has happened in the past few days. If I meet one man, he will leave peacefully but quickly. If I meet two, I will be robbed… or shot. Today alone I have managed to hide from 3 groups roving the southern highways. I had been making my way to Cherno, but a need for hunting pushed me away briefly. That likely saved my life. I had been hoping to meet with that strange band of men who seem to be trying to build something worth building, away from the dangers of the corridor. But the radio informs me that the corridor came to them, a slaughter, and if the chatter is to believed the Green Dragons stand victorious. Are their bellies not already fat enough with their spoils? Must the destroy everything others build simply for the sake of it? If this is the state of South Zagoria, I am not sure South Zagoria deserves to survive.
  8. Edgeford

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    Ohh, I like the look of this. We need more non ruthless lunatics. I only hope it won't get swarmed by bandits, I particularly like that your focusing out of the triangle, it should minimise that risk. Even for just OOC reasons it would be nice to have a less insane area that still has RP. Plus the whole democracy thing should allow plenty of RP with minimal ammunition expenditure! Should be a good opportunity for people who don't want to play as either a bandit or as someone perpetually hiding from bandits.
  9. Edgeford

    Where the Fudge is Everyone

    @Chernon I must agree, I have created a bigger triangle that I call "the corridor" I avoid it unless I am desperate or have a specific plan. Almost all the bad stuff that has happened to Karl, took place there. It's Zelornogorsk to Pulkovo in the south, stretching up to Topolniki to Ratnoe in the north. IC events can make it smaller, it's unusually big right now.
  10. Edgeford

    Whats your occupation?

    @Imation11 Ahh, I've met people like you. I remember on one particularly nasty s2 I had to go out to deal with the lawyer hired by the vulnerable person's brother and who was on scene... because the NHS never spring for a lawyer if they can make us. That was a grim scene. One of the more wretched properties I've seen. I almost had to Public Health Act that place
  11. Edgeford

    Whats your occupation?

    Me... I'm a Local Government lawyer.... no wait! Put away your torches. I do all sorts of bits and bobs including finance, anti fraud, immigration etc but my bread and butter is social care. On the young end it's the legal proceedings for protecting or removing abused and neglected kids, plus the support, sometimes early intervention so it never gets that extreme. On the adult side it's safeguarding the vulnerable and the legal proceedings to look after the elderly with dementia or the mentally handicapped who can't look after or protect themselves any more or make decisions. Plus the related enquires when it goes wrong from time to time. I'd earn more in the private sector, but I just can't leave this job undone. I know I'm helping in my own little way, which is more important.
  12. Edgeford

    Where the Fudge is Everyone

    I do think they are going to be oddly rare right now. It is IMO best to find them IC, I agree with Simatho. But, due to base building not being operative right now people aren't really building the sorts of hubs you usually see. Shortly pre wipe there were two distinct efforts under way that I knew off post Novaya but until constructions back up I don't think we will be seeing as much of it.
  13. Edgeford

    Gear rp/ hostages

    Plus gear should be a tad more common at spawns right now, not just because of the recent wipe but also the inability to build storage (so unless your a lucky bugger that found a barrel or equivalent you are out of luck) as a result of which less hoarding, so less incentive to rob.
  14. Well why thank you, I hope to find out more, likely by accident, as long as it doesn't cost a bullet to the head. I thought Strauss might be wrong as I just ran the name and a few variants through the search function to ensure I was spelling it right, and nothing came back that looked right. So I don't know if I was faked named or whatever but Strauss is the name I dotted down on my little note sheet when the name was said, so maybe Karl just needs better hearing but as far as he knows IC that was the name.... bugger. I really need to catch up on these. Also, Russian... there are no Russians here, only a German... *wipes sweat from brow*
  15. 6 March 2019 I was pursuing a deer, the skittish thing ran right up to a cliff edge, and turned hard to avoid falling in, dashed into some bushes and I had to give chase. It turns out I am less agile than a deer, the ground subsided a little under my weight right at the edge, down I went. I must have hit my head, I remember sheer rock falling past me, then black. When I came too I was slumped roughly against the cliff, much of my clothing torn, the rest strangely absent. Some may have floated down the stream that ran by my feet, but I suspect someone thought I was dead, and scavenged off of my still breathing body. I can not say I would not have done the same. Particularly given what happened later on. As I was limping away I came across a woman named Samantha, who it turned out occasionally called herself Abby as well, a soft spoken, timid thing, prone to emotional indulgence. So much so I am not entirely sure she was being entirely genuine. But regardless, she showed me kindness, escorted me to a few decent place to at least scavenge an axe, food and water. As we moved we bumped into Strauss and two of his colleagues, they claimed to not be working for any organisation but taking orders from the President. I very much doubt that they are receiving any such orders, but from their gear they did seem uniformed and equipped to military standard. I was in no position to deal with them, nor was Samantha, nor did I desire to do so. It appears as though they had taken up residency of Green Mountain, I can only hope that the radio crew is safe and well. The trio wished us well, I doubt they would have had I been better equipped. Particularly given the fact that Strauss said if I ever met with those dogs from Kamenichi that I should just tell then that I know him. I will of course use this out should the opportunity ever arise, but I must be cautious of Strauss none the less. But it is not Strauss that troubles me. Samantha linked up with her team, and brought me along for the ride. They were a pleasant bunch, so long as you had an in. By sheer chance we happened upon a pair of travellers, and faster than I thought possible an idle chat turned into armed robbery. One of the two men decided to try and bluff his way out, citing friends in the next town, and solidly refusing to hand over his equipment. He is now laying face down in the street, and his pistol is at my side. The second fellow, a man named Rick, was more sensible. After Samantha and her friends had their pick I got his sack and this automatic .45. But Rick was not just released, he was briefly interrogated by the groups leader, who came specially to deal with the situation, a man named Brandon, Samantha’s husband apparently, though I may have misunderstood that bit. It seems all of this was a case of mistaken identity, a man is missing the back half of his skull because of mistaken identity. My pack seemed somehow heavier with this thought as we moved to the next town. I had not taken part in the robbery, the murder. I had no weapon with which to do so. But I profited by it, willingly took the spoils. He was dead… what did it matter?... somehow, it matters. But that death was not the only one to define today. A man named Lemon joined us later in the day, bringing news to Samantha of the death of a man named Seth. Her reaction was beyond all reason or sense. After a few moments of barely coherent mumbling about how it couldn’t be true she dashed off without a word of explanation, as soon as Lemon told her his grave’s location. She did not even try to inform the rest of the party what was going on, Lord knows what her husband thought. But this woman had been kind to me, and like a fool she was running off into the wild, on her own, shortly after having been directly involved in a murder. Both revenge and the stupidity of grief were real dangers. So, I gave chase, as did Lemon. That woman threw off half of everything she owned just to run and sprint harder. I’ve never pounded dirt so hard in my life. Her self centred stupidity in this mad effort was infuriating to say the least. I was tempted to bind her until she calmed down she was so reckless and self destructive. She didn’t even pause to deal with the hordes of infected that ran after her, or stop to think about paths that would avoid other highwaymen. Grief is only an excuse for so much stupidity. Still, we made it there in one piece. Only when I arrived, and this place was explained to me, did I realise just how foolish we had all just been. I was standing in front of John Moody’s grave. John bloody Moody. I half expected Saviour hunters to jump from the tress and gun us all down. Who in their right mind would ever come here again? Suddenly, every shadow seemed to hold a hidden threat, and I wanted nothing more than to be out of that death trap. But she stayed, falling to her knees in front of a small grave to Moody’s side. Apparently Seth, overcome by the fall of Moody and his clan, had killed himself right there, in front of the dead body of Moody and gathered Saviour mourners. She and Lemon began talking about the past, about the man that had so clearly treated her like a sister despite his own mental troubles, whilst she went on about how his suicide proved he did not care for her. I did not feel able to comment on that in any detail, nor did I want to prolong our time there, simply move on as fast as was possible. So I offered her some platitudes, and made sure we were on our way. I left her shortly afterwards, she was traipsing back, half way across South Zagoria, back to where we came. I must confess, my patience with her antics had ended. Perhaps I judged her too harshly, she was kind after all. But I was so frustrated I could not bring myself to repeat that journey again. So instead I made my excuses and left. Not long ago, perhaps only an hour or two, as I was moving through the trees, wolves set upon me. This sub-machine gun saved my life, one earned from robbery and murder. Had that man not died, I would now be dead, instead of simply roughed up and low on ammo. It is a fact worth reflecting on… as unpleasant as it is.
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